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Ian Caldwell is American author of mystery thriller fiction, which also tends to have historical plot points related to them, also. Caldwell’s work has been likened to that of the author Dan Brown due to the fact that he is mixing historical fact with contemporary fiction and exploring them in a way that Brown has done in his works such as The Da Vinci Code, and Angels and Demons.

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Order of Ian Caldwell Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Rule of Four 2004 Description / Buy
2 The Fifth Gospel 2015 Description / Buy

Ian Caldwell Anthologies

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Black Room Manuscripts: Volume One 2015 Description / Buy
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Widely known for his mystery suspense novels, historical fiction and thrillers as well, Ian Caldwell is a well-established author who has both written and co-written numerous best-selling books. Caldwell is an author who has a talent for creating highly engaging characters as well as for his historical accuracy in highly engaging narratives. As the each day goes by, Caldwell’s worldwide audience increases steadily. With an in-depth knowledge on the subject that he is writing on, Caldwell not only entertains the reader but he also ensures that he passes on useful information to the readers as well. Apart from reaching the top of several best-sellers lists, Caldwell has managed to reach one of the highest levels of commercial success, together with earning respect by his contemporaries and peers.

Ian Caldwell was born on 18 March 1976, in one of the towns of Fairfax County, Virginia. In the town that he was raised in, Ian Caldwell had the opportunity to not only meet but also befriend his future collaborator, author, and producer Dustin Thomason. Being raised in the region, Ian Caldwell did formulate some ideas that later proved to be vital in his future career as an author. Caldwell also took inspiration from the surrounding environment. Ian Caldwell was admitted to the Thomas Jefferson High School where he graduated in the year 1994. Upon graduating from High School, Caldwell was admitted to Princeton University, where he managed to become a Phi Betta Kappa. In the year 1998, Ian Caldwell graduated from Princeton University with a degree in History.

After completing his university education, Caldwell and Thomason would collaborate to work on their first historical novel. In the process, Thomason and Caldwell created their first foray into the world of literature. To ensure that the book was completed in time, Caldwell did all he could including working through the phone. After five years the book was finished and in the year 2004, The Rule of Four was published. As an experienced author, Ian Caldwell is proficient in history, literature, and technology as well, considering the fact that he previously worked in the Tyson center, together with Kaplan which is located in the town of Blacksburg, where his main responsibility he taught the preparation of test material. All these two careers, allowed Ian Caldwell to have a deeper understanding of his subject matter and writing as well.

Apart from using his passion for history, Ian Caldwell also used various historical elements to provide a tense and well-researched first novel, and in the process laying his foundation in the writing career. This, together with his experience, assisted Caldwell in not only refining but also honing his voice, as he perfected his tone and style as well. Caldwell thus created novels that would eventually reach the top of the various bestsellers list. Residing with Meredith, his wife that he met while working in Virginia, Caldwell continues with the art of writing as well. With several books scheduled for release, it does not appear as if Ian Caldwell is going to stop anytime soon.

While Caldwell achieved immediate success and acclaim for The Rule of Four, he did not release his next book, The Fifth Gospel, for a decade. The Fifth Gospel was published in 2015, and it was a solo piece written by Ian Caldwell. Again, Caldwell delves into the world of a historical mystery with his work, when two priests, who also happen to be brothers, attempt to solve the murder of one of the curators in Vatican Museums. The curator was working on a mysterious exhibit along with his research partner, whose house is broken into the same night the murder occurs. Father Alex and his brother, Father Simon, most delve into the four Christian gospels, as well as a lesser-known fifth gospel, the Diatessaron, to help uncover the murdered man’s secret, which could also bring together the Roman Catholic church and the Eastern Orthodox church. However, it soon becomes clear that there are people with their own interests in the dead man’s exhibit that want to see it buried forever.

Ian Caldwell Awards

Ian Caldwell is the recipient of the 2016 ITW Thriller Awards.

Ian Caldwell Books into Movies

None of the books by Ian Caldwell have been adapted for a screenplay.

Best Ian Caldwell Books

Rule of Four: Dell Publishers officially published the Rule of Four on 28 June 2004. Rule of Four was the first book that Ian Caldwell wrote. Working hand in hand with his long-time collaborator, the booked played a significant role in establishing their writing careers as the book proved to be a success. Creating the tone and the style of what eventually became his writing voice in the many years that followed, Ian Caldwell worked exceedingly hard to make a name for himself in the writing industry. In Rule of Four, the authors introduce the readers to Tom Sullivan and Paul Harris. The book begins as Tom and Paul are spending their Easter holiday at Princeton while trying to decipher some of the secrets, which are being held in Hypnerotomachia Poliphili. An arcane and legendary text, the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili actually dates back to the year 1499.

The legendary text continues to baffle many scholars. With obsessions in their own lives and reasons, the duo eventually learns that the manuscript is somehow linked to both their future and their past. Tom and Paul should decipher the manuscript if they are to avoid certain doom. With that said, Rule of Four is an excellent book that will definitely keep the readers, intrigued and entertained as well.

Ian Caldwell FAQs

Q: What nationality is Ian Caldwell?

A: The author Ian Caldwell is American. He was born in Fairfax County, Virginia, and studied at Princeton University.

Q: What is the name of Ian Caldwell’s first book?

A: Ian Caldwell’s first book is called The Rule of Four, which he co-authored with his childhood friend Dustin Thomason. The Rule of Four was published in 2004. Ian Caldwell’s first solo effort was The Fifth Gospel, which was published in 2015.

When Does The Next Ian Caldwell book come out?

Ian Caldwell doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is The Fifth Gospel and was released on March, 13th 2015.


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