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Fiona Grace writes cozy mystery novels such as the ‘Lacey Doyle Cozy Mystery’ series and the ‘Tuscan Vineyard Cozy Mystery’ Books. She stands out because of the rapid rate at which she releases novels.

Order of Beachfront Bakery Cozy Mystery Series

1A Killer Cupcake 2020Description / Buy
2A Murderous Macaron 2021Description / Buy
3A Perilous Cake Pop 2021Description / Buy
4A Deadly Danish 2021Description / Buy
5A Treacherous Tart 2021Description / Buy
6A Calamitous Cookie 2021Description / Buy

Order of Cats and Dogs Cozy Mystery Series

1Olive Oil and Murder 2020Description / Buy
2Figs and a Cadaver 2020Description / Buy
3Vino and Death 2021Description / Buy
4Capers and a Calamity 2021Description / Buy
5Orange Groves and Vengeance 2021Description / Buy
6Cannoli and a Casualty 2022Description / Buy
7Spaghetti and Suspicion 2022Description / Buy
8Lemons and a Predicament 2022Description / Buy

Order of A Dubious Witch Cozy Mystery Series

1An Episode of Murder 2020Description / Buy
2An Episode of Crime 2021Description / Buy
3An Episode of Death 2021Description / Buy

Order of Lacey Doyle Series

1Murder in the Manor 2019Description / Buy
2Death and a Dog 2019Description / Buy
3Crime in the Café 2020Description / Buy
4Vexed on a Visit 2020Description / Buy
5Killed With a Kiss 2020Description / Buy
6Perished by a Painting 2020Description / Buy
7Silenced by a Spell 2021Description / Buy
8Framed by a Forgery 2021Description / Buy
9Catastrophe in a Cloister 2021Description / Buy

Order of Tuscan Vineyard Series

1Aged for Murder 2020Description / Buy
2Aged for Death 2020Description / Buy
3Aged for Mayhem 2020Description / Buy
4Aged for Seduction 2020Description / Buy
5Aged for Vengeance 2021Description / Buy
6Aged for Acrimony 2021Description / Buy
7Aged for Malice 2021Description / Buy
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Best Fiona Grace Books

Grace publishes multiple novels each year. She has a website that she uses to engage with her fans. The author’s best books include:

Murder In The Manor: At 39, Lacey decided to change everything. She was tired of New York and she couldn’t stand her boss. Her relationship with her husband had just ended. With the divorce finally behind her, Lacey was determined to abandon the fast life she had spent so many years pursuing.

This is why she ended up in Wilfordshire. She had visited the quaint seaside town as a child and she still had fond memories of those days. Once she finally fulfilled her childhood dream of returning to Wilfordshire, Lacey was far from disappointed. The town hadn’t changed one bit.

The architecture was the same, and so were the cobblestone streets. Her stay in Wilfordshire should have been a short one. But Lacey couldn’t bring herself to leave. Her former home had nothing to offer.

As such, she made the spontaneous decision to plant her roots in the English town. Naturally, she had to find a way to occupy her days. Fortunately, she had a second childhood dream.

Lacey opened an antique shop. Once she accomplished this feat, the woman was finally happy. Her life was finally starting to make sense. But then murder ruined everything. The victim was a customer. Lacey was unlucky because she was new in town. As such, she was the perfect suspect.

After realizing that she would have a difficult time getting people to believe her, Lacey decided to investigate the murder herself. She was determined to clear her name. However, the task was easier said than done.

Even though life in Wilfordshire was calmer and slower, she still had a lot on her plate, including a business that she was running and a neighbor with hostile intentions.

‘Murder in the Manor’ is the first novel in the Lacey Doyle series. The book is quite small, less than 300 pages long, so it is a quick read. Additionally, because of the low page count, the story proceeds at a relatively rapid pace.

Once Lacey, the protagonist, signs her divorce papers, she immediately flies to England. She doesn’t even return home. The heroine leaves work for the airport in the afternoon and she doesn’t look back.

Because she failed to make the proper arrangements beforehand, all the hotels are full. But she stumbles across a lovely seaside cottage with unbelievably friendly prices. Not long after, she meets a gorgeous man that captures her heart.

A day later, she finds an empty store and quickly decides that she will rent it, turning the space into an antique shop even though she has no experience running a business. Her father owned an antique shop when she was young, so she is confident that she can get the hang of things.

A Killer Cupcake: At 34, Allison was ready for a new start. The work she did as a Los Angeles Sous chef did not satisfy her. Her boss was far from pleasant and the customers were demeaning. With her love life in shambles, she realized that she was better off starting a new life in a small town.

She did not expect to end up on the boardwalk near Venice. It was an exciting place filled with outrageous characters. It was the perfect location for her bakery. Luckily, she had spotted and secured a vacant storefront before anyone else could claim it.

Things were finally looking up for the 34-year-old. She couldn’t wait to wow her customers with the new pastry recipes she had concocted. But any plans Allison had for the future went out the window when a body was discovered near her business.

Someone had murdered the victim and Allison had been implicated in the crime. Now she has only one option. Allison must investigate the murder. It is the only way to clear her name. Fortunately, she isn’t alone. An orphaned dog just invaded her life. Allison couldn’t ask for a better sidekick.

When Does The Next Fiona Grace book come out?

The next book by Fiona Grace is Orange Groves and Vengeance and will be released on November, 8th 2021. It is the newest book in the Cats and Dogs Cozy Mystery Series.

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