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Sir Henry Rider Haggard was a British author of historical fiction and adventure set in Africa and other exotic locations around the world. He is popularly known as the father of the Lost World literary genre, with his literature influential and popular years since his decease. His works take a lighter tone of Victorian era literature. Rider Haggard started his authorship career in 1885 and wrote until his death in 1925.

Order of Allan Quatermain Series

1King Solomon's Mines 1885Description / Buy
2Allan Quatermain 1887Description / Buy
3Allan's Wife (Short Story) 1887Description / Buy
4Maiwa's Revenge (Short Story) 1888Description / Buy
5Marie 1912Description / Buy
6Child of Storm 1913Description / Buy
7Holy Flower 1915Description / Buy
8The Ivory Child 1916Description / Buy
9Finished 1917Description / Buy
10The Ancient Allan 1920Description / Buy
11She and Allan 1921Description / Buy
12Heu Heu 1924Description / Buy
13Treasure of the Lake 1926Description / Buy
14Allan Quatermain and the Ice Gods 1927Description / Buy
15Allan's Wife, with Hunter Quatermain's Story 1980Description / Buy
16Tales of Allan Quatermain and Others 2002Description / Buy
17Hunter Quatermain's Story (Short Story) 2003Description / Buy

Order of Ayesha Series

1She 1886Description / Buy
2Ayesha 1905Description / Buy
3Wisdom's Daughter 1923Description / Buy

Order of H. Rider Haggard Standalone Novels

1Dawn 1884Description / Buy
2The Witch's Head 1885Description / Buy
3Jess 1887Description / Buy
4A Tale of Three Lions (Short Story) 1887Description / Buy
5Mr. Meeson's Will 1888Description / Buy
6Colonel Quaritch, V.C. 1888Description / Buy
7Cleopatra 1889Description / Buy
8Beatrice 1890Description / Buy
9The World's Desire 1890Description / Buy
10Saga of Eric Brighteyes/Eric Brighteyes 1891Description / Buy
11Nada the Lily 1892Description / Buy
12Montezuma's Daughter 1893Description / Buy
13The People of the Mist (Short Story) 1894Description / Buy
14Heart of the World 1895Description / Buy
15Joan Haste 1895Description / Buy
16The Wizard 1896Description / Buy
17Doctor Therne (Short Story) 1898Description / Buy
18Swallow 1898Description / Buy
19THE SPRING OF A LION 1899Description / Buy
20The Last Boer War 1899Description / Buy
21Black Heart and White Heart (Short Story) 1900Description / Buy
22Elissa (Short Story) 1900Description / Buy
23Lysbeth 1901Description / Buy
24Pearl-Maiden 1903Description / Buy
25Stella Fregelius 1903Description / Buy
26The Brethren 1904Description / Buy
27Benita/ The Spirit of Bambatse 1906Description / Buy
28The Way of the Spirit 1906Description / Buy
29Fair Margaret 1907Description / Buy
30The Ghost Kings 1908Description / Buy
31The Yellow God 1908Description / Buy
32The Lady of Blossholme 1909Description / Buy
33Morning Star 1910Description / Buy
34Queen Sheba's Ring 1910Description / Buy
35Red Eve 1911Description / Buy
36The Mahatma and the Hare 1911Description / Buy
37The Wanderer's Necklace 1914Description / Buy
38Love Eternal 1918Description / Buy
39Moon of Israel 1918Description / Buy
40When the World Shook 1919Description / Buy
41The missionary and the witch-doctor 1920Description / Buy
42Smith and the Pharaohs 1920Description / Buy
43The Virgin of the Sun (Short Story) 1922Description / Buy
44Queen of the Dawn 1925Description / Buy
45Mary of Marion Isle 1929Description / Buy
46Belshazzar 1930Description / Buy
47Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold 1999Description / Buy

Order of H. Rider Haggard Non-Fiction Books

1Cetywayo and His White Neighbours 1882Description / Buy
2A Farmer's Year 1899Description / Buy
3A Winter Pilgrimage 1901Description / Buy
4Rural England 1902Description / Buy
5A Gardener's Year 1905Description / Buy
6Regeneration 1910Description / Buy
7Rural Denmark and Its Lessons 1911Description / Buy
8Diary of an African Journey 1914Description / Buy
9After the War Settlement and Employment of Ex-service Men 1916Description / Buy
10The Days of My Life 1926Description / Buy
11The Private Diaries of Sir H. Rider Haggard, 1914-1925 1980Description / Buy

Order of H. Rider Haggard Chapbooks

1Allan Quatermain's Wife (Short Story) 1887Description / Buy

H. Rider Haggard Anthologies

1 Tales Before Tolkien: The Roots of Modern Fantasy2003Description / Buy
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Haggard’s first novel was the 1885 published work “King Solomon’s Mines” that received much critical acclaim and popularity among readers. Selling millions of copies and inspiring Indiana Jones, one of the biggest lost world protagonists, Allan Quatertermain is Rider Haggard’s most influential and popular characters. With so much popularity some of his novels have been made into Hollywood movies.


Many of Henry Rider Haggard’s novels have been adapted into movies. His debut novel “King Solomon’s Mines” has been adapted into a movie at least six times since the first adaptation in 1937. The novel “She” has also been adapted into a film at least ten times starting in 1899, when Georges Méliès made the first version titled “La Colonne de feu”. The novels “Dawn”, “Jess”, “Beatrice”, “Swallow” and “Stella Fregelius” have also had film versions produced. “Moon of Israel” was adapted into an Australian epic titled “Queen of the Slaves” in 1924.


Even as Sir Henry has so many exceptional novels to his name, the most appreciated of his novels include:

King Solomon’s Mines: The novel that made the name of Sir Henry Rider Haggard. It is a novel of fearless adventurers versus noble savages or what may be described as Zulus meet the Vikings. The story then combines the fabulous riches of the Old Testament King Solomon, a treasure book map, and a hidden heir to make for an intriguing story. Similar to the Indiana Jones novels, the book offers travelers advice on how to survive and have adventure in a country full of noble savages and the not so noble.

Haggard is exceptional in his telling of how the white adventurers into nineteenth century thought themselves superior to the Africans just because of their spears, battle axes, and armor. Allen Quartermain the lead protagonist leads a group of white men deep into Africa looking for adventure and treasure. In their quest they find themselves confronting the noble African savage and of course the obligatory witches and barbarous tribes, which are contrasted with the supposedly superior Western values.

Allan and the Holy Flower: The seventh novel of the series is about an expedition organized to find the wife of Allan Quartermain’s best friend that has gone missing, thought to have been kidnapped. Quartermain and his fellow adventurers will also be looking for a very rare orchid believed to grow in a certain region of the dense forest.

The novel is full of all manner of adventures and intrigues that include hidden volcanic sanctuaries, evil wizards, a chase on the lake, slave traders, cannibals, and a gigantic gorilla goddess. Quartermain made a friend in the Hottentot tribesman Hans and he comes out as a heroic and humorous character that adds comic relief on the journey. Haggard puts to work his excellent imaginations to produce an epic novel that sets the stage for the quality of contemporary lost world series to follow.

Child of Storm: The sixth novel of the series is undoubtedly one of the best books ever written by Rider Haggard since “King Solomon’s Mines”. This is a story that develops the theme of adventure and chaos through the numerous pitched battles and dangerous near death situations that Quartermain and his adventure seeking colleagues have to face up to. Unlike his other novels, Hagard takes a different route by modeling the story in the novel to the “Helen of Troy” Greek tragedy.

Saduko the Zulu friend of Allan Quartermain had teamed up with the adventurers and won 100 head of cattle that he intends to use to woo Child of Storm, his one true love. Mameena is a highly intelligent and beautiful woman that is daughter to one of the minor chiefs. Though she comes from minor royalty, she wants something higher for herself, even the queenship of all of Zulu Land. She has been using her beauty to steal the hearts of men that are discarded as soon as they help her move up one rung of the ladder.

When Does The Next H. Rider Haggard book come out?

H. Rider Haggard doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is The Virgin of the Sun and was released on May, 19th 2016.


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