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Belgian born writer Georges Simenon (Liège, February 13, 1903 – September 4, 1989), is considered one of the best mystery writers of all times, even though some of his “psychological novels” are only being discovered. He was also a very prolific writer, and was known to be able to write anywhere between 60 to 80 pages a day. Such ability to write quickly produced almost 200 novels, 150 novellas, a number of autobiographical works, quite a number of articles and even more so called pulp novels which he wrote under various pseudonyms. When counted, Simenon had almost 550 million copies of his works printed.

Order of Inspector Maigret Series

1The Carter of 'La Providence' 1930Description / Buy
2Pietr the Latvian 1931Description / Buy
3The Yellow Dog 1931Description / Buy
4The Hanged Man of Saint-Pholien 1931Description / Buy
5A Man's Head 1931Description / Buy
6The Late Monsieur Gallet 1931Description / Buy
7The Night at the Crossroads 1931Description / Buy
8The Two-Penny Bar 1931Description / Buy
9A Crime in Holland 1931Description / Buy
10The Dancer at the Gai-Moulin 1931Description / Buy
11The Misty Harbour 1931Description / Buy
12Maigret and the Enigmatic Lett 1931Description / Buy
13The Grand Banks Café 1931Description / Buy
14Maigret and the Hundred Gibbets 1931Description / Buy
15Maigret at the Crossroads 1931Description / Buy
16Maigret in Holland 1931Description / Buy
17The Sailors' Rendezvous (Short Story) 1931Description / Buy
18Maigret at the Gai-Moulin 1931Description / Buy
19The Bar on the Seine 1931Description / Buy
20Maigret and the Death of a Harbor-Master 1931Description / Buy
21Maigret Stonewalled (Short Story) 1931Description / Buy
22Maigret Meets a Milord (Short Story) 1931Description / Buy
23Lock 14 1931Description / Buy
24The Madman of Bergerac 1932Description / Buy
25Liberty Bar 1932Description / Buy
26The Shadow Puppet 1932Description / Buy
27Maigret and the Flemish Shop 1932Description / Buy
28Maigret on the Riviera (Short Story) 1932Description / Buy
29The Flemish House 1932Description / Buy
30The Saint-Fiacre Affair 1932Description / Buy
31Maigret Goes Home 1932Description / Buy
32Maigret on Home Ground (Short Story) 1932Description / Buy
33Lock No. 1 1933Description / Buy
34Maigret 1934Description / Buy
35Maigret at the Coroner's 1938Description / Buy
36Cécile is Dead 1940Description / Buy
37The Judge's House 1940Description / Buy
38Maigret in Exile 1940Description / Buy
39Maigret and the Spinster 1940Description / Buy
40Maigret Bides His Time 1940Description / Buy
41Maigret's Boyhood Friend 1940Description / Buy
42Maigret and the Man on the Bench 1940Description / Buy
43Maigret and the Toy Village (Short Story) 1941Description / Buy
44The Cellars of the Majestic 1942Description / Buy
45The Hotel Majestic 1942Description / Buy
46Maigret and the Dead Girl 1942Description / Buy
47Maigret's Rival 1943Description / Buy
48Inspector Cadaver 1943Description / Buy
49Signed, Picpus 1944Description / Buy
50Maigret and the Fortuneteller (Short Story) 1944Description / Buy
51Félicie 1944Description / Buy
52Maigret Loses His Temper 1945Description / Buy
53Maigret Gets Angry 1945Description / Buy
54Maigret in New York 1946Description / Buy
55Maigret's Holiday 1947Description / Buy
56Maigret's Dead Man 1947Description / Buy
57Maigret's First Case 1948Description / Buy
58My Friend Maigret 1949Description / Buy
59Maigret and the Old Lady 1949Description / Buy
60The Friend of Madame Maigret 1950Description / Buy
61Madame Maigret's Friend 1950Description / Buy
62Madame Maigret's Own Case 1950Description / Buy
63Maigret and the Burglar's Wife 1951Description / Buy
64Maigret's Memoirs 1951Description / Buy
65Maigret in Montmartre 1951Description / Buy
66Maigret and the Gangsters 1951Description / Buy
67Maigret Takes a Room 1951Description / Buy
68Maigret and the Tall Woman 1951Description / Buy
69Maigret at Picratt's 1951Description / Buy
70Maigret Sits it Out 1952Description / Buy
71Maigret Afraid 1953Description / Buy
72Maigret's Mistake 1953Description / Buy
73Maigret and the Calame Report 1954Description / Buy
74Maigret Goes to School 1954Description / Buy
75Maigret and the Minister ( By: Ros Schwartz) 1954Description / Buy
76Maigret and the Headless Corpse 1955Description / Buy
77Maigret in New York's Underworld (Short Story) 1955Description / Buy
78Maigret Sets a Trap 1955Description / Buy
79Maigret's Failure 1956Description / Buy
80Maigret and the Millionaires 1957Description / Buy
81Maigret and the Reluctant Witnesses 1958Description / Buy
82Maigret Has Scruples 1958Description / Buy
83Maigret Has Doubts 1959Description / Buy
84No Vacation for Maigret 1959Description / Buy
85Maigret in Court 1960Description / Buy
86None of Maigret's Business 1960Description / Buy
87Maigret and the Idle Burglar 1961Description / Buy
88Maigret and the Saturday Caller (Short Story) 1962Description / Buy
89Maigret and the Black Sheep 1962Description / Buy
90Maigret and the Bum 1963Description / Buy
91Maigret and the Apparition 1964Description / Buy
92Maigret on the Defensive (Short Story) 1964Description / Buy
93Maigret Mystified 1964Description / Buy
94Maigret In Society (Short Story) 1965Description / Buy
95Maigret and the Nahour Case 1966Description / Buy
96Maigret and the Pickpocket 1967Description / Buy
97Maigret in Vichy 1968Description / Buy
98Maigret Hesitates 1968Description / Buy
99Maigret and the Killer 1969Description / Buy
100Maigret and the Madwoman 1970Description / Buy
101Maigret and the Wine Merchant 1970Description / Buy
102Maigret's Revolver 1971Description / Buy
103Maigret and the Informer 1971Description / Buy
104Maigret and Monsieur Charles 1972Description / Buy
105Maigret and the Loner 1983Description / Buy
106Maigret Enjoys Himself 2017Description / Buy
107Maigret Travels 2018Description / Buy
108Maigret's Secret 2018Description / Buy
109Maigret and the Old People 2019Description / Buy
110Maigret's Patience 2019Description / Buy
111Maigret and the Good People of Montparnasse 2019Description / Buy
112Maigret's Anger 2019Description / Buy
113Maigret and the Tramp 2019Description / Buy
114Maigret and the Ghost 2019Description / Buy
115Maigret Defends Himself 2019Description / Buy
116Maigret's Childhood Friend 2020Description / Buy

Order of Inspector Maigret Short Story Collections

1Maigret's Pipe: Seventeen Stories 1945Description / Buy
2Maigret's Christmas 1976Description / Buy

Order of Georges Simenon Standalone Novels

1The Girl with a Squint 1931Description / Buy
2The Engagement 1933Description / Buy
3Tropic Moon 1933Description / Buy
4The Window Over the Way (Short Story) 1933Description / Buy
5The Lodger 1934Description / Buy
6The Long Exile 1935Description / Buy
7Donadieu's Will 1936Description / Buy
8The Man Who Watched Trains Go By 1938Description / Buy
9Girl In Waiting 1938Description / Buy
10Three Crimes 1938Description / Buy
11The Strangers in the House 1940Description / Buy
12The Widow 1942Description / Buy
13The Truth About Bebe Donge 1942Description / Buy
14Across the Street 1942Description / Buy
15The Suspect 1944Description / Buy
16Monsieur Monde Vanishes 1945Description / Buy
17Three Bedrooms in Manhattan 1946Description / Buy
18Act of Passion 1946Description / Buy
19The Mahé Circle 1946Description / Buy
20Death of a Nobody (Short Story) 1947Description / Buy
21Pedigree 1948Description / Buy
22The Snow Was Dirty 1948Description / Buy
23The Bottom Of The Bottle 1949Description / Buy
24Four Days in a Lifetime 1949Description / Buy
25The Pitards 1949Description / Buy
26The Heart of a Man 1950Description / Buy
27A New Lease On Life 1951Description / Buy
28Belle 1952Description / Buy
29Dirty Snow 1953Description / Buy
30Red Lights 1953Description / Buy
31The Iron Staircase 1953Description / Buy
32The Iron Stair Case 1953Description / Buy
33The Watchmaker of Everton (Short Story) 1954Description / Buy
34The Clockmaker (Short Story) 1954Description / Buy
35Big Bob 1954Description / Buy
36The Accomplices (Short Story) 1955Description / Buy
37The Rules of the Game 1955Description / Buy
38The Little Man From Archangel 1956Description / Buy
39Sunday (Short Story) 1958Description / Buy
40The President 1958Description / Buy
41The Widower (Short Story) 1959Description / Buy
42The Grandmother 1959Description / Buy
43The Blue Room 1960Description / Buy
44Betty 1960Description / Buy
45Justice 1960Description / Buy
46The Family Lie (Short Story) 1960Description / Buy
47The Train 1961Description / Buy
48Striptease 1961Description / Buy
49Poisoned Relations (Short Story) 1961Description / Buy
50The hatter's ghosts 1961Description / Buy
51The Door (Short Story) 1962Description / Buy
52The House on Quai Notre Dame 1962Description / Buy
53The Others (Short Story) 1962Description / Buy
54The Bells of Bicetre 1963Description / Buy
55The Magician 1963Description / Buy
56Inquest on Bouvet 1963Description / Buy
57The Man With the Little Dog 1964Description / Buy
58The Venice Train 1965Description / Buy
59The Survivors 1965Description / Buy
60Venice Train 1965Description / Buy
61Black Rain 1965Description / Buy
62Ticket of Leave 1965Description / Buy
63The Cat 1966Description / Buy
64The Old Man Dies 1966Description / Buy
65Old Man Dies 1966Description / Buy
66The Mouse 1966Description / Buy
67Fate of the Malous 1966Description / Buy
68The Little Saint 1967Description / Buy
69The Brothers Rico 1967Description / Buy
70The Reckoning (Short Story) 1967Description / Buy
71The neighbours 1968Description / Buy
72The Prison 1968Description / Buy
73The Premier 1968Description / Buy
74The confessional. 1968Description / Buy
75The Patient 1968Description / Buy
76The Witnesses 1968Description / Buy
77Uncle Charles Has Locked Himself in 1969Description / Buy
78Uncle Charles 1969Description / Buy
79November 1970Description / Buy
80The Rich Man 1970Description / Buy
81Enigmas 1970Description / Buy
82The Glass Cage 1971Description / Buy
83The Innocents 1972Description / Buy
84The Disappearance Of Odile 1972Description / Buy
85Letter to My Mother (Short Story) 1974Description / Buy
86The Nightclub 1977Description / Buy
87The White Horse Inn (Short Story) 1979Description / Buy
88Intimate Memoirs 1981Description / Buy
89The Little Doctor 1981Description / Buy
90The Outlaw 1987Description / Buy
91The Murderer 2013Description / Buy
92The Hand 2016Description / Buy
93Magnet of Doom 2020Description / Buy
94Strange Inheritance 2020Description / Buy
95The Burgomaster of Furnes 2020Description / Buy
96Escape in vain, 2020Description / Buy
97Havoc by Accident 2020Description / Buy
98On the danger line 2020Description / Buy
99The Burial of Monsieur Bouvet 2020Description / Buy
100The Fugitive 2020Description / Buy
101A sense of guilt 2020Description / Buy
102The Stowaway 2020Description / Buy
103The Son 2020Description / Buy
104Young Cardinaud 2020Description / Buy
105The Negro. 2020Description / Buy
106Magician 2020Description / Buy
107The Girl in His Past 2020Description / Buy
108In Two Latitudes 2020Description / Buy
109The Trial of Bebe Donge 2020Description / Buy

Order of Georges Simenon Non-Fiction Books

1When I Was Old 1962Description / Buy
2Simenon's Paris 1970Description / Buy

Georges Simenon Anthologies

1 City Sleuths and Tough Guys1989Description / Buy
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Simenon is best known and remembered for a series of 75 novels and 28 short stories covering the adventures of police commissioner (Commissaire) Maigret. The first novel in the series appeared in 1931, while the last one hit the shelves in 1972. Currently there is quite a number of sites that continue to discuss Maigrets cases ( The success of the Maigret series meant that the works from this series were translated into all major languages, while several of them became movies and radio plays. Maigret became particularly popular in Great Britain, where Simenon’s works were used as a base for two Maigret television series (1960-63 and 1992-93).

Simenon spent a good period of his life and career in the United States. This, so called Simenon’s “American” period is considered his most creative. Simenon drew quite some inspiration from his life in America as some of his novels were set in the scenery he lived through: (Trois chambres à Manhattan – Three Rooms in Manhattan (1946), Maigret à New – Maiget in New York York (1947), Maigret se fâche – Maigret Gets Angry (1947)).

Some of his “psychological novels” have only recently begun to catch the eye of the reading public, and include titles like La neige était sale – Snow is Dirty (1948) or Le fils – Sons (1957). H also wrote a series of autobiographical works like Je me souviens – I Remember (1945), Pedigree (1948), Mémoires intimes – Intimate memoirs (1981).

Georges Simenon Awards

While living and working in the US, Simenon was awarded the MWA (Mystery Writers of America) Grand Master Award.

In Belgium he was also nominated in 2005 for the title “De Grootste Belg (The Greatest Belgian). There were two versions of this title: Flemish and Wallon one. In the first he was in 77th place and in the other he came in 10th.

Georges Simenon Books Into Movies:

Prolific writing and popularity with readers brought along quite a number of movies and TV series being produced based on Georges Simenon works, to be precise exactly 142. Only in 2016 two TV movies were made based on Inspector Maigret series: “Maigret’s Dead Man” and “Maigrest Sets a Trap”. The first movie based on a Simenon novel was made as early as 1932: “Night At The Crossroads”. Out of these, there were 10 different TV series completed based on Simenon’s writings.

Some of Simenon’s novels are considered as a basis for some of the best movies made in the so called Film Noir genre.

Best Georges Simenon Books

There are many accounts that Georges Simenon’s tales of mystery, scandal and even sexual misconduct are in many ways based on his personal life story. It would be hard today to say what differentiates truth for fiction, but here are some of the Simenon’s key written works:

Inspector Maigret novel series. It is said that if you read one of the novels in the Inspector Maigret series, you will read all 75 of them. Of course, the quality of all is not equal, but you are sure to enjoy practically all of them, particularly if you are a mystery novel buff.

Intimate Memoirs (1981): Some critics have called Simenon’s Inspector Maigret series as “comfort food” that you recover from his more serious work. This autobiographical work only confirms, as one critic said, that a good meal was not the only thing Georges Simenon liked to enjoy. A wife and two mistresses will do the trick in that respect.

The Mahé Circle: One of so called “more serious” works of Simenon that was only recently translated into English. In it you can find the essential Simenon male character. As with most Simenon main characters presented in his “serious” works discovering different freedoms poses a challenge in making a distinction between what is just enough and what is going overboard.

Any of the mentioned “American” series novels of Simenon are worth a read, particularly “Three Rooms in Manhattan”.

In any case, anything you grab that has Georges Simenon’s name on the cover is worth your reading time. They are bound to be worth your time. As far as the movies produced based on the Simenon works, any produced during the golden era of Film Noir (late Forties to early Sixties) should be a fascinating watch for film buffs even today.

When Does The Next Georges Simenon book come out?

Georges Simenon doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Girl In Waiting and was released on May, 14th 2020.

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