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Jean Flowers is the house name for Camille Minichino, a long time famous mystery writer who has published series with Minotaur and Berkley. Jean received her Ph.D. in Physics from Fordham University and currently works on the Golden State University faculty in San Francisco and lectures about writing in the Bay Area. The author is also a member and the past president of NorCal Mystery Writers of America, and she is also a member of NorCal Sisters in Crime and California Writers Club. As Camille Minichino, she has published Periodic Table Mysteries novels that feature the retired physicist named Gloria Lamerino.

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Order of Postmistress Mystery Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Death Takes Priority 2015 Description / Buy
2 Cancelled by Murder 2016 Description / Buy
3 Addressed to Kill 2017 Description / Buy
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Camille has also written books under the pen-names Adam Madison (published Professor Sophie Mysteries), and as Margaret Grace (Miniature series), as Jean Flowers, she writes The Postmistress Mysteries.


These are two best books by Jean Flowers, Death Takes Priority and Cancelled by Murder.

Death Takes Priority: After being dumped by the man she ever loved and taking care of her dying aunt and, Cassie Miller decides that it is time to go back to her small hometown in Berkshire to heal her wounds and reside in the only house where she was raised as a teenager. She trades her job as a manager in the Boston postal office and trades her high heels and tailored suits for the comfortable white, blue and white striped scarf and blue shirt of the Postmaster for North Ashcot, Massachusetts.

Everything appears to be normal until Cassie arrives at work only to find out that someone had broken into the post office. The only items were stolen from the building being a stack of telephone books. However, who could steal phone books and leave behind other valuables untouched? Two days later, a body of unidentified young man is discovered in the woods. When the cute antique dealer Cassie just had lunch with is taken into custody for questioning, Cassie is suddenly sucked into the case. With a crime enveloped in mystery, Cassie needs to track down the killer before he claims another life.

Death Takes Priority is a brilliant series debut and fun cozy mystery by Jean Flowers. The protagonist in this series is Cassie Miller who trades her managerial job in the Boston postal office with that of a postmaster in North Ashcot. What an amazing career for the main character in a cozy mystery, served as desserts in the novel are postal facts, sweet stories, and even bad jokes. Cassie’s two jobs play her into being involved in investigating the mysterious happenings at her postal office.

The body of man is discovered in the woods, just after someone had stolen phonebooks from the post office. The characters, both main and the secondary ones are wonders, and you will really enjoy getting to know them as the mystery unfolds. Cassie is drawn into the murder mystery when Scott James, her lunch dated is arrested as the two leave the restaurant. She really feels the urge to investigate when she discovers the identity of the dead man and is requested to help by the man’s sister. Jean Flowers does a brilliant job in creating twists, suspects, clues that draw the reader deep into the mystery itself. The characters in the town are fun as well including the retired post office master who frequently helps as needed at the post office.

Cancelled By Murder: Who really knew that working as a postmaster at a local post office in North Ashcot could be so exciting? In the second Postmistress Mystery, there is a storm approaching to the Berkshires of Western Mass with Issued warnings telling everyone to take some precautions. However, what’s strange is that Daisy’s Fabrics business remains open among all the stores closed due to the storm.

Daisy Harmon is the owner of Daisy’s fabrics where Cassie, bought her fabrics for her quilting hobby. Could her death be as a result of being struck by the branches of an old maple tree or could someone have murdered her? Daisy Harmon was an active young woman, generous businesswoman, and a gifted teacher. Daisy’s husband requests Cassie to help him to solve the murder mystery. However, Cassie begins receiving threatening letters at the post office and hence needs to watch her back before she becomes the next victim carefully.

When Does The Next Jean Flowers book come out?

Jean Flowers doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Addressed to Kill and was released on July, 25th 2017. It is the newest book in the Postmistress Mystery Series.

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