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Irene Hannon is a bestselling American author that writes inspirational romance novels. She attended St. Louis University and the University of Missouri (Columbia), attaining a BA in Psychology and an MA in Journalism respectively.

Order of Men Of Valor Series

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2Thin Ice 2015Description / Buy
3Tangled Webs 2016Description / Buy

Order of Hope Harbor Series

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2Sea Rose Lane 2016Description / Buy
3Sandpiper Cove 2017Description / Buy
4Pelican Point 2018Description / Buy
5Driftwood Bay 2019Description / Buy
6Starfish Pier 2020Description / Buy
7Blackberry Beach 2021Description / Buy

Order of Code Of Honor Series

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2Hidden Peril 2018Description / Buy
3Dark Ambitions 2019Description / Buy

Order of Triple Threat Series

1Point of Danger 2020Description / Buy
2Labyrinth of Lies 2021Description / Buy

Order of Heroes Of Quantico Series

1Against All Odds 2009Description / Buy
2An Eye for an Eye 2009Description / Buy
3In Harm's Way 2010Description / Buy

Order of Vows Series

1Home For The Holidays 1997Description / Buy
2A Groom of Her Own 1998Description / Buy
3A Family to Call Her Own 1998Description / Buy

Order of Sisters and Brides Series

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2Gift from the Heart 2005Description / Buy
3The Unexpected Gift 2005Description / Buy

Order of Heartland Homecoming Series

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Order of Lighthouse Lane Series

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Order of Starfish Bay Series

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Order of Guardians Of Justice Series

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2Deadly Pursuit 2011Description / Buy
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Order of Private Justice Series

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Order of Irene Hannon Standalone Novels

1Portrait of Love 1985Description / Buy
2In Name Only 1985Description / Buy
3The Fragrance of Lilacs 1986Description / Buy
4When the Heart Takes Wing 1991Description / Buy
5Spotlight on Love 1992Description / Buy
6A Rainbow in the Glen 1993Description / Buy
7Mirror Image 1993Description / Buy
8A Delicate Balance 1994Description / Buy
9It Had To Be You 1999Description / Buy
10One Special Christmas 1999Description / Buy
11The Way Home 2000Description / Buy
12Never Say Goodbye 2002Description / Buy
13Crossroads 2003Description / Buy
14All Our Tomorrows 2006Description / Buy
15Rainbow's End 2007Description / Buy
16Apprentice Father 2009Description / Buy
17Child of Grace 2011Description / Buy
18The Heart Remembers 2011Description / Buy
19That Certain Summer 2013Description / Buy
20One Perfect Spring 2014Description / Buy
21Second Chance Summer 2014Description / Buy

Order of Davis Landing Series

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2The Hamilton Heir ( By: Valerie Hansen) 2006Description / Buy
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4Prodigal Daughter ( By: Patricia Davids) 2006Description / Buy

Irene Hannon Anthologies

1 Holiday Blessings2000Description / Buy
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For Hannon, writing came naturally. Even though she was writing for as long as she could remember, she took a few detours on her journey to publishing success.

That includes getting her degree in psychology. For a time, Hannon was convinced that she would become a psychologist. The degree did not go to waste. She uses the lessons she learned in university to create and explore interesting relationships between her characters.

Hannon’s creative endeavors are not limited to storytelling. She started taking voice lessons in college. The author had always wanted to sing but she did not trust her voice. Taking singing lessons and then auditioning for musicals took a lot of courage on Hannon’s part.

But the effort paid off. Some of the author’s fans might have seen her in the many musicals in which she has participated. That includes playing leading roles in the likes of ‘The King and I’ and ‘Oklahoma’.

On the career side of things, Hannon was fortunate enough to land a position at a Fortune 500 company. At the time, she had already decided that she wanted to write novels for a living. In fact, she had started penning her stories.

Initially, her publishing dreams did not clash with her day job. She had an entry-level position that allowed her to keep reasonable hours. All that changed once she climbed the ladder, becoming an executive with three departments to supervise.

The author did everything from writing speeches for the CEO to editing the company’s magazine. The work was exhausting. It kept her busy 24/7. She doesn’t deny that it had its benefits. Besides the money, she would often fly first-class to some of the most amazing places in the world.

But a time came when she had to choose between writing and her corporate job. Despite juggling them both for a long time, in the end, she was forced to sacrifice her corporate career. It was a gamble but it paid off. She became a bestselling, award-winning author.

The work she does as a published author is far more rewarding because she doesn’t have to contend with the long commutes and corporate politics. Though, she will be the first to admit that the publishing industry has its challenges.

Before she landed her first contract, Hannon wrote because it was fun. Her only objective was to tell the best possible story. She could not maintain that mindset once she got her first contract. The writing was still fun. But Hannon had deadlines to beat.

Her publishers wanted the author to produce high-quality stories at a much faster pace. Additionally, besides writing, she was expected to promote her work, maintain her website, engage her fans on social media, and so much more. Hannon realized that writing was a job, not a hobby.

Irene Hannon Awards

Hannon has received numerous RITA Award nominations. She has also won the award on multiple occasions. Her list of accolades includes an RT Book Reviews Career Achievement Award, Daphne du Maurier, Carol, Holt Medallions, Retailer’s Choice, Booksellers, Reviewers’ Choice, and National Readers’ Choice Awards.

Best Irene Hannon Books

The author tries to include her faith in her stories without being too preachy. Hannon’s best novels include:

Against All Odds: Evan Cooper, an FBI agent, was hired to keep Monica Callahan safe. The daughter of a diplomat father that was navigating a sensitive situation in the Middle East, Monica was making life difficult for Cooper because she had refused to take the intimidating threats coming their way seriously.

But she cannot afford to close her eyes to the danger, not anymore, not when her father’s actions have triggered an abduction. Cooper will do everything in his power to protect Monica, the only woman that has ever stolen his heart.

Fatal Judgement: Jake Taylor had no interest in protecting Liz. As far as he was concerned, she had driven her husband (his best friend) to suicide. But Jake was a US marshal and he did not have a choice in the matter. Jake did not expect the assignment to change his opinion of the federal judge. Now that Liz is facing a mysterious enemy, Jake is determined to keep her alive.

When Does The Next Irene Hannon book come out?

Irene Hannon doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Labyrinth of Lies and was released on October, 5th 2021. It is the newest book in the Triple Threat Series.

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