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Jenn McKinlay attended the renowned Southern Conn State University, where she studied Library Science and English Literature. While attending the University, she worked at one of the local bar’s known as Todd’s place. After completing her University education, McKinlay took a full-time job as a Librarian. However, it did not take long before she realized that full-time job was not conducive for her since she also needed to write as well. She knew she needed a place where she could afford to live while working part-time. Thus, she packed her bags and traveled more than 3,000 miles to Arizona, where she began penning down romance novels. In the beginning, all her drafts were not that good. However along the way she got to learn more about POV, plotting and character development. She took a wide array of jobs, convinced that all this was quite temporary because one day she was going to be a published writer.

Order of Decoupage Mystery Series

1Stuck on Murder 2009Description / Buy
2Cut to the Corpse 2010Description / Buy
3Sealed with a Kill 2011Description / Buy

Order of Cupcake Bakery Mystery Series

1Sprinkle with Murder 2010Description / Buy
2Buttercream Bump Off 2011Description / Buy
3Death by the Dozen 2011Description / Buy
4Red Velvet Revenge 2012Description / Buy
5Going, Going, Ganache 2013Description / Buy
6Sugar and Iced 2014Description / Buy
7Dark Chocolate Demise 2015Description / Buy
8Vanilla Beaned 2016Description / Buy
9Caramel Crush 2017Description / Buy
10Wedding Cake Crumble 2018Description / Buy
11Dying for Devil's Food 2019Description / Buy
12Pumpkin Spice Peril 2020Description / Buy
13For Batter or Worse 2021Description / Buy

Order of Library Lover's Mystery Series

1Books Can Be Deceiving 2011Description / Buy
2Due or Die 2012Description / Buy
3Book, Line and Sinker 2012Description / Buy
4Read It and Weep 2013Description / Buy
5On Borrowed Time 2014Description / Buy
6A Likely Story 2015Description / Buy
7Better Late Than Never 2016Description / Buy
8Death in the Stacks 2017Description / Buy
9Hitting the Books 2018Description / Buy
10Word to the Wise 2019Description / Buy
11One for the Books 2020Description / Buy
12Killer Research 2021Description / Buy

Order of Good Buy Girls Mystery Series

150% Off Murder 2012Description / Buy
2A Deal to Die For 2012Description / Buy
3Buried in Bargains 2013Description / Buy
4Marked Down for Murder 2014Description / Buy
5All Sales Final 2015Description / Buy

Order of Hat Shop Mystery Series

1Cloche and Dagger 2013Description / Buy
2Death of a Mad Hatter 2014Description / Buy
3At the Drop of a Hat 2015Description / Buy
4Copy Cap Murder 2016Description / Buy
5Assault & Beret 2017Description / Buy
6Buried to the Brim 2020Description / Buy

Order of A Bluff Point Romance Series

1About a Dog 2017Description / Buy
2Barking Up the Wrong Tree 2017Description / Buy
3Every Dog Has His Day 2018Description / Buy

Order of Happy Ever After Series

1The Good Ones 2019Description / Buy
2The Christmas Keeper 2019Description / Buy

Order of Jenn McKinlay Standalone Novels

1Keeping up Appearances 2005Description / Buy
2To Catch a Latte 2018Description / Buy
3Paris is Always a Good Idea 2020Description / Buy
4Wait for It 2021Description / Buy

Order of Jenn McKinlay Short Story Collections

1Perk Avenue / To Catch a Latte 2002Description / Buy
2A Real Work of Art / Thick as Thieves 2003Description / Buy

Jenn McKinlay Anthologies

1 The Cozy Cookbook2015Description / Buy
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Jenn McKinlay Awards

Jenn Mckinlay has not received any major literary award.

Jenn Mckinley Books into Movies

None of her books have been adapted for a screenplay.

Best Jenn McKinlay Books

Sprinkle With Murder: McKinley who has also pens down decoupage mysteries under the pen name of Lucy Lawrence brings forth this cozy mystery series that is full of warm and highly likable characters. The first book in this series is Sprinkle with murder, which introduces the reader to Angie Delaura and Melanie Cooper. Melanie and Cooper have just launched their very own Bakery shop, the Fairy Tale Cupcakes with financial assistance from one of their closest friends, Tate Harper. From the word go, this seems like a dream come true with the exception of Christie Steve’s Tate’s vapid fiancée’s demand, their resentful competition.

One day Christie is found dead inside her studio while holding a cupcake in her hand. The bakers become the prime suspect in the murder investigation. Melanie, on the other hand, belives that the police are going to get to the bottom of the case. However, she is still uncertain about Joe, Angie’s exceedingly handsome DA brother. Concern for Tate and Christie’s family drive’s Melanie towards the launch of her very own series of investigations. With that being said, Jenn McKinlay’s writing is not only funny but also direct and charming. She is not only consistent with the story but also with the tone as well. She also creates strong interest in the story and cast as well. All her characters are not only likable but also have some longevity. The rivalry eventually turns out be a fun one to follow as well as the different love interests.

Buttercream Bumpoff: The second book in the Cupcake Bakery Mystery Series. In this installment, Melanie’s mother is placed in the spotlight, as she becomes the main suspect in a murder investigation. Valentine’s day was approaching fast, and Mel was busier than she has ever been, teaching couples cooking classes and also baking for the shop. Mel thinks that this is going to be the perfect time for Angie to come clean about her feeling for Tate. However, Angie insists that he is deeply in love with Mel. Mel’s relationship with her boyfriend has been stagnant mainly because he has been working on one of the biggest cases in his life. When Joyce selects a brand new dress for her upcoming date, an elderly man in the shop has an angina attack.

When on her very first date, after very many years, Joyce’s date dies mysteriously. Thus, Joyce calls Mel to inform her that the dress had killed someone else. From the word go, Mel thinks that her mother is joking. However, Mel soon enough finds that her mother had been telling the truth when a dead body is found floating in a swimming pool. It is up to Tate, Mel, and Angie to get to the bottom of this case while staying out of trouble as well. Apart from Joyce, the author also introduces the reader to Baxter Mallory who was responsible for running a Ponzi scheme, which had ruined the lives of so many people. There were numerous people who had wished that Baxter died. One of these people includes his estranged son who was a rock star known as Roach.

With that being said, you are going to love this book. The murder did not only happen so quickly, but it was also exceedingly hard to guess who was responsible for the killing. The dynamics of the relationship between Mel and her mother changes, since this time around Mel, has to be the protector.

When Does The Next Jenn McKinlay book come out?

The next book by Jenn McKinlay is Killer Research and will be released on November, 2nd 2021. It is the newest book in the Library Lover's Mystery Series.

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  1. There’s no denying Jenn Mckinlay has the market corned on cozy mysteries. We read a few from the Cupcake Bakery series in my book club and they were all right. Not the books I normally reach for but it was a nice change of pace. The books are easy to read and dare I say, enjoyable. Not sure if I’ll reach for them in the future but it was fun to read.

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