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Elizabeth Berg is an American author that writes historical fiction, literary fiction, and romance. Born in 1948 in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Berg attended the University of Minnesota, where she studied English and Humanities. But various circumstances drove the author to secure a nursing degree later.

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Berg’s father was an Army vet. He re-enlisted when the author was three years old. As a result, she never felt like she had a home because the family was constantly on the move. It wasn’t uncommon for Berg to attend multiple schools in the same academic year.

Books were a reliable source of comfort for the author. Her mother would read to her back when she was too young to make sense of the words on the page. Once she began reading independently, the hobby ignited her love for writing.
Berg was still young when she submitted a poem to American Girl Magazine. Unfortunately, they rejected it. Over two decades later, Berg won a magazine contest, beginning her publishing journey in earnest.

For the first ten years, she wrote for magazines. Eventually, she took an interest in novels, and they became her primary creative outlet. The award winner tries to write and publish one book each year.

She appreciates the decade she spent as a registered nurse because it taught her so much about human beings. She witnessed a broad spectrum of emotions, ranging from love and loss to fear and regret.

Berg watched as relationships grew and collapsed. It was the sort of education in human nature you can’t find in a creative writing class. Her days as a waitress were just as inspirational.

They gave her the insight she needed to write the heartwarming stories that have won Berg so many fans. Her readers are not surprised to learn that she was a nurse because her stories feature themes of compassion and forgiveness.

According to Berg, even though she abandoned the nursing field, she feels compelled to comfort people with her stories. The author believes that writing is a talent rather than a skill that people can learn.

From what she has seen, aspiring authors feel a lot, and they take note of minute details that ordinary people would typically ignore. However, she agrees that people can learn writing techniques.

Berge has daughters and grandchildren. She lives with her partner, two dogs, and a cat. If the author had her way, she would move to a farm with many animals.

Elizabeth Berg Awards

Berg has won the New England Book Award and Illinois Literary Heritage Award.

Best Elizabeth Berg Books

The author was a dreamy, dramatic, upset-minded child. She has maintained this personality in her adult years. Berg’s best books include:

Open House: Samantha was at a crossroads. When her husband left her, she tried to start anew with her pre-teen son. Her mother wasn’t helping. She wanted her daughter to start dating again. But the woman had bigger problems.

She needed money, which is why Sam took the drastic step of inviting boarders into her home. Of all her guests, the student was the most useless of the lot. But the older woman had a lot of comfort to give.

The most fascinating was an untraditional man who wanted Samantha to escape her comfort zone, look past her grief and return to the world.

But Sam had a more taxing battle to fight. The single mother couldn’t remember who she had been before her marriage. Sam had changed so much to save her relationship with the man that ultimately abandoned her. She cannot move on until she reclaims her true self.

The Story of Arthur Truluv: Arthur, a widower, spends a lot of time at the cemetery. He visits his wife’s grave every day at lunch, taking great pleasure in their imaginary conversations. The last person he expected to meet was Maddy.

The troubled teenage girl hid in the cemetery to avoid school. Before long, the pair had struck up a friendship. Maddy kept Arthur entertained with the ridiculous things she said.

Arthur, in turn, kept surprising Maddy with his positive responses. Slowly but surely, the pair realized that they were the perfect answer to one another’s isolation. Eventually, Lucille came along, becoming the final piece in Arthur’s makeshift family.

When Does The Next Elizabeth Berg book come out?

Elizabeth Berg doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Earth's the Right Place for Love and was released on March, 21st 2023. It is the newest book in the Mason Series.


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