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Gary A. Braubneck was born in Newark City in Ohio, a city where most of his stories are based. Braubneck writes a number of genres, though he mainly focuses on horror stories. Due to his excellent writing skills he has received several awards such as the Horror Writers Association Bramstock Awards, in the year 2003, 2005 and 2007. In the year 2007, he scooped two Brastock awards for long fiction and anthology. In the year 2006, he also won another award for the best fiction collection. In the year 2013, he won another Bram Stock award for Long fiction.

Order of Ceder Hill Series

1In Silent Graves 2004Description / Buy
2Keepers 2005Description / Buy
3Mr. Hands 2007Description / Buy
4Coffin County 2008Description / Buy
5Far Dark Fields 2009Description / Buy

Order of Gary A. Braunbeck Standalone Novels

1Time Was ( With: Steve Perry) 1998Description / Buy
2The Indifference of Heaven 2000Description / Buy
3The Flesh Unknown 2001Description / Buy
4In the Midnight Museum 2005Description / Buy
5Prodigal Blues 2006Description / Buy

Order of Gary A. Braunbeck Short Story Collections

1Things Left Behind 1997Description / Buy
2Escaping Purgatory 2001Description / Buy
3From Beneath These Fields of Blood 2002Description / Buy
4Graveyard People 2003Description / Buy
5X3 2003Description / Buy
6Home Before Dark 2005Description / Buy
7Destinations Unknown 2006Description / Buy
8Cages and Those Who Hold the Keys 2011Description / Buy
9Rose of Sharon and Other Stories 2013Description / Buy
10Halfway Down The Stairs 2015Description / Buy

Order of Gary A. Braunbeck Non-Fiction Books

1Fear in a Handful of Dust 2004Description / Buy
2To Each Their Darkness 2010Description / Buy

Order of Dark Matter Series

1In Hollow Houses 2000Description / Buy
2Of Aged Angels ( By: Monte Cook) 2001Description / Buy

Order of Dark Delicacies Series

1Dark Delicacies: Original Tales of Terror and the Macabre by the World's Greatest Horror Writers 2005Description / Buy
2Dark Delicacies II: Fear 2007Description / Buy
3Dark Delicacies III: Haunted 2009Description / Buy

Gary A. Braunbeck Anthologies

1 The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Eleventh Annual Collection1998Description / Buy
2 The Best American Mystery Stories 19991999Description / Buy
3 October Dreams2000Description / Buy
4 Trick or Treat2001Description / Buy
5 Five Strokes to Midnight2008Description / Buy
6 The Beast Within2008Description / Buy
7 Dark Delicacies III: Haunted2009Description / Buy
8 Halloween2009Description / Buy
9 Mighty Unclean2009Description / Buy
10 Hellbound Hearts2009Description / Buy
11 Hint Fiction2010Description / Buy
12 The Devil's Coattails2012Description / Buy
13 Shadow Show: All-New Stories in Celebration of Ray Bradbury2012Description / Buy
14 Appalachian Undead2012Description / Buy
15 Chiral Mad2012Description / Buy
16 Fear the Abyss2012Description / Buy
17 Dueling Minds2013Description / Buy
18 Barbers & Beauties2013Description / Buy
19 Eulogies II2013Description / Buy
20 Tales of Jack the Ripper2013Description / Buy
21 Mister October, Volume I: An Anthology in Memory of Rick Hautala2013Description / Buy
22 Chiral Mad 22013Description / Buy
23 Jamais Vu2013Description / Buy
24 Far Voyager: A Postcripts Anthology 32/332014Description / Buy
25 Out of Tune2014Description / Buy
26 Shadows Over Main Street2015Description / Buy
27 The Library of the Dead2015Description / Buy
28 Weirdbook 312015Description / Buy
29 Seize the Night2015Description / Buy
30 Don’t Turn Out the Lights2020Description / Buy
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With that said, more than 200 of Gary’s short stories have been featured in several publications like Cemetery Dance, Magazine for Fantasy and Science Fiction, Sword of Ice, Years best Fantasy and Horror and Tales of Valdemar. Braunbeck popular mysteries have also appeared in the Cat Crimes anthology series. In the year 2007, a story on Rami Temporales was adapted into a short film, Stranger Things. Braubneck also doubles as a creative writing lecturer at the Seton Hill University in Pennslyvania. Gary also served as a co-editor of Jerry Wlliamson’s Masques horror anthology series. During this time, he also served as a regular contributor for Everything2. In the year 2005 and 2006, Braunbeck served as the President of the Horror Writers Association.

Gary A. Braunbeck Awards

In the years 2003 and 2005, Gary Braubneck received the Horror Writers Association Bram Stock Award for the superior achievement in the Best Short Fiction for the books We Now Pause for Identification and Duty. In the year 2007, he scooped two Bram Stocker Awards for the long fiction with Afterward and for Anthology with the book Five Strokes to Midnight. In the year 2006, he won the award for the best fiction collection for his anthology Destinations Unknown. In the year 2010, he received an award from Apex publication for nonfiction with the book To Each Their Darkness. Gary’s novel, Kiss of the Muddman won the International Horror Guild Award.

Gary Braunbeck Books into Movies/TV:

Based on the book Rami Temporales was adopted into a short movie by Stranger Things. The short film was entitled One of Those Faces and featured Toby Turner as the main character.

Best Gary Braunbeck Books

One of Gary’s Braunbeck’s best-selling books is In the Midnight Museum a story about a 44 year old janitor whose life has suddenly come to a great halt. The janitor has no family, friends and from the look of things, no promise of a better day ahead. After being depressed for a long period of time, the janitor attempts to take his own life. After attempting to take his own life, the janitor wakes up in a local hospital where he is placed for observation. However, there is something else, which has happened to Martin apart from the attempted suicide. Certain perception doors have been opened in his mind. Now Martin is able to see fantastic creatures who walk on the streets of Cedar Hill. Over the 48 hours which followed, Martin is going to discover what really these creatures are and who really controls them and also why he must really enter.

The Midnight Museum is a place that has no doors, windows but has several exits and entrances. It is a place that is beyond our day to day perception. At the Museum, Martin discovers why and how he accidentally holds the fate of the entire globe in his hands.

Another great novel by Gary Braubneck is Keepers. In the year 2005, this novel was nominated for the Bram Stocker Awards. The main characters in this book include a middle aged man, Gil Stewart. Gil lives an exceedingly good and relaxed life in Cedar Hill Ohio. He not only owns but also runs a collectible and antique novelty store which assists hi in taking care of his nephew, Carson.

On one fine evening, while coming home from work, Gary finds an aged man who had a hat on, on the side of the road. The hat that the man owns, gets blown away and as he runs after the hat, he gets hit with a car. Just before the accident happens, Gary notices two mastiffs, which were chasing the man down. Gil tries his best to assist the man, but he eventually fails. What Gary sees next terrifies him. The two mastiffs appeared to be satisfied by the death of Gary as the were looking down on Gary’s dead body.

When Does The Next Gary A. Braunbeck book come out?

Gary A. Braunbeck doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Halfway Down The Stairs and was released on December, 4th 2015. It is the newest book in the Gary A. Braunbeck Short Story Collections.

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