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Eva Ibbotson was an Austrian- British bestselling author known for her numerous children books. She was born on 21st January 1925 in Vienna, Austria. Her father, Berthold Paul Wesner was a doctor who pioneered human infertility treatment. Her mother, on the other hand, was a playwright and a successful novelist. Her parents later divorced in 1928. Her father took lectureship in a University in Edinburg while her mother left for Paris in 1933 after Hitler banned her work.

Order of Eva Ibbottson Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Great Ghost Rescue (Short Story) 1975 Description / Buy
2 Which Witch? 1979 Description / Buy
3 A Countess Below Stairs / The Secret Countess 1981 Description / Buy
4 The Reluctant Heiress / Magic Flutes 1982 Description / Buy
5 Worm & The Toffee Nosed Princess 1983 Description / Buy
6 A Company of Swans 1985 Description / Buy
7 The Haunting of Granite Falls 1987 Description / Buy
8 The Haunting of Hiram C. Hopgood 1987 Description / Buy
9 Madensky Square 1988 Description / Buy
10 Not Just a Witch 1989 Description / Buy
11 The Morning Gift 1993 Description / Buy
12 The Secret of Platform 13 1994 Description / Buy
13 Dial-a-Ghost 1996 Description / Buy
14 A Song for Summer 1997 Description / Buy
15 Island of the Aunts 1999 Description / Buy
16 Journey to the River Sea 2001 Description / Buy
17 The Star of Kazan 2004 Description / Buy
18 The Beasts of Clawstone Castle 2005 Description / Buy
19 The Dragonfly Pool 2008 Description / Buy
20 The Ogre of Oglefort 2010 Description / Buy
21 One Dog and His Boy 2011 Description / Buy
22 Mountwood School for Ghosts ( With: Toby Ibbotson) 2014 Description / Buy

Order of Eva Ibbottson Short Story Collections

# Read Title Published Details
1 A Glove Shop in Vienna and Other Stories 1984 Description / Buy
2 Let Sleeping Sea-Monsters Lie and Other Cautionary Tales (Short Story) 2012 Description / Buy

Order of Eva Ibbottson Picture Books

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Abominables ( With: Jamie Littler) 2010 Description / Buy
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In 1934, Eva Ibbotson was reunited with her mother in Middlesex this enabled her to avoid the worst of the Nazi regime.

She attended Darlington Hall School, in 1945 she graduated from Bedford College with an undergraduate degree in Physiology. Eva met her husband, Alan Ibbotson, during her postgraduate studies at Cambridge University. The couple was blessed with four children, three sons, and one daughter.

She died at her home in Newcastle October 20th, 2010 after having completed the editing of her last children book, One Dog, and his Boy.

Eva Ibbotson is best known for her children fiction, adult, and adult young fiction books such as Monster Mission (1999), A Song of Summer (1997) and A Countess Below Stairs (1981) among other books.


In 1983, Magic Flutes was nominated by the Romantic Novelists Association for being the Best Romantic Novel of the Year Published in England. The Secret of Platform 13 was listed Best Books designation by the School Library Journal in 1998. In 2001, Journey to the River Sea was shortlisted for the Whitbread Children Book of the Year; the same books also won Nestle Smarties Book Prize for ages 9-11 years.


The Great Ghost Rescue novel was adapted for the big screen. The film was initially released in 2011 in the United Kingdom having been directed by Yann Samuell. The plot features a spirit and a human who join forces to find a haven for the displaced ghosts.


These are two best books written by Eva Ibbotson: Monster Mission & Which witch?

Monster Mission: Etta, Coral, and Myrtle tirelessly spend their entire days taking care of many creatures and many of which are even mythical in nature. They live in a remote island of the British Isles treating all the injured creatures that flock to the island. Unfortunately, they are getting older, and they must get new helpers and teach them on how to tend to the animals.

They kidnap three children: Lambert, Minette, and Fabio. The trio have their problems back at home. For instance, Minette is tired of being shuttled around by her divorced parents while Fabio finds life in London with his grandparent much restricting. Both Fabio, Minette, and Lambert learn to care and to tend to all the animals on the island.

Back at home (London), the police are alert and on the lookout for the kidnappers, while Mr. Sprott, Lambert’s fathers will stop at nothing to find his son. He zones three islands, one inhabited by sheep; other is a nudist colony, and the kidnapping aunts, of course, occupy the third one.

The island is soon under siege by people who do not appreciate its beauty but only seem to be interested in making more money. The adventures in this books are exciting, and the style that the author uses creates a “real-life” experience on the island.

Which witch?: Arriman is a wizard of the North who is tired of smiting, blighting, blasting, Wuthering and undertaking all the possible means to keep sorcery and darkness in the land. The wizard is informed of a new wizard set to take his position. He is excited at the fact that of retiring to a country vacation house in the south. Unfortunately, the new wizard does not arrive.

In despair, Arriman decides to marry and then train his son as his heir. However, to ensure that the darkness rules in the North, he must wed a wicked witch such that their son must be evil. He sets a contest that whoever performs the evil sorcery becomes his wife.

Belladonna, smallest of the witch coven has fallen in love with Arriman and wanted to win the challenge desperately. However, she is too good and unable to perform black magic despite her attempts to do so. However, things change when she meets a dirty orphan with his magical earthworm. What follows is an adventure that no one will ever want to miss out.

When Does The Next Eva Ibbottson book come out?

Eva Ibbottson doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is The Morning Gift and was released on March, 26th 2015.


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