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Jacqueline Winspear, born and raised in Kent, England, is a mystery/thriller writer. She is an award-wining author for a World war I-inspired series of books. She was born on April 30, 1955 and finished her education at the University of London’s Institute of Education. She also worked in the UK in the academic publishing, higher education and in marketing communications. In 1990, she immigrated to the United States.

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Order of Maisie Dobbs Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Maisie Dobbs 2003 Description / Buy
2 Birds of a Feather 2004 Description / Buy
3 Pardonable Lies 2005 Description / Buy
4 Messenger of Truth 2006 Description / Buy
5 An Incomplete Revenge 2008 Description / Buy
6 Among the Mad 2009 Description / Buy
7 The Mapping of Love and Death 2010 Description / Buy
8 A Lesson in Secrets 2011 Description / Buy
9 Elegy for Eddie 2012 Description / Buy
10 Leaving Everything Most Loved 2013 Description / Buy
11 A Dangerous Place 2015 Description / Buy
12 Journey to Munich 2016 Description / Buy
13 In This Grave Hour 2017 Description / Buy
14 To Die but Once 2018 Description / Buy
15 The American Agent 2019 Description / Buy
16 The Consequences of Fear 2021 Description / Buy
17 A Sunlit Weapon 2022 Description / Buy
18 The Comfort of Ghosts 2024 Description / Buy

Order of Maisie Dobbs Non-Fiction Books

# Read Title Published Details
1 What Would Maisie Do? (Short Story) 2019 Description / Buy

Order of Jacqueline Winspear Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Care and Management of Lies 2014 Description / Buy
2 The White Lady 2023 Description / Buy

Order of Jacqueline Winspear Memoirs

# Read Title Published Details
1 This Time Next Year We'll Be Laughing 2020 Description / Buy

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15 Lou Boldt (Short Story) ( By: Ridley Pearson) 2022 Description / Buy
16 Spenser ( By: Robert B. Parker) 2022 Description / Buy
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18 John Rebus ( By: Ian Rankin) 2022 Description / Buy
19 Mallory ( By: Carol O'Connell) 2022 Description / Buy
20 Jane Whitefield (Short Story) ( By: Thomas Perry) 2022 Description / Buy
21 Ian Rutledge: A Mysterious Profile (Short Story) ( By: Charles Todd) 2022 Description / Buy
22 Amos Walker (Short Story) ( By: Loren D. Estleman) 2022 Description / Buy
23 Precious Ramotswe (Short Story) ( By: Alexander McCall Smith) 2022 Description / Buy
24 Maisie Dobbs (Short Story) 2022 Description / Buy
25 The Lincoln Lawyer (Short Story) ( By: Michael Connelly) 2022 Description / Buy
26 Ben Kincaid (Short Story) ( By: William Bernhardt) 2023 Description / Buy
27 Repairman Jack (Short Story) ( By: F. Paul Wilson) 2023 Description / Buy

Jacqueline Winspear Anthologies

# Read Title Published Details
1 A Study in Sherlock 2011 Description / Buy
2 Odd Partners 2019 Description / Buy
3 Private Investigations: Mystery Writers on the Secrets, Riddles, and Wonders in Their Lives 2020 Description / Buy
4 Shattering Glass 2020 Description / Buy
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While working as a professional coach in the United States, Winspear embarked on a chance to get her life-long dream of writing novels, and indeed became successful after the release of her first book.

Her motivation for writing books that are inspired by World War I events was primarily of her grandfather’s. Winspear stated that when she was a child, she was fully aware of everything her grandfather suffered because of the War.

Winspear has also published articles in different magazines for women and even made recorded essays in San Francisco for KQED radio. She is also a regular writer to journals covering international education.

A bestselling author, Winspear’s most successful series is the “Masie Dobbs” which has won several awards. She is also the author “The Care and Management of Lies” published in 2014. “Journey to Munich” is her latest book to add to her Maisie Dobbs sequel.

Jacqueline Winspear Awards

Books written for the series “Maisie Dobbs” have won several mystery writing awards. Some of which are:

· New York Times Notable Book 2003

· Publishers Weekly Top Ten Mystery 2003

· BookSense Top Ten selection

· Edgar for Best Novel Nominee

· Won best first novel in the Agatha Awards

· Won best first novel for he the Macavity Awards

· Won the Alex Award by the American Library Association

· Remained in the Independent Mystery Booksellers Bestseller list in 2004 for 4 months

· Won the Inaugural SueFeder/Macavity Award for Best Historical Mystery

· Won the Bruce Alexander Award for Best Historical Mystery

“The Care and Management of Lies”, her standalone book, was Dayton Literary Peace Prize award’s finalist in 2015.

Her novels definitely have become national bestsellers.

Best Jacqueline Winspear Books

Jacqueline Winspear wrote bestselling books that had World War I touch. Three of her award-winning masterpieces are:

Maisie Dobbs (#1):
In 2003, Jacqueline Winspear starting to write her first mystery book entitled Maisie Dobbs. The main character is a private detective in England around 1910-1929, named Maisie Dobbs. Her character was beautifully portrayed and welcomed generally by a lot of critics.

Maisie Dobbs isn’t only any youthful housemaid. Through her own regular insight—and the support of her kind bosses—she works her way into school at Cambridge. At the point when World War I breaks out, Maisie goes to the front as a medical caretaker. It is there that she discovers that unexpected events are important and the truth elusive. Dobbs then sets up alone as a private agent after the World War. Yet, her first mission, apparently a customary betrayal case, soon uncovers a much more profound, darker web of secrets, which will compel Maisie to return to the horrors she experienced in the war and the love she deserted.

The Care and Management of Lies The ties between Kezia Marchant and Thea Brissenden, companions since girlhood, have gotten to be strained on July 1914, —by Thea’s energetic grasp of ladies’ suffrage, and by the inescapable marriage of Kezia to Thea’s sibling, Tom, who runs the family farm. When Kezia and Tom married only a month prior to the war announced between Britain and Germany, Thea’s blessing to Kezia is a book on family administration—a hidden feedback of the lady’s mundane life to come. However when Tom enlists himself to battle for his nation and Thea is drawn reluctantly onto the front line, the ranch becomes Kezia’s duty. Each must figure out how to persevere through the resulting disturbance and turmoil.

As Tom walks to the front lines, and Kezia fights to keep her organized life from disentangling, they shroud their hopelessness in letters and cards loaded with stories woven to bring solace. Indeed, even Tom’s kindred officers in the trenches enter and discover comfort in the fantasy world of Kezia’s mouth-watering, fanciful dinners. But, will falsehoods and self-deception be useful when they encounter the adversary?

Messenger of Truth (Maisie Dobbs #4): In this fourth series of Maisie Dobbs, she-as private investigator-researches the strange demise of a controversial craftsman—and World War I veteran.

It was set in London in 1931. A dubious craftsman named Nick Bassington-Hope (a World War I veteran) tumbles to his death, one night prior to the presentation of his work of art at a renowned worldwide Mayfair exhibition. And although, the police run it a mishap, Nick’s twin sister, Georgina, a wartime writer, isn’t persuaded. She then sought out Maisie Dobb for help.

When Does The Next Jacqueline Winspear book come out?

The next book by Jacqueline Winspear is The Comfort of Ghosts and will be released on June, 4th 2024. It is the newest book in the Maisie Dobbs Series.


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  1. I love Jacqueline Winspear’s writing style and the Maisie Dobbs books. She obviously did a ton of research when writing Maisie Dobbs and she incorporates the information seamlessly into a captivating novel.

    Miss Maisie is so fierce and intelligent; a true role model for us all. Winspear’s books are a level above her peers in terms of both writing style and attention-holding ability. They never disappoint.

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