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Elin is a bestselling American novelist of the summer seashore romance novels. She was born and brought up in Collegeville, Pennsylvania. She spent her summer holidays in Cape Cod collecting sea glass, playing American football, swimming and unearthing pools for crabs before her father’s death who died in a plane crash when she was on her teenage. She spent the following summer working in a workshop that designed Halloween costumes. In July 1993, she relocated to Nantucket and got a job as an advertisement girl in a resident print media. She graduated from Johns Hopkins University and also taught at the University of Lowa writer’s workshop.

Order of 28 Summers Series

128 Summers 2020Description / Buy
2The Sixth Wedding 2021Description / Buy

Order of Nantucket Series

1A Summer Affair 2008Description / Buy
2The Castaways 2009Description / Buy
3The Perfect Couple 2018Description / Buy

Order of Winter Series

1Winter Street 2014Description / Buy
2Winter Stroll 2015Description / Buy
3Christmas on Nantucket 2015Description / Buy
4Winter Storms 2016Description / Buy
5Winter Solstice 2017Description / Buy

Order of Paradise Series

1Winter in Paradise 2018Description / Buy
2What Happens in Paradise 2019Description / Buy
3Troubles in Paradise 2020Description / Buy

Order of Elin Hilderbrand Standalone Novels

1The Beach Club 2000Description / Buy
2Nantucket Nights 2002Description / Buy
3Summer People 2003Description / Buy
4The Blue Bistro 2005Description / Buy
5The Love Season 2006Description / Buy
6Barefoot 2007Description / Buy
7The Island 2010Description / Buy
8Silver Girl 2011Description / Buy
9Summerland 2012Description / Buy
10Beautiful Day 2013Description / Buy
11The Matchmaker 2014Description / Buy
12The Rumor 2015Description / Buy
13Here's to Us 2016Description / Buy
14The Identicals 2017Description / Buy
15Summer of '69 2019Description / Buy
16Golden Girl 2021Description / Buy

Order of Elin Hilderbrand Short Stories/Novellas

1The Surfing Lesson 2013Description / Buy
2The Tailgate 2014Description / Buy

Elin Hilderbrand Anthologies

1 Reunion Beach: Stories Inspired by Dorothea Benton Frank2021Description / Buy
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Elin Hilderbrand has authored many distinct novels. St. Martin’s Press did the publication of her first books. Some of her earliest books include The Beach Club (2000), Nantucket Nights (2002), Summer People (2003) & The Blue Bistro (2005).


These are two best books written by Elin Hilderbrand: Blue Bistro & Beautiful Day.

The Blue Bistro: The protagonist, Adrienne Dealey, who is in her late 20’s moves to Nantucket Island in search of seasonal work. She is looking for a change of pace and is fascinated by the beauty of the seaside town. When she asks the town’s natives of where to find a seasonal job in the town, they all refer her to Blue Bistro, the most expensive restaurant in the city. Despite lacking the know-how on restaurant operations, she ends up getting hired by the restaurant owner, Thatcher Smith. He places her in top most position in the restaurant where he can train her personally. A friendly waitress takes Adrienne to buy some Hostess outfit, and she quickly proves that she is indeed a fast learner by learning the tricks in and out of the restaurant. Her beautiful natural looks also aid her success in the restaurant.

During the opening night of the restaurant, Thatcher meets with the restaurant staff and informs them on how the should maintain efficiency and quality of the restaurant during its last season in operation. However, Adrienne wonders how such a thriving restaurant would be on it last season of transactions? When the food served in the restaurant is to die for, the locals always getting reservations and a constant long queue of patient customers outside waiting to be served. Also, she regularly hears her boss talking about a professional chef and co-owner, Fiona.

The high pressure at work and the responsibility bestowed upon her by Thatcher motivates Adrienne in her job. She even finds that working in Bistro restaurant as the place that fits her lifestyle. Furthermore, she is attracted to her boss, but there is one little problem about this attraction, Thatcher is a bit older, and he is her boss. She also asks herself the questions on who Fiona is to her boss and the reasons why the two always have dinner together after the restaurant closes. Are the two in love? Adrienne is overwhelmed by questions that she has to find the answers.

As the summer approaches to an end, Adrienne has to decide whether she will remain on the island and cultivate her love with her boss or whether she has to move on with her life. Adrienne will later learn the motives behind the possible closure of the Blue Bistro restaurant and the possibilities of love with Thatcher.

Beautiful Day: Jenna Carmichael, the youngest of the Carmichaels is getting married to the love of her life, Stuart Graham in the town of Nantucket. Jenna is guided by instructions from a notebook of her deceased mother. Jenna’s elder sister Margot, her father and her two older brothers also attend the wedding along with other guests.

From afar, everything appears to be in perfect condition, but as the day of the wedding draws near things seem to be different than they looked. The couple family’s conflicts and problems seem to be threatening their marriage.

Even though the Jenna and her husband-to-be to appear to be happy, their respective families are just the contrary of this and everything seem to be falling apart. In this clenching book, tough decisions will be made, love questioned, commitments broken & tested; hearts broken, and the idea of marriage will be put under question. Only three phrases can be used, to sum up, the novel: a Nantucket union and drama filled weekend.

When Does The Next Elin Hilderbrand book come out?

Elin Hilderbrand doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is The Sixth Wedding and was released on June, 29th 2021. It is the newest book in the 28 Summers Series.


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