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Jennifer Ryan is a bestselling American author that writes contemporary romance with elements of suspense. Like most authors, before Jennifer became a writer, she was an avid reader. She was also blessed with an active imagination.

Order of Hunted Series

1Saved by the Rancher 2013Description / Buy
2Lucky Like Us 2013Description / Buy
3The Right Bride 2013Description / Buy
4Chasing Morgan 2013Description / Buy
5Can't Wait (Short Story) 2014Description / Buy
6Everything She Wanted 2016Description / Buy

Order of The McBrides Series

1The Return of Brody McBride 2014Description / Buy
2Falling for Owen 2014Description / Buy
3Dylan's Redemption 2014Description / Buy

Order of McGrath Series

1Waiting on a Cowboy 2020Description / Buy
2Love of a Cowboy 2021Description / Buy
3True Love Cowboy 2021Description / Buy

Order of Montana Men Series

1At Wolf Ranch 2015Description / Buy
2When It's Right 2015Description / Buy
3Her Lucky Cowboy 2015Description / Buy
4Stone Cold Cowboy 2016Description / Buy
5Her Renegade Rancher 2016Description / Buy
6Snowbound at Christmas 2016Description / Buy
7His Cowboy Heart 2017Description / Buy

Order of Montana Heat Series

1Protected by Love 2017Description / Buy
2Escape to You 2017Description / Buy
3True to You 2018Description / Buy
4Tempted by Love 2018Description / Buy

Order of Wild Rose Ranch Series

1Dirty Little Secret 2018Description / Buy
2Restless Rancher 2019Description / Buy
3Tough Talking Cowboy 2020Description / Buy

Order of Jennifer Ryan Standalone Novels

1The Me I Used to Be 2019Description / Buy
2Sisters and Secrets 2020Description / Buy
3The Kitchen Front 2021Description / Buy
4Lost and Found Family 2021Description / Buy

Jennifer Ryan Anthologies

1 Confessions of a Secret Admirer2014Description / Buy
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She doesn’t have to struggle to find inspiration. The author can extract ideas from songs, books, conversations with people, and every other seemingly meaningless aspect of life. Stories are always calling out to her.

Jennifer started writing seriously in 2005. She had a husband and two children. However, by 2005, her kids were in school, which meant that she had more time on her hands than usual. Jennifer wasn’t tempted to go back to work because she was pregnant with her third child.

She knew that she needed a creative outlet that would fill her free time whilst also giving her the sense of accomplishment she craved. She was reading so many novels at the time that it did not take Jennifer long to set her sights on writing and publishing.

Her publishing journey was difficult. She wrote for five years before her big break came. Jennifer would produce manuscripts only for agents and publishers to reject them. Some editors were kind enough to accompany their rejection letters with suggestions regarding the problems in her manuscripts.

Rather than succumbing to the discouragement, Jennifer saved every letter she got. The author also took the advice that came her way to heart, using it to make adjustments to her manuscripts in the hopes that a publisher that understood and appreciated her voice would come along.

The author has imputed some of her success to the people she met along the way who pushed her to persevere. Her hard work eventually paid off. She became a bestselling author with several titles in her bibliography.

Jennifer Ryan made great gains in a relatively short period because she is a passionate storyteller. Her objective with each novel is to move her readers with her words, to immerse them in the trials and successes of her protagonists.

Even though the publishing field has its challenges, you won’t find Jennifer complaining because writing doesn’t feel like work to her. In fact, sometimes, she can become so engrossed in her manuscripts that she neglects her life, not only forgetting to shower but also allowing the house and the dishes to go unwashed.

She isn’t afraid to admit that, in some cases, it takes her a while to get dinner on the table because gets carried away once she starts penning her stories. None of her books are autobiographical. However, elements of her life and personality have made appearances in her novels.

For instance, she keeps creating characters that own restaurants because she loves to cook. The author also uses the experiences of her husband, who is a military man, to create riveting heroes. She doesn’t do much plotting.

Jennifer starts with an opening scene. She uses it as a platform to build the plot and the characters. She wants her stories to surprise her, which is why she hates plotting. For Jennifer, each new novel is a roller coaster ride. She has no idea where it will take her.

Jennifer Ryan Awards

Jennifer was a Romance Writers of America RITA Award Finalist in 2018 because of ‘Escape To You’.

Best Jennifer Ryan Books

People love the author’s work because her stories are contemporary romance with strong elements of suspense. Jennifer’s best novels include:

At Wolf Ranch: Ella Wolf was on the run. Her twin sister was dead and the murderer was determined to claim her as his next victim. On her way to Wolf Ranch to find the buried secret that would save her life, she did not expect to fall into Gabe’s arms. After several one-night stands, Gabe Bowden was determined to find a woman that would steal and keep his heart. In Ella, he found an unlikely partner.

Saved By The Rancher: When Jack found her, Jenna was on the run. Her ex-husband had a grudge to settle. Not only had she left him but she had also taken a portion of his company. Jack’s original objective was to heal her wounds. He did not intend to heal her heart as well.

When Does The Next Jennifer Ryan book come out?

Jennifer Ryan doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is True Love Cowboy and was released on August, 24th 2021. It is the newest book in the McGrath Series.

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