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Felix Francis was born in the year 1953. He is a British crime writer who is a younger son of Dick Francis. At London University, Felix studied engineering and physics before embarking on a 17 year old teaching journey as an Advanced Level physics teacher at three schools. The last seven years of his career he served as the Head of Science department at the Bloxham school. He later on quit his career at the school and decided to look into his father’s affairs. Currently, Felix resides in Oxfordshire. In the year 1993 to the year 2005, Felix served as the deputy chairperson and director of the World Change Expedition LTD.

Order of Dick Francis Series with Dick Francis

1Gamble 2011Description / Buy
2Bloodline 2012Description / Buy
3Refusal 2013Description / Buy
4Pulse 2017Description / Buy
5Crisis 2018Description / Buy
6Guilty Not Guilty 2019Description / Buy
7Iced 2021Description / Buy

Order of Jeff Hinkley Series with Dick Francis

1Triple Crown 2016Description / Buy

Order of Felix Francis Standalone Novels

1Dead Heat ( With: Dick Francis) 2007Description / Buy
2Silks ( With: Dick Francis) 2008Description / Buy
3Even Money ( With: Dick Francis) 2009Description / Buy
4Crossfire ( With: Dick Francis) 2010Description / Buy
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Over the last 40 years, Felix worked together with Dick in the writing and research of a majority of his novels. Mary Francis, Dick’s wife had done much of the writing, until she met her death in the year 2000. After her death, Felix took over the work she was doing. Felix with his father Dick, shared a love for racing and many at times worked together on the character and the plots in details. Due this kind of partnership, Dick was able to draw upon the knowledge and experience of his Felix since he had worked as a physics teacher. This is evident in the books, Twice Shy and also in some of his previous books Under Orders and Shattered. After Dead Hit was published in the year 2007, Felix took a more serious role in writing.

Felix Francis Books into Movies

So far, none of Felix Francis books have been adapted into movies.

Felix Francis Awards

So far, Felix Francis is yet to be nominated or receive any awards. Nonetheless, many of his novels have been well received throughout the world.

Best Felix Francis Books

One of the best performing books by Felix Francis is Gamble. It was published in the year 2011 and it was one of Francis’s solo effort. In this book Felix continues his lifelong family tradition of writing. For any loyal reader, Gamble has all the things that they may anticipate for; a taut and intelligent story that is full of suspense, mystery and danger. It also has a first moving prose, which is guaranteed to keep the reader entertained throughout the book. The mystery plot in this book is not only complex but with red herrings and multiple suspects. The novel also contains an exceedingly satisfying subplot, which involves a protagonist by the name Nicholas Foxton. Nicholas Foxton is a former Hockey player who experienced a career ending injury.

Apart from Gamble, another bestselling book by Felix Francis is Refusal, which is a polished presentation of Sid’s life. This book has been set, six years after we had left him in Under Orders. In this book several new characters are introduced as well as the old ones are retained. The good thing about this book is that the thriller has been well crafted. The chapters, characters and plots have been carefully woven to one another. One of the best things about this story is that the reader will be able to carefully follow the thoughts of the reader carefully. There are several random touches like the conversation between Sid and a psychiatrist or an exceedingly amusing observation between fellow passengers in a train. Lovely bits of Sid’s new life and British racing scenes have been intermingled with a few surprises which will unquestionably take your breathe away.

Damage is also another book, which was written entirely by Felix Francis. This book is not only an excellent read but it is also genuinely unputdownable with a fast pace. As the 50th book, Damage is a homage to his father and also a tribute to his son’s excellent writing abilities. The main storyline of the book is based on the British Horse racing Authority. The author also does a great job in ensuring that both the board meetings and internal politics are exceedingly suspenseful. The story moves along in a smooth and crisp pace. Along with the main plot, there are four other subplots, which are also exceedingly easy to follow. In this book, Felix once again demonstrates an emphatic and true understanding of what exactly motivates people to act in a manner that they do. With every book that he makes, Francis continues to outdo himself.

When Does The Next Felix Francis book come out?

Felix Francis doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Iced and was released on September, 16th 2021. It is the newest book in the Dick Francis Series.


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