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Helen Dunmore is a poet, children’s author, and award-winning novelist who made a name for herself for the breadth and depth of her literary works. She wrote intricate and rich works with a heartfelt yet deceptive simplicity that made her lyrical and fluid prose very popular. She has been writing since 1994.

Order of Helen Dunmore Children's Books

# Read Title Published Details
1 Going to Egypt (Short Story) 1992 Description / Buy
2 In the Money 1993 Description / Buy
3 Recovering a Body (Short Story) 1994 Description / Buy
4 Secrets (Short Story) 1994 Description / Buy
5 Go Fox (Short Story) 1996 Description / Buy
6 Amina's Blanket (Short Story) 1996 Description / Buy
7 Fatal Error 1997 Description / Buy
8 Allie's Apples (Short Story) 1997 Description / Buy
9 Bestiary (Short Story) 1997 Description / Buy
10 Clyde's Leopard (Short Story) 1998 Description / Buy
11 Great-Grandma's Dancing Dress (Short Story) 1998 Description / Buy
12 Brother Brother, Sister Sister (Short Story) 1999 Description / Buy
13 Allie's Rabbit (Short Story) 1999 Description / Buy
14 Zillah and Me 2000 Description / Buy
15 Aliens Don't Eat Bacon Sandwiches 2000 Description / Buy
16 Allie Away (Short Story) 2000 Description / Buy
17 The Ugly Duckling (Short Story) 2001 Description / Buy
18 Snollygoster (Short Story) 2001 Description / Buy
19 The Zillah Rebellion 2001 Description / Buy
20 The Silver Bead 2003 Description / Buy
21 The Lilac Tree (Short Story) 2004 Description / Buy
22 The Seal Cove 2004 Description / Buy

Order of The Siege Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Siege 2001 Description / Buy
2 The Betrayal 2010 Description / Buy

Order of Ingo Chronicles Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Ingo 2005 Description / Buy
2 The Tide Knot 2006 Description / Buy
3 The Deep 2007 Description / Buy
4 The Crossing of Ingo 2008 Description / Buy
5 Stormswept 2012 Description / Buy

Order of Helen Dunmore Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published Details
1 Zennor in Darkness 1994 Description / Buy
2 Burning Bright 1994 Description / Buy
3 A Spell of Winter 1995 Description / Buy
4 Talking to the Dead 1996 Description / Buy
5 Your Blue Eyed Boy 1998 Description / Buy
6 With Your Crooked Heart 1999 Description / Buy
7 Mourning Ruby 2003 Description / Buy
8 House of Orphans 2006 Description / Buy
9 Counting the Stars 2008 Description / Buy
10 The Greatcoat 2012 Description / Buy
11 The Lie 2015 Description / Buy
12 Exposure 2016 Description / Buy
13 Birdcage Walk 2017 Description / Buy

Order of Helen Dunmore Short Stories/Novellas

# Read Title Published Details
1 Protection (Short Story) 2011 Description / Buy
2 The Land Lubbers Lying Down Below (Short Story) 2012 Description / Buy

Order of Helen Dunmore Short Story Collections

# Read Title Published Details
1 Apple Fall (Short Story) 1983 Description / Buy
2 The Sea Skater (Short Story) 1986 Description / Buy
3 The Raw Garden (Short Story) 1988 Description / Buy
4 Short Days, Long Nights 1991 Description / Buy
5 Love of Fat Men 1998 Description / Buy
6 Ice Cream 2000 Description / Buy
7 Out of the Blue 2001 Description / Buy
8 Silent Night 2002 Description / Buy
9 Glad Of These Times (Short Story) 2007 Description / Buy
10 The Malarkey (Short Story) 2012 Description / Buy
11 Inside the Wave (Short Story) 2017 Description / Buy
12 Girl, Balancing Other Stories 2019 Description / Buy

Order of Helen Dunmore Picture Books

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Ferry Birds 2010 Description / Buy
2 The Islanders (Short Story) 2011 Description / Buy
3 The Lonely Sea Dragon (Short Story) 2013 Description / Buy
4 The Little Sea Dragon's Wild Adventure (Short Story) 2017 Description / Buy

Order of Helen Dunmore Graphic Novels

# Read Title Published Details
1 Grace Poole Her Testimony (Short Story) 2016 Description / Buy

Helen Dunmore Anthologies

# Read Title Published Details
1 Midnight Feast 2007 Description / Buy
2 Freedom 2009 Description / Buy
3 AQA GCSE Anthology Sunlight on the Grass 2012 Description / Buy
4 Arboreal of Words from the Woods 2016 Description / Buy
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Dunmore launched her career with the novel “Zennor in Darkness”, a novel published in 1994 exploring the expulsion of D.H. Lawrence from Cornwall after he was suspected of espionage. Since the publication of her first work she went on to write many more novels, poems and children’s books that have won many top awards over the years.


Dunmore has been the recipient of many awards over the years right from the very first novel that she wrote in 1994. “Zennor in Darkness” won the McKitterick Prize in 1994 while “A Spell of Winter” made the shortlist for the Whitbread Novel of the Year and was the winner of the 1996 Orange Prize for Fiction. She was also shortlisted for the RSL Ondaatje Prize in 2015, the Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction, the Commonwealth Writers Prize, and the Orwell Prize.


Some of the most popular novels written by Helen Dunmore include the likes of:

The Crossing of Ingo: The novel tells the story of Sapphire and Connor whose father is lost to the World of Ingo. They just got news that their father drowned in the foreign land, but Sapphire and Connor are skeptical about the details of the story, or even that their father is really dead. Together with their mother, they struggle to survive without their father. They get a better understanding of Ingo when they become becomes friends with Elvira a mermaid from that world.

Connor and Sapphire soon enter into the world of Ingo where she soon learn that they have a strong connection with Ingo and the sea given their mixed heritage. Unlike her brother that is more in tune with the Earth and Air spirit, Sapphire is dominated by the Spirit of the Sea/Ingo. The more they stay in the new world the better they come to understand just what happened to their father. The man has founded a new mer family and seems to have totally forgotten about his earthly family. But now Connor and Sapphire are discovering their supernatural powers making for an interesting inter-familial narrative.

The Deep: The third novel of the Ingo series that may be read as a standalone novel. Dunmore writes a novel about a Sapphire a young girl that has an Air and Earth mixture in her human body. She is struggling to reconcile both of her sea, and earthly world which is quite the task. Her brother Connor is also conflicted though he has more of the Earth spirit rather than the Sea spirit of Sapphire his sister.

The story builds upon the events of the previous novels in describing Sapphires ability to travel to the depths of the sea. She travels to the depths to try to convince Kraken the mythical creature to stop tormenting the inhabitants of the sea and their abode, and rather go to sleep as he had done for centuries. Sapphire longs to go to the world of Ingo and depends on the help of Faro, a mer friend a playful, arrogant, and strong person that convinces her to make the new world her home. But Sapphire is torn between her love for her dog, her friends, and mother who are on Earth.

Tide Knot: Connor and Sapphire are trying to put their Ingo adventures behind them though they find that their mer heritage is very stron,g making the quest very hard. Sapphire spends most of her time living in town by the beach moping rather than in the more pleasant cove. But suddenly her father comes onto the scene to tell her that she needs to come with him to help him resolve a dangerous situation. She soon learns that a mystical entity known as the Tide Knot has been responsible for ensuring that the tides have not encroached on the land. But now the Knot has gone rogue and their hometown is in danger from the tides. She has to team up with her brother and go on a quest to save Ingo and the Air that they both hold dear.

When Does The Next Helen Dunmore book come out?

Helen Dunmore doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Girl, Balancing Other Stories and was released on March, 7th 2019. It is the newest book in the Helen Dunmore Short Story Collections.


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