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Gayle Lynds is a top selling American novelist known for her writing male-dominated genre of spy thrillers or spy fiction and her novels published in over 20 countries. She was born in Nebraska and raised by her parents in Lowa. She graduated from the University of Lowa with a degree in Journalism. Her writing career began as an investigative reporter for the Arizona Republic where her reporting led to some amendments in the state legislation. She later held an editorial job with Top Secret Security clearance. Gayle Lynd’s career took off with pulp fiction novels and literary short stories which were published under her name. In August 2005, her spouse Dennis Lynds passed on and in 2011 she married John C Sheldon, a retired Maine district court Judge.

Order of Gayle Lynds Standalone Novels

1Mosaic 1998Description / Buy
2Mesmerized 2001Description / Buy
3The Last Spymaster 2006Description / Buy

Order of Three Investigators Crimebuster Series

1Reel Trouble (Short Story) 1989Description / Buy
2Rough Stuff 1989Description / Buy
3Fatal Error 1990Description / Buy

Order of Liz Sansborough Series

1Masquerade 1996Description / Buy
2The Coil 2000Description / Buy
3The Hunt for Dmitri (Short Story) 2017Description / Buy

Order of Covert-One Series

1The Hades Factor ( With: Robert Ludlum) 2000Description / Buy
2The Cassandra Compact ( By: Robert Ludlum, Philip Shelby) 2001Description / Buy
3The Paris Option 2002Description / Buy
4The Altman Code 2003Description / Buy
5The Lazarus Vendetta ( By: Patrick Larkin) 2004Description / Buy
6The Moscow Vector ( By: Patrick Larkin) 2005Description / Buy
7Robert Ludlum's The Arctic Event ( By: James H. Cobb) 2007Description / Buy
8The Ares Decision ( By: Kyle Mills) 2011Description / Buy
9The Janus Reprisal ( By: Jamie Freveletti) 2012Description / Buy
10The Utopia Experiment ( By: Kyle Mills) 2013Description / Buy
11The Geneva Strategy ( By: Jamie Freveletti) 2015Description / Buy
12The Patriot Attack ( By: Kyle Mills) 2016Description / Buy

Order of Judd Ryder & Eva Blake Series

1The Book of Spies / The Library of Gold 2007Description / Buy
2The Assassins 2015Description / Buy

Order of The X-Files Series

1Goblins ( By: Charles L. Grant) 1994Description / Buy
2Whirlwind ( By: Charles L. Grant) 1995Description / Buy
3Ground Zero ( By: Kevin J. Anderson) 1995Description / Buy
4Ruins ( By: Kevin J. Anderson) 1995Description / Buy
5Antibodies ( By: Kevin J. Anderson) 1997Description / Buy
6Skin ( By: Ben Mezrich) 1998Description / Buy
7Fight the Future ( By: Elizabeth Hand) 1998Description / Buy
8I Want to Believe ( By: Max Allan Collins) 2008Description / Buy
9X-Files: Trust No One ( With: Heather Graham, Jonathan Maberry, Max Allan Collins, Kevin J. Anderson, Tim Lebbon, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Brian Keene, Peter Clines, Gini Koch) 2015Description / Buy
10X-Files: The Truth Is Out There ( By: Jonathan Maberry, Kelley Armstrong, David Farland, Rachel Caine, , Kami Garcia, , Hank Phillippi Ryan) 2016Description / Buy

Order of Mack Bolan Series

1Stony Man Doctrine 1983Description / Buy
2Terminal Velocity 1984Description / Buy
3Resurrection Day 1985Description / Buy
4Dirty War 1985Description / Buy
5Flight 741 1986Description / Buy
6Dead Easy 1986Description / Buy
7Sudden Death 1987Description / Buy
8Rogue Force 1987Description / Buy
9Tropic Heat 1987Description / Buy
10Fire in the Sky 1988Description / Buy
11Anvil of Hell 1988Description / Buy
12Flash Point 1988Description / Buy
13Flesh and Blood 1988Description / Buy
14Moving Target 1989Description / Buy
15Tightrope 1989Description / Buy
16Blowout 1989Description / Buy
17Blood Fever 1989Description / Buy
18Knockdown 1990Description / Buy
19Assault 1990Description / Buy
20Backlash 1990Description / Buy
21Siege 1990Description / Buy
22Blockade 1991Description / Buy
23Evil Kingdom 1991Description / Buy
24Counterblow 1991Description / Buy
25Hardline 1991Description / Buy
26Firepower 1992Description / Buy
27Storm Burst 1992Description / Buy
28Intercept 1992Description / Buy
29Lethal Impact 1992Description / Buy
30Deadfall 1993Description / Buy
31Onslaught 1993Description / Buy
32Battle Force 1993Description / Buy
33Rampage 1993Description / Buy
34Takedown 1994Description / Buy
35Death's Head 1994Description / Buy
36Hellground 1994Description / Buy
37Inferno 1994Description / Buy
38Ambush 1994Description / Buy
39Blood Strike 1994Description / Buy
40Killpoint 1995Description / Buy
41Vendetta 1995Description / Buy
42Stalk Line 1995Description / Buy
43Omega Game 1995Description / Buy
44Shock Tactic 1995Description / Buy
45Showdown 1995Description / Buy
46Tooth and Claw 1996Description / Buy
47Precision Kill 1996Description / Buy
48Jungle Law 1996Description / Buy
49Dead Center 1996Description / Buy
50Red Heat 1996Description / Buy
51Thermal Strike 1996Description / Buy
52Day of the Vulture 1997Description / Buy
53Flames Of Wrath 1997Description / Buy
54High Aggression 1997Description / Buy
55Code of Bushido 1997Description / Buy
56Terror Spin 1997Description / Buy
57Judgment in Stone 1997Description / Buy
58Rage for Justice 1998Description / Buy
59Rebels and Hostiles 1998Description / Buy
60Ultimate Game 1998Description / Buy
61Blood Feud 1998Description / Buy
62Renegade Force 1998Description / Buy
63Retribution 1998Description / Buy
64Initiation 1999Description / Buy
65Cloud of Death 1999Description / Buy
66Termination Point 1999Description / Buy
67Hellfire Strike 1999Description / Buy
68Code of Conflict 1999Description / Buy
69Vengeance 1999Description / Buy
70Executive Action 2000Description / Buy
71Killsport 2000Description / Buy
72Conflagration 2000Description / Buy
73Storm Front 2000Description / Buy
74Evil Alliance 2000Description / Buy
75Scorched Earth 2001Description / Buy
76Deception 2001Description / Buy
77Destiny's Hour 2001Description / Buy
78Power of the Lance 2001Description / Buy
79A Dying Evil 2001Description / Buy
80Deep Treachery 2001Description / Buy
81War Load 2002Description / Buy
82Sworn Enemies 2002Description / Buy
83Dark Truth 2002Description / Buy
84Blood and Sand 2002Description / Buy
85Breakaway 2002Description / Buy
86Caged 2002Description / Buy
87Sleepers 2003Description / Buy
88Strike and Retrieve 2003Description / Buy
89Age of War 2003Description / Buy
90Line of Control 2003Description / Buy
91Breached 2003Description / Buy
92Retaliation 2003Description / Buy
93Pressure Point 2004Description / Buy
94Silent Running 2004Description / Buy
95Stolen Arrows 2004Description / Buy
96Zero Option 2004Description / Buy
97Predator Paradise 2004Description / Buy
98Circle of Deception 2004Description / Buy
99Point of Betrayal 2005Description / Buy
100Devil's Bargain 2005Description / Buy
101False Front 2005Description / Buy
102Lethal Tribute 2005Description / Buy
103Season of Slaughter 2005Description / Buy
104Ballistic Force 2005Description / Buy
105Renegade 2006Description / Buy
106Survival Reflex 2006Description / Buy
107Path to War 2006Description / Buy
108Blood Dynasty 2006Description / Buy
109Ultimate Stakes 2006Description / Buy
110State of Evil 2006Description / Buy
111Contagion Option 2007Description / Buy
112Hellfire Code 2007Description / Buy
113War Drums 2007Description / Buy
114Ripple Effect 2007Description / Buy
115Force Lines 2007Description / Buy
116The Killing Rule 2007Description / Buy
117Devil's Playground 2007Description / Buy
118The Judas Project 2008Description / Buy
119Plains of Fire 2008Description / Buy
120Appointment in Baghdad 2008Description / Buy
121Havana Five 2008Description / Buy
122Colony of Evil 2008Description / Buy
123Hard Passage 2009Description / Buy
124Interception 2009Description / Buy
125Cold War Reprise 2009Description / Buy
126Mission: Apocalypse 2009Description / Buy
127Altered State 2009Description / Buy
128Killing Game 2009Description / Buy
129Diplomacy Directive 2009Description / Buy
130Betrayed 2010Description / Buy
131Sabotage 2010Description / Buy
132Conflict Zone 2010Description / Buy
133Blood Play 2010Description / Buy
134Desert Fallout 2010Description / Buy
135Extraordinary Rendition 2010Description / Buy
136Devil's Mark 2010Description / Buy
137Savage Rule 2011Description / Buy
138Infiltration 2011Description / Buy
139Resurgence 2011Description / Buy
140Kill Shot 2011Description / Buy
141Stealth Sweep 2011Description / Buy
142Grave Mercy 2011Description / Buy
143Treason Play 2011Description / Buy
144Assassin's Code 2011Description / Buy
145Shadow Strike 2012Description / Buy
146Decision Point 2012Description / Buy
147Road of Bones 2012Description / Buy
148Radical Edge 2012Description / Buy
149Oblivion Pact 2012Description / Buy
150Enemy Arsenal 2012Description / Buy
151State of War 2012Description / Buy
152Illicit Supply 2013Description / Buy
153Explosive Demand 2013Description / Buy
154Ballistic 2013Description / Buy
155Crisis Diplomacy 2013Description / Buy
156Apocalypse Ark 2013Description / Buy
157Lethal Stakes 2013Description / Buy
158Ground Zero 2013Description / Buy
159Escalation Tactic 2013Description / Buy
160Jungle Firestorm 2013Description / Buy
161Death Metal 2014Description / Buy
162Justice Run 2014Description / Buy
163China White 2014Description / Buy
164Payback 2014Description / Buy
165Chain Reaction 2014Description / Buy
166Terror Ballot 2014Description / Buy
167Nightmare Army 2014Description / Buy
168Critical Exposure 2015Description / Buy
169Insurrection 2015Description / Buy
170Armed Response 2015Description / Buy
171Desert Falcons 2015Description / Buy
172Ninja Assault 2015Description / Buy
173Lethal Risk 2015Description / Buy
174Dead Reckoning 2015Description / Buy
175War Everlasting 2015Description / Buy

Order of Harold Middleton Series

1The Chopin Manuscript 2007Description / Buy
2The Copper Bracelet 2009Description / Buy
3The Starling Project: An Audible Drama 2014Description / Buy

Gayle Lynds Anthologies

1 I'd Kill For That2004Description / Buy
2 No Rest for the Dead2011Description / Buy
3 A Study in Sherlock2011Description / Buy
4 X-Files: Trust No One2015Description / Buy
5 MatchUp2017Description / Buy
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Gayle Lynds is known for her popular and top-grossing Judd Ryder &Eva Blake series. The first novel in the series by Gayle Lynds was published in 2007, and the sequel to this book was published in 2015.


Gayle Lynds won the 2006 Novel of the Year Prize from the Military Writers Society of America for the book The Last Spymaster novel. The Romantic Times Magazine listed Mosaic as the Best Thriller of the Year. In 2004, The Coil won the Affaire de Coeur poll for being the Best Contemporary Novel. In 2002, Mesmerized made it to the finalist for the Daphne du Maurier Award.


Covert One: The Hades Factor made for TV thriller is an adaptation of 2000 Hades Factor Novel written by Gayle Lynds. The TV miniseries first aired in 2006 and was directed by Mick Jackson starring. Mira Sorvino, Sophia Myles, Anjelica Huston, Stephen Dorff, Blair Underwood and Jeffrey DeMunn. The Film focuses on Lieutenant Colonel and a biochemistry expert who race against the odds to save the United States from a virus outbreak.


These are the best two books written by Gayle Lynds.

Mosiac: A fast-paced thriller that features, a blind concert, Julia Austrian as the main protagonist. The cause of her blindness being from a psychological disorder and not physical reasons. Her sight returns after 10 years during a concert in England.

She witnesses a robbery and death of her mother and loses her sight again. She is determined to find the killer, the face of the killer was the last thing she had seen before the blindness returned. However, the hunt for her mother’s killer leads her into a conspiracy. She meets a C.I.An agent in search of a masterpiece known as “Amber Room” that vanished during the end of World War 2.

The two parties combine forces to track the “room” and the killer. This leads them to a course of danger and conspiracy in their quest. They later find out that the murder and the room are intimately linked. The hunter now becomes the hunted, and the duo finds themselves being hunted.

The author depicts the characters in an excellent manner; the action is also non-stop to ensure that the reader is engaged throughout the storyline.

The Altman Code: The plot of the Altman Code starts in the docks of Shanghai China where a ship is loading its cargo. A photographer who manages to take some photos of the ship is murdered even before he is out of the dock. The story then shifts attention to mainland China where Jon Smith is assigned to retrieving the manifest aboard the ship of interest. After a shootout, Jon Smith is on his own without the evidence.

It is revealed that a prisoner in one of the Chinese prison is the father of the American president. The American Intelligence begins an investigation to establish the truth.

Again, the Altman Group, which constitutes of the government officials and a past president leak critical strategic planning of the US to people in business, media, and other groups. These leaks are threatening to the security of American society.

On the other hand, Niu Jianxing (The Owl), an influential in the Chinese Standing Committee is leading the Chinese to trade with other countries.

With all these controversial, the convert one operative, Jon Smith holds the key to the future of these powerful nations (China and USA.), and he is possibly the only person capable of stopping the start of another cold war.

So how is the Altman Group, the ship, (Dowager Express) and the Man Claiming to be president father linked? Will Jon Smith act sooner to stop begin of another Cold War or will he fail?

When Does The Next Gayle Lynds book come out?

Gayle Lynds doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is The Hunt for Dmitri and was released on December, 1st 2017. It is the newest book in the Liz Sansborough Series.

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