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Harry Turtledove is an American author that writes alternate historical fiction. Born in 1949 in Los Angeles, his grandparents (Romanian Jews) lived in Winnipeg (Manitoba) before moving to the United States. Turtledove started writing at 12.

Order of Gerin The Fox Series

1Wereblood (As: Eric G. Iverson) 1979Description / Buy
2Werenight (Short Story) (As: Eric G. Iverson) 1979Description / Buy
3Prince of the North 1994Description / Buy
4King of the North 1996Description / Buy
5Fox and Empire 1997Description / Buy
6Wisdom of the Fox 1999Description / Buy
7Tale of the Fox 2000Description / Buy

Order of Videssos Cycle Series

1The Misplaced Legion 1987Description / Buy
2An Emperor for the Legion 1987Description / Buy
3The Legion of Videssos 1987Description / Buy
4Swords of the Legion 1987Description / Buy
5Bridge of the Separator 2005Description / Buy

Order of Tale Of Krispos Series

1Krispos Rising 1990Description / Buy
2Krispos of Videssos 1991Description / Buy
3Krispos the Emperor 1994Description / Buy

Order of Worldwar Series

1In the Balance 1994Description / Buy
2Tilting the Balance 1995Description / Buy
3Upsetting the Balance 1996Description / Buy
4Striking the Balance 1996Description / Buy

Order of Time Of Troubles Series

1The Stolen Throne 1995Description / Buy
2Hammer and Anvil 1996Description / Buy
3The Thousand Cities 1997Description / Buy
4Videssos Besieged 1998Description / Buy

Order of Southern Victory Series

1How Few Remain 1997Description / Buy

Order of Great War Series

1American Front 1998Description / Buy
2Walk in Hell 1999Description / Buy
3Breakthroughs 2000Description / Buy

Order of Alternate Generals Series

1Alternate Generals 1998Description / Buy
2Alternate Generals II 2002Description / Buy
3Alternate Generals III 2005Description / Buy

Order of Darkness Series

1Into the Darkness 1999Description / Buy
2Darkness Descending 2000Description / Buy
3Through the Darkness 2001Description / Buy
4Rulers of the Darkness 2002Description / Buy
5Jaws of Darkness 2003Description / Buy
6Out of the Darkness 2004Description / Buy

Order of Colonization Series

1Second Contact 1999Description / Buy
2Down to Earth 2000Description / Buy
3Aftershocks 2001Description / Buy

Order of War Between The Provinces Series

1Sentry Peak 2000Description / Buy
2Marching Through Peachtree 2001Description / Buy
3Advance and Retreat 2002Description / Buy

Order of American Empire Series

1Blood & Iron 2001Description / Buy
2The Center Cannot Hold 2002Description / Buy
3The Victorious Opposition 2003Description / Buy

Order of Hellenic Traders Series as H.N. Turteltaub

1Over the Wine-Dark Sea 2001Description / Buy
2The Gryphon's Skull 2002Description / Buy
3The Sacred Land 2003Description / Buy
4Owls to Athens 2004Description / Buy
5Salamis 2020Description / Buy

Order of Scepter Of Mercy Series as Dan Chernenko

1The Bastard King 2003Description / Buy
2The Chernagor Pirates 2004Description / Buy
3The Scepter's Return 2005Description / Buy

Order of Crosstime Traffic Series

1Gunpowder Empire 2003Description / Buy
2Curious Notions 2004Description / Buy
3In High Places 2005Description / Buy
4The Disunited States of America 2006Description / Buy
5The Gladiator 2007Description / Buy
6The Valley-Westside War 2008Description / Buy

Order of Settling Accounts Series

1Return Engagement 2004Description / Buy
2Drive to the East 2005Description / Buy
3The Grapple 2006Description / Buy
4In at the Death 2007Description / Buy

Order of Days Of Infamy / Pacific War Series

1Days of Infamy 2004Description / Buy
2End of the Beginning 2005Description / Buy

Order of Gap / Opening Of The World Series

1Beyond the Gap 2007Description / Buy
2The Breath of God 2008Description / Buy
3The Golden Shrine 2009Description / Buy

Order of Atlantis Series

1Opening Atlantis 2007Description / Buy
2The United States of Atlantis 2008Description / Buy
3Liberating Atlantis 2009Description / Buy
4Atlantis and Other Places 2010Description / Buy

Order of War That Came Early Series

1Hitler's War 2009Description / Buy
2West and East 2010Description / Buy
3The Big Switch 2011Description / Buy
4Coup d'Etat 2012Description / Buy
5Two Fronts 2013Description / Buy
6Last Orders 2014Description / Buy

Order of Supervolcano Series

1Eruption 2011Description / Buy
2All Fall Down 2012Description / Buy
3Things Fall Apart 2013Description / Buy

Order of Hot War Series

1Bombs Away 2015Description / Buy
2Fallout 2016Description / Buy
3Armistice 2017Description / Buy

Order of Harry Turtledove Standalone Novels

1Noninterference 1987Description / Buy
2Agent of Byzantium 1987Description / Buy
3A Different Flesh 1988Description / Buy
4Kaleidoscope 1990Description / Buy
5A World of Difference 1990Description / Buy
6Earthgrip 1991Description / Buy
7The Guns of the South 1992Description / Buy
8The Case of the Toxic Spell Dump 1993Description / Buy
9Departures 1993Description / Buy
10The Two Georges ( With: Richard Dreyfuss) 1995Description / Buy
11Thessalonica 1996Description / Buy
12Between the Rivers 1998Description / Buy
13Justinian (As: H.N. Turteltaub) 1998Description / Buy
14Household Gods ( With: Judith Tarr) 1999Description / Buy
15After the Downfall 2001Description / Buy
16Ruled Britannia 2002Description / Buy
17Conan of Venarium 2003Description / Buy
18In the Presence of Mine Enemies 2003Description / Buy
19Homeward Bound 2004Description / Buy
20Every Inch a King 2005Description / Buy
21Fort Pillow 2006Description / Buy
22The Man with the Iron Heart 2008Description / Buy
23Give Me Back My Legions! 2009Description / Buy
24Joe Steele 2015Description / Buy
25The House of Daniel 2016Description / Buy
26Through Darkest Europe 2018Description / Buy
27Alpha and Omega 2019Description / Buy
28Or Even Eagle Flew (Short Story) 2021Description / Buy

Order of Harry Turtledove Short Story Collections

1Counting Up, Counting Down 2002Description / Buy
2We Install and Other Stories 2015Description / Buy

Order of Harry Turtledove Short Stories/Novellas

1Vilcabamba (Short Story) 2010Description / Buy
2Lee at the Alamo (Short Story) 2011Description / Buy
3The Eighth-Grade History Class Visits the Hebrew Home for the Aging (Short Story) 2014Description / Buy
4Something Going Around (Short Story) 2014Description / Buy
5Hail! Hail! 2018Description / Buy
6Manuscript Tradition (Short Story) 2020Description / Buy
7No Period (Short Story) 2020Description / Buy

Order of War World Series

1The Burning Eye ( By: Jerry Pournelle, John F. Carr) 1988Description / Buy
2Death's Head Rebellion (Short Story) ( By: Jerry Pournelle, John F. Carr) 1990Description / Buy
3Sauron Dominion ( By: Jerry Pournelle, John F. Carr) 1991Description / Buy
4Codominium ( By: Jerry Pournelle, John F. Carr) 1992Description / Buy
5Blood Feuds 1992Description / Buy
6Invasion ( By: Jerry Pournelle) 1994Description / Buy
7Blood Vengeance ( With: S.M. Stirling, Jerry Pournelle, Judith Tarr) 1994Description / Buy
8Discovery ( By: Jerry Pournelle) 2010Description / Buy
9Takeover ( By: Don Hawthorne) 2011Description / Buy
10The Lidless Eye ( By: Don Hawthorne, John F. Carr) 2013Description / Buy
11War World: The Lidless Eye ( By: Don Hawthorne, John F. Carr) 2013Description / Buy
12The Battle of Sauron ( By: Jerry Pournelle, Don Hawthorne, John F. Carr) 2013Description / Buy

Order of Exiled Series

1Clan of the Claw ( With: John Ringo, S.M. Stirling, Jody Lynn Nye, Michael Z. Williamson) 2011Description / Buy
2By Tooth and Claw ( By: John Ringo, Mercedes Lackey, S.M. Stirling, Jody Lynn Nye, Eric Flint) 2015Description / Buy

Harry Turtledove Anthologies

1 Friends of the Horseclans II1989Description / Buy
2 Alternatives1989Description / Buy
3 After the King1991Description / Buy
4 The Best Alternate History Stories of the 20th Century2001Description / Buy
5 The Best Military Science Fiction of the 20th Century2001Description / Buy
6 Worlds That Weren't2002Description / Buy
7 Stars: Original Stories Based on the Songs of Janis Ian2003Description / Buy
8 Federations2009Description / Buy
9 Field of Fantasies: Baseball Stories of the Strange and Supernatural2014Description / Buy
10 And the Last Trump Shall Sound2020Description / Buy
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At the time, he was quite enamored with Science Fiction and Fantasy. The fact that he would grow up to become the so-called Lord of Alternate History never occurred to him, not at that tender age. The author wasn’t even a fan of history. He barely noticed the subject in school.

Turtledove’s journey into publishing and Alternate history, in particular, begun with ‘Lest Darkness Fall’ by L Sprague de Camp. Harry Turtledove was 14 when he came across the novel. Books like ‘The Man in the High Castle’ and ‘World’s of the Imperium’ cemented his love for alternate history but de Camp is responsible for sparking it in the first place.

The magic of ‘Lest Darkness Fall’ lay in the fact that Turtledove couldn’t determine how much of de Camp’s words were fiction. This changed his perception of history. The author felt compelled to delve into the subject with added fervor.

By 16, Turtledove had written an alternative history novel of his own. It wasn’t that good but it was a decent start. Initially drawn to science, the novelist was only enrolled at Caltech for a year before dropping out. Turtledove would like to think that he was driven by passion and nothing else to leave Caltech for UCLA.

But, in truth, he couldn’t do calculus, and the hours, days, and weeks he spent reading The Lord of the Rings did nothing to improve his talents in the subject. And yet it would be foolish to call Harry Turtledove a lazy student. By the late 1970s, the author had earned a Ph.D. in Byzantine history.

His writing career took off soon after. Initially teaching at UCLA, Turtledove produced a few scholarly works, including a translation of an ancient chronicle. Byzantine History was the author’s passion. But he quickly found that the job market had nothing to offer a scholar of his talents.

Even the teaching opportunities he thought he would secure refused to manifest. This gave Turtledove the freedom to give fiction writing his undivided attention.

Turtledove’s first book was ‘Wereblood’. He followed it up with ‘Werenight’. Both titles were written under a pen name (Eric G. Iverson). You can blame this on his Belmont Tower editor who initially refused to accept that ‘Turtledove’ was the author’s real name, and then he decided that a more appropriate surname was bound to produce greater profits.

Harry Turtledove has written science fiction, fantasy, and mystery. But it is for alternate history that he is best known. He met Laura Frankos while teaching at UCLA. Later on, he married her.

Harry Turtledove Awards

The author has received Prometheus and Nebula award nominations. He won the Prometheus and Hugo Award for ‘The Gladiator’ and ‘Down in the Bottomlands’ respectively.

Best Harry Turtledove Books

The author has been praised for creating original alternate history situations rather than simply re-purposing old ones, with some of the best titles in his bibliography including:

The Guns of the South: The war was over, or at least it should have been. The confederacy was broken, ill-equipped to mount any significant resistance. For General Lee, defeat was certain.

But then a strange fellow changed all that. He had a new weapon, a gun unlike any that Lee had ever seen, a rifle with breathtaking efficiency and accuracy. With this gun, the AK-47, Lee realized that the Confederates had a chance at attaining overwhelming victory.

This alternate history novel from Harry Turtledove follows the exploits of a group of White Supremacists from South Africa in 2014 who travel back in time to change history.

In the Balance: WWII was in full swing. The Germans, the British and their various allies were fighting a war that would determine the geopolitical future of the planet. Nothing could stop the momentum of violence, or so everyone thought. None of them were prepared for Fleetlord Atvar, an adversary from the stars who was determined to claim the planet for his people.

Now, at the planet’s darkest hour, humanity must do the impossible. They must unite to face a foe that threatens them all.

When Does The Next Harry Turtledove book come out?

Harry Turtledove doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Or Even Eagle Flew and was released on February, 8th 2021.


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