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Fay Weldon is an award-winning English author that has written novels, plays, and essays. Born in 1931 in Birmingham, England as Franklin Birkinshaw, Weldon grew up in Christchurch. At the time, her father was a doctor plying his trade in New Zealand.

Order of She Devil Series

1The Life and Loves of a She Devil 1983Description / Buy
2Death of a She Devil 2018Description / Buy

Order of Love & Inheritance Trilogy Series

1Habits of the House 2012Description / Buy
2Long Live the King 2013Description / Buy
3The New Countess 2013Description / Buy

Order of Spoils of War Series

1Before the War 2016Description / Buy
2After the Peace 2018Description / Buy

Order of Fay Weldon Standalone Novels

1The Fat Woman's Joke (Short Story) 1967Description / Buy
2Down Among Women 1971Description / Buy
3Female Friends 1974Description / Buy
4Remember Me 1976Description / Buy
5Little Sisters / Words of Advice 1977Description / Buy
6Praxis 1978Description / Buy
7Puffball 1980Description / Buy
8The President’s Child 1982Description / Buy
9The Heart Of The Country 1986Description / Buy
10The Shrapnel Academy 1986Description / Buy
11The Hearts and Lives of Men 1987Description / Buy
12Leader of the Band 1988Description / Buy
13The Cloning of Joanna May 1989Description / Buy
14Darcy's Utopia 1990Description / Buy
15Growing Rich 1992Description / Buy
16Life Force 1992Description / Buy
17A Question of Timing 1992Description / Buy
18Affliction 1993Description / Buy
19Splitting 1995Description / Buy
20Worst Fears 1996Description / Buy
21Big Women 1999Description / Buy
22Rhode Island Blues 2000Description / Buy
23The Bulgari Connection 2000Description / Buy
24Mantrapped 2004Description / Buy
25She May Not Leave 2006Description / Buy
26The Spa 2007Description / Buy
27The Stepmother's Diary 2008Description / Buy
28Chalcot Crescent 2009Description / Buy
29Kehua! 2010Description / Buy

Order of Fay Weldon Short Stories/Novellas

1The Ted Dreams 2014Description / Buy

Order of Fay Weldon Short Story Collections

1Watching Me, Watching You 1981Description / Buy
2Polaris and Other Stories 1985Description / Buy
3Moon over Minneapolis 1991Description / Buy
4Angel, All Innocence, And Other Stories 1995Description / Buy
5Wicked Women 1996Description / Buy
6A Hard Time To Be A Father 1998Description / Buy
7Nothing to Wear and Nowhere to Hide 2003Description / Buy
8Mischief 2015Description / Buy

Order of Fay Weldon Chapbooks

1The Rules of Life (Short Story) 1987Description / Buy
2Wolf the Mechanical Dog (Short Story) 1988Description / Buy
3Party Puddle (Short Story) 1989Description / Buy

Order of Fay Weldon Plays

1Action Replay : A Play (Short Story) 1980Description / Buy
2I Love My Love (Short Story) 1984Description / Buy
3The Reading Group (Short Story) 1999Description / Buy
4Flood Warning - A Play (Short Story) 2003Description / Buy

Order of Fay Weldon Non-Fiction

1Letters to Alice 1984Description / Buy
2Rebecca West (Short Story) 1986Description / Buy
3Sacred Cows (Short Story) 1989Description / Buy
4Godless in Eden 1999Description / Buy
5Auto da Fay 2001Description / Buy
6What Makes Women Happy 2006Description / Buy
7Why Will No-One Publish My Novel? 2019Description / Buy
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She was six years old when her parents’ marriage ended. For a time, Weldon lived with her father in Coromandel, though they later moved to Auckland. A former student of Christchurch Girls High School, the author was 15 when she finally came back to England. She grew distant from her father. He died in 1949. The two saw one another again shortly before he passed.

Writing wasn’t a dream that Fay Weldon cared to pursue. Her resume includes stints at South Hampstead High School and the University of St. Andrews (Scotland). A student of Psychology and Economics, Weldon had the opportunity to study under Malcolm Knox, a moral philosopher that made an impression on her because he only ever spoke to the male students.

As an adult looking to make her mark on the world, the author tried her hand at a number of jobs, including waitressing and writing pamphlets during her time as a Clerk in the Foreign Office. Weldon’s appearance had a strong influence on her education, career choices, and writing. As a child, she wanted to be small, feisty, and beautiful.

But, according to her own words, she was blonde and big-boned, nothing like the pretty women in her family. She always got the sense that her mother thought she would struggle to find a husband because of her appearance. As such, unlike other women in her community, she would have to work harder, passing her exams and finding a way to earn a living if she was to support herself.

So Fay Weldon did just that. After determining that she had a talent for writing, the author started looking for platforms that could utilize her skills. She was able to land positions at companies like Crawford’s Advertising Agency and Ogilvy, Benson, and Mather. She also wrote for television and radio.

She has been credited for her work on ‘Upstairs, Downstairs’, a landmark TV show, ‘Life for Christine’, a TV movie for which she wrote the screenplay, and the 1980 BBC adaptations of ‘Pride and Prejudice’. Her first novel was published in 1967.

She gained a reputation for creating large, plain, big-boned heroines like her. Fay Weldon saw it as her duty to bring this unseen section of the female population to the public’s attention. On the personal front, Weldon married three times. Her relationships produced four sons.

Fay Weldon Awards

The author received Man Booker Prize and Whitbread Prize nominations for ‘Praxis’ and ‘Worst Fears’. She won the Los Angeles Times Fiction Prize and the PEN Macmillan Silver Pen Award.

Fay Weldon Books into Movies

‘The Life and Loves of a She-Devil’ became a Hollywood movie called ‘She-Devil’ in 1989. It starred Roseanne Barr and Meryl Streep.

Best Fay Weldon Books

Weldon is one of the UK’s most popular writers, producing works that explore the turbulent lives of women, with some of the best books in her bibliography including:

Habits of the House: 1899 has been a poor year for Lord Robert. The Earl of Dilberne made a number of unwise gambles and the stock market did not reward him quite as he expected. He is now facing financial ruin. His entire household must come to terms with the consequences of Lord Robert’s actions, not just Arthur and his courtesan but also Rosina and her parrot, not to mention Isobel, the wife, and Grace, the Lady’s maid.

Lord Robert’s only hope is Arthur. If he can secure a rich heiress for the young man, he could transform his fortunes overnight. This is where Minnie enters the picture. The daughter of a wealthy meatpacker in Chicago, Minnie came to London to escape her ruined reputation. With the skeletons in her closet, Minnie doesn’t have much in the way of options.

Life and Loves of a She-Devil: Ruth Pratchett was somewhat content with her lot in life. She wasn’t the most attractive woman in her community. But she wasn’t ugly either. Ruth lived a simple, quiet existence, a wife and mother who spent her days keeping her respectable suburban home neat.

All that changed when discovered her husband’s affair with a pretty novelist. Now Ruth is on a rampage, determined to get her revenge on everyone who wronged her.

When Does The Next Fay Weldon book come out?

Fay Weldon doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Why Will No-One Publish My Novel? and was released on April, 1st 2019. It is the newest book in the Fay Weldon Non-Fiction.


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