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Erin Hunter is an English author that writes ‘Warriors’, a series of fantasy novels that feature cats. Erin Hunter is a pen name used, not by a single author, but an entire team of writers. Though, signed copies of the ‘Warriors’ books primarily feature Victoria Holmes’ signature.

Order of Warriors Series

1Into the Wild 2003Description / Buy
2Fire and Ice 2003Description / Buy
3Forest of Secrets 2003Description / Buy
4Rising Storm 2004Description / Buy
5A Dangerous Path 2004Description / Buy
6The Darkest Hour 2005Description / Buy

Order of Warriors: The New Prophecy Series

1Midnight 2005Description / Buy
2Moonrise 2005Description / Buy
3Dawn 2005Description / Buy
4Starlight 2006Description / Buy
5Twilight 2006Description / Buy
6Sunset 2006Description / Buy

Order of Warriors: Power of Three Series

1The Sight 2007Description / Buy
2Dark River 2007Description / Buy
3Outcast 2008Description / Buy
4Eclipse 2008Description / Buy
5Long Shadows 2008Description / Buy
6Sunrise 2009Description / Buy

Order of Warriors: Field Guide Series

1Secrets of the Clans 2007Description / Buy
2Cats of the Clans (Short Story) 2008Description / Buy
3Code of the Clans 2009Description / Buy
4Battles of the Clans 2010Description / Buy
5Warriors: The Ultimate Guide 2013Description / Buy

Order of Warriors Super Edition Series

1Firestar's Quest 2007Description / Buy
2Bluestar's Prophecy 2009Description / Buy
3SkyClan's Destiny 2010Description / Buy
4Crookedstar's Promise 2011Description / Buy
5Yellowfang's Secret 2012Description / Buy
6Tallstar's Revenge 2013Description / Buy
7Bramblestar's Storm 2014Description / Buy
8Moth Flight's Vision 2015Description / Buy
9Hawkwing's Journey 2016Description / Buy
10Tigerheart's Shadow 2017Description / Buy
11Crowfeather’s Trial 2018Description / Buy
12Squirrelflight's Hope 2019Description / Buy
13Graystripe's Vow 2020Description / Buy
14Leopardstar’s Honor 2021Description / Buy

Order of Warriors: Omen of the Stars Series

1The Fourth Apprentice 2009Description / Buy
2Fading Echoes 2010Description / Buy
3Night Whispers 2010Description / Buy
4Sign of the Moon 2011Description / Buy
5The Forgotten Warrior 2011Description / Buy
6The Last Hope 2012Description / Buy

Order of Seekers: Return to the Wild Series

1Island of Shadows 2012Description / Buy
2The Melting Sea 2012Description / Buy
3River of Lost Bears 2013Description / Buy
4Forest of Wolves 2014Description / Buy
5The Burning Horizon 2015Description / Buy
6The Longest Day 2016Description / Buy

Order of Warriors: The Broken Code Series

1Lost Stars 2019Description / Buy
2The Silent Thaw 2019Description / Buy
3Veil of Shadows 2020Description / Buy
4Darkness Within 2020Description / Buy
5The Place of No Stars 2021Description / Buy
6A Light in the Mist 2021Description / Buy

Order of Warriors: Dawn of the Clans Series

1The Sun Trail 2013Description / Buy
2Thunder Rising 2013Description / Buy
3The First Battle 2014Description / Buy
4The Blazing Star 2014Description / Buy
5A Forest Divided 2015Description / Buy
6Path of Stars 2015Description / Buy

Order of Survivors: The Gathering Darkness Series

1A Pack Divided 2015Description / Buy
2Dead of Night 2016Description / Buy
3Into the Shadows 2017Description / Buy
4Red Moon Rising 2017Description / Buy
5The Exile's Journey 2018Description / Buy
6The Final Battle 2019Description / Buy

Order of Warriors: A Vision of Shadows Series

1The Apprentice's Quest 2016Description / Buy
2Thunder and Shadow 2017Description / Buy
3Shattered Sky 2017Description / Buy
4Darkest Night 2017Description / Buy
5River of Fire 2018Description / Buy
6The Raging Storm 2018Description / Buy

Order of Warriors Short Stories/Novellas

1Hollyleaf's Story (Short Story) 2012Description / Buy
2Mistystar's Omen 2012Description / Buy
3Cloudstar's Journey (Short Story) 2013Description / Buy
4Tigerclaw's Fury (Short Story) 2014Description / Buy
5Leafpool's Wish (Short Story) 2014Description / Buy
6Dovewing's Silence (Short Story) 2014Description / Buy
7Mapleshade's Vengeance (Short Story) 2015Description / Buy
8Goosefeather's Curse (Short Story) 2015Description / Buy
9Shadows of the Clans 2016Description / Buy
10Ravenpaw's Farewell (Short Story) 2016Description / Buy
11Path of a Warrior 2019Description / Buy
12A Warrior’s Spirit 2020Description / Buy
13A Warrior's Choice 2021Description / Buy

Order of Warriors: Tigerstar and Sasha Graphic Novels

1Into the Woods (Short Story) 2008Description / Buy
2Escape From the Forest (Short Story) 2008Description / Buy
3Return to the Clans (Short Story) 2009Description / Buy

Order of Warriors: Graystripe's Adventure Graphic Novels

1The Lost Warrior (Short Story) 2007Description / Buy
2Warrior's Refuge (Short Story) 2007Description / Buy
3Warrior's Return (Short Story) 2008Description / Buy

Order of Warriors: Ravenpaw's Path Graphic Novels

1The Heart of a Warrior (Short Story) 2009Description / Buy
2Shattered Peace (Short Story) 2009Description / Buy
3A Clan in Need (Short Story) 2010Description / Buy

Order of Warriors: SkyClan and The Stranger Graphic Novels

1The Rescue (Short Story) 2011Description / Buy
2Beyond the Code (Short Story) 2011Description / Buy
3After the Flood (Short Story) 2012Description / Buy

Order of Warriors Graphic Novels

1The Rise of Scourge (Short Story) 2008Description / Buy
2A Shadow in RiverClan 2020Description / Buy
3Wind of Change 2021Description / Buy

Order of Bamboo Kingdom Series

1Creatures of the Flood 2021Description / Buy

Order of Bravelands Series

1Broken Pride 2016Description / Buy
2Code of Honor 2018Description / Buy
3Blood and Bone 2018Description / Buy
4Shifting Shadows 2019Description / Buy
5The Spirit-Eaters 2020Description / Buy
6Oathkeeper 2020Description / Buy

Order of Bravelands: Curse of the Sandtongue Series

1Shadows on the Mountain 2021Description / Buy

Order of Seekers Series

1The Quest Begins 2008Description / Buy
2Great Bear Lake 2009Description / Buy
3Smoke Mountain 2009Description / Buy
4The Last Wilderness 2010Description / Buy
5Fire in the Sky 2010Description / Buy
6Spirits in the Stars 2010Description / Buy

Order of Seekers Graphic Novels

1Toklo's Story (Short Story) 2010Description / Buy
2Kallik's Adventure (Short Story) 2011Description / Buy

Order of Survivors Series

1The Empty City 2012Description / Buy
2A Hidden Enemy 2013Description / Buy
3Darkness Falls 2013Description / Buy
4The Broken Path 2014Description / Buy
5Alpha's Tale (Short Story) 2014Description / Buy
6The Endless Lake 2014Description / Buy
7Storm of Dogs 2015Description / Buy
8Sweet's Journey (Short Story) 2015Description / Buy
9Tales from the Packs 2015Description / Buy
10Moon's Choice (Short Story) 2015Description / Buy
11Red Moon Rising 2017Description / Buy
12Into the Shadows 2017Description / Buy
13The Exile's Journey 2018Description / Buy

Order of Warriors Collections

1The Untold Stories 2013Description / Buy
2Legends of the Clans 2017Description / Buy
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Born in Berkshire, England, Holmes attended oxford University. Holmes wasn’t much of a fantasy reader. But she loved cats. When Harpercollins invited her to write a series about cats within the fantasy genre, she wasn’t enthusiastic. But she still gave the project her best.

Holmes was able to produce a storyline. But when it came to actually writing the book, she left the task to Kate Cary, a native of England who spent 12 years in Scotland. Kate wrote the fist Warriors novel, with Holmes doing the editing.

Cherith Baldry, the third member of the group, entered the equation with book three. She caught Holmes’ eye because the author realized that Cherith’s writing styles mirrored Kate’s in many ways. This told Holmes that Cherith had what it took to maintain the consistency of the series in Kate’s absence.

Gillian Phillip, who calls the Scottish Highlands home alongside her husband, children, and cats, came on board to write the ‘Survivor’ series, also under the Erin Hunter pen name. Other members of the team include Inbali Iserles and Rosie Best.

The ‘Hunter’ part of the pseudonym was chosen because the team wanted the book to be shelved next to the ‘Redwall’ series in the library. Holmes liked ‘Erin’ as a first name. The group aspect of the writing process was a new experience for some of the members of the team.

Holmes was tasked with managing their activities. She was responsible for writing the storylines and determining the direction the stories took. Naturally, she invited submissions from her team members. While Holmes was responsible for creating the storylines, she trusted the individual authors to expand upon them.

Of course, Holmes was the final arbiter. She supervised every single novel written by Erin Hunter, closely scrutinizing the individual manuscripts to ensure that they stuck to the outline. She also made certain that Erin Hunter’s voice remained consistent, not to mention keeping an eye on the characters and their traits to ensure uniformity.

When it came to writing the individual books, the members took turns writing different installments in the series. The passions of the various members of the team determined the kinds of stories they created. Kate and Cherith, for instance, love cats.

But Cherith also loves Arthurian legends. Kate, on the other hand, is obsessed with animal interactions. Erin Hunter’s novels are primarily targeted towards young readers.

Erin Hunter Awards

The author has been nominated for a Young Reader’s Choice Award, a Colorado Blue Spruce Award, and a Georgia Children’s Book Award.

Best Erin Hunter Books

Erin Hunter writes for young readers but her stories have been known to tug at the heartstrings of much older audiences, with some of the best books in her bibliography including:

Into the Wild: Rusty was just an ordinary house cat. His human owners were nice enough. They took care of him, filled his belly, and put a roof over his head. But after a while, Rusty realized that he wanted more. He wanted to be a warrior. So he ventured out into the wild.

Long ago, the warrior cats of the forest created laws to govern their society. They divided into four clans that, they hoped, would co-exist with one another, sharing the forest and its resources. This has been the case for a long time. But things are finally changing.

The ThunderClan cats are facing a new threat at a time when the power of the nefarious ShadowClan is waxing. Warriors are starting to die in inexplicable ways. This is the world that Rusty has entered. To survive, the newest cat must also become the bravest.

Fire and Ice: Rusty is now Fireheart. But a change of name doesn’t mean anything. Rusty must continue his quest to prove that he is a warrior. The three cat clans are still in peril, and Rusty is certain that some among the Thunderclan are not quite as loyal as they appear to be.

Meanwhile, his best friend has fallen for a cat from a different clan. But their love is forbidden.


When Does The Next Erin Hunter book come out?

The next book by Erin Hunter is A Light in the Mist and will be released on November, 9th 2021. It is the newest book in the Warriors: The Broken Code Series.

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