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Jenny Colgan is a Scottish author that writes romance and children’s fiction. Born in 1972, the author is a native of Prestwick, Ayrshire. Though, she has lived in various places, including France, the Netherlands, and the US.

Order of Maggie Adair Series

1Class 2008Description / Buy
2Rules 2010Description / Buy

Order of Cupcake Café Series

1Meet Me at the Cupcake Cafe 2011Description / Buy
2Christmas at the Cupcake Café 2012Description / Buy

Order of Rosie Hopkins' Sweet Shop Series

1Sweetshop of Dreams 2012Description / Buy
2Christmas at Rosie Hopkins' Sweetshop 2013Description / Buy
3The Christmas Surprise 2014Description / Buy

Order of Little Beach Street Bakery Series

1Little Beach Street Bakery 2014Description / Buy
2Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery 2015Description / Buy
3Christmas at Little Beach Street Bakery 2016Description / Buy
4Sunrise by the Sea 2021Description / Buy

Order of Polly and the Puffin Series

1Polly and the Puffin 2015Description / Buy
2The Happy Christmas (Short Story) 2017Description / Buy
3New Friend (Short Story) 2018Description / Buy

Order of Summer Seaside Kitchen Series

1The Summer Seaside Kitchen 2016Description / Buy
2A Very Distant Shore 2017Description / Buy
3The Endless Beach 2018Description / Buy
4Christmas on the Island 2018Description / Buy
5Christmas at the Island Hotel 2020Description / Buy

Order of Scottish Bookshop Series

1The Bookshop on the Corner 2016Description / Buy
2The Bookshop on the Shore 2019Description / Buy

Order of Muir Island Series

1Lessons: Part 1 2018Description / Buy
2Lessons: Part 2 2018Description / Buy
3Lessons: Part 3 2019Description / Buy

Order of Doctor Who: Eleventh Doctor Series with Justin Richards, Michael Moorcock, Stella Duffy

1Coming of the Terraphiles ( By: Michael Moorcock) 2010Description / Buy
2Into the Nowhere (Short Story) 2014Description / Buy

Order of Doctor Who: Target Collection Series

1Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor ( By: Steven Moffat) 2018Description / Buy
2Doctor Who: The Crimson Horror ( By: Mark Gatiss) 2020Description / Buy
3Doctor Who: Dalek ( By:) 2021Description / Buy
4Doctor Who: Dalek ( By:) 2021Description / Buy
5Doctor Who: The Crimson Horror ( By: Mark Gatiss) 2021Description / Buy

Order of Jenny Colgan Standalone Novels

1Amanda's Wedding 1999Description / Buy
2Looking for Andrew McCarthy 2001Description / Buy
3Talking to Addison 2001Description / Buy
4My Very '90s Romance 2001Description / Buy
5Working Wonders 2003Description / Buy
6The Boy I Loved Before 2004Description / Buy
7Where Have All the Boys Gone? 2005Description / Buy
8West End Girls 2006Description / Buy
9Operation Sunshine 2007Description / Buy
10Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend 2009Description / Buy
11The Good, The Bad And The Dumped 2010Description / Buy
12The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris 2013Description / Buy
13Resistance is Futile 2015Description / Buy
14The Cafe by the Sea 2016Description / Buy
15The Little Shop of Happy Ever After 2016Description / Buy
16Spandex and the City 2017Description / Buy
17500 Miles from You 2020Description / Buy
18The Christmas Bookshop 2021Description / Buy

Order of Jenny Colgan Short Story Collections

1Doctor Who: The Day She Saved the Doctor 2018Description / Buy

Order of Doctor Who: New Series Adventures Series

1Monsters Inside ( By: Stephen Cole) 2005Description / Buy
2Winner Takes All ( By: Jacqueline Rayner) 2005Description / Buy
3The Clockwise Man ( By: Justin Richards) 2005Description / Buy
4The Monsters Inside ( By: Stephen Cole) 2005Description / Buy
5Winner Takes All ( By: Jacqueline Rayner) 2005Description / Buy
6The Deviant Strain ( By: Justin Richards) 2005Description / Buy
7Only Human ( By: Gareth Roberts) 2005Description / Buy
8The Stealers of Dreams ( By: Steve Lyons) 2005Description / Buy
9The Stone Rose ( By: Jacqueline Rayner) 2006Description / Buy
10The Feast of the Drowned ( By: Stephen Cole) 2006Description / Buy
11The Resurrection Casket ( By: Justin Richards) 2006Description / Buy
12The Nightmare of Black Island ( By: Mike Tucker) 2006Description / Buy
13The Art of Destruction ( By: Stephen Cole) 2006Description / Buy
14The Price of Paradise ( By: Colin Brake) 2006Description / Buy
15Sting of the Zygons ( By: Stephen Cole) 2007Description / Buy
16The Last Dodo ( By: Jacqueline Rayner) 2007Description / Buy
17Wooden Heart ( By: Martin Day) 2007Description / Buy
18Sick Building ( By: Paul Magrs) 2007Description / Buy
19Forever Autumn ( By: Mark Morris) 2007Description / Buy
20Wetworld ( By: Mark Michalowski) 2007Description / Buy
21Wishing Well ( By: Trevor Baxendale) 2007Description / Buy
22The Pirate Loop ( By: Simon Guerrier) 2007Description / Buy
23Peacemaker ( By: James Swallow) 2007Description / Buy
24Martha in the Mirror ( By: Justin Richards) 2008Description / Buy
25Snowglobe 7 ( By: Mike Tucker) 2008Description / Buy
26The Many Hands ( By:) 2008Description / Buy
27Ghosts of India ( By: Mark Morris) 2008Description / Buy
28The Doctor Trap ( By: Simon Messingham) 2008Description / Buy
29Shining Darkness ( By: Mark Michalowski) 2008Description / Buy
30The Story of Martha ( By: Dan Abnett) 2008Description / Buy
31Beautiful Chaos ( By: Gary Russell) 2008Description / Buy
32The Eyeless ( By: Lance Parkin) 2008Description / Buy
33Judgement of the Judoon ( By: Colin Brake) 2009Description / Buy
34The Slitheen Excursion ( By: Simon Guerrier) 2009Description / Buy
35Prisoner of the Daleks ( By: Trevor Baxendale) 2009Description / Buy
36The Taking of Chelsea 426 ( By: David Llewellyn) 2009Description / Buy
37Autonomy ( By: Daniel Blythe) 2009Description / Buy
38The Krillitane Storm ( By: Christopher Cooper) 2009Description / Buy
39The Glamour Chase ( By: Gary Russell) 2010Description / Buy
40Apollo 23 ( By: Justin Richards) 2010Description / Buy
41Night of the Monsters ( By: David Llewellyn) 2010Description / Buy
42The Forgotten Army ( By: Brian Minchin) 2010Description / Buy
43Nuclear Time ( By: Oli Smith) 2010Description / Buy
44The King's Dragon ( By: Una McCormack) 2010Description / Buy
45The Glamour Chase ( By: Gary Russell) 2010Description / Buy
46Coming of the Terraphiles ( By: Michael Moorcock) 2010Description / Buy
47Dead of Winter ( By: James Goss) 2011Description / Buy
48The Way Through the Woods ( By: Una McCormack) 2011Description / Buy
49Hunter's Moon ( By: Paul Finch) 2011Description / Buy
50Touched by An Angel ( By: Jonathan Morris) 2011Description / Buy
51Paradox Lost ( By: George Mann) 2011Description / Buy
52Borrowed Time ( By: Naomi Alderman) 2011Description / Buy
53The Silent Stars Go By ( By: Dan Abnett) 2011Description / Buy
54Dark Horizons 2012Description / Buy
55Plague of the Cybermen ( By: Justin Richards) 2013Description / Buy
56The Dalek Generation ( By: Nicholas Briggs) 2013Description / Buy
57Shroud of Sorrow ( By: Tommy Donbavand) 2013Description / Buy
58The Crawling Terror ( By: Mike Tucker) 2014Description / Buy
59Silhouette ( By: Justin Richards) 2014Description / Buy
60Engines of War ( By: George Mann) 2014Description / Buy
61The Blood Cell ( By: James Goss) 2014Description / Buy
62Royal Blood ( By: Una McCormack) 2015Description / Buy
63Big Bang Generation ( By: Gary Russell) 2015Description / Buy
64Deep Time ( By: Trevor Baxendale) 2015Description / Buy
65In the Blood ( With: Justin Richards) 2016Description / Buy
66The Shining Man ( By: Cavan Scott) 2017Description / Buy
67Diamond Dogs ( By: Mike Tucker) 2017Description / Buy
68Plague City ( By: Jonathan Morris) 2017Description / Buy
69The Good Doctor ( By: Juno Dawson) 2018Description / Buy
70Molten Heart ( By: Una McCormack) 2018Description / Buy
71Combat Magicks ( By: Steve Cole) 2018Description / Buy
72At Childhood's End ( By: Sophie Aldred) 2020Description / Buy

Order of Doctor Who Short Stories/Novellas

1The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who ( With: Justin Richards, Andrew Cartmel, James Goss, Jonathan Morris, Jacqueline Rayner, George Mann, David Llewellyn, Una McCormack, , James Swallow, Simon Guerrier, , , Mark Morris, , Mark Wright) 2015Description / Buy
2Tales of Terror ( By: Jacqueline Rayner) 2017Description / Buy
3Doctor Who: The Target Storybook ( With: , Jacqueline Rayner, George Mann, Mike Tucker, Steve Cole, Una McCormack, Simon Guerrier, Terrance Dicks, Gareth Roberts) 2019Description / Buy
4I Am The Master: Legends of the Renegade Time Lord ( By: , Mike Tucker) 2020Description / Buy

Order of Doctor Who: Time Trips Series

1The Death Pit (Short Story) 2013Description / Buy
2Into the Nowhere (Short Story) 2014Description / Buy
3Keeping Up with the Joneses (Short Story) 2014Description / Buy
4Salt of the Earth (Short Story) 2014Description / Buy
5A Handful of Stardust (Short Story) 2014Description / Buy
6The Bog Warrior (Short Story) 2014Description / Buy
7The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Time Traveller (Short Story) 2014Description / Buy
8The Anti-Hero (Short Story) 2014Description / Buy

Jenny Colgan Anthologies

1 Scottish Girls About Town2003Description / Buy
2 The Weekenders: Adventures in Calcutta2004Description / Buy
3 Doctor Who: Time Trips2014Description / Buy
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She attended the University of Edinburgh. Then she spent half a decade in the health service before turning her attention to publishing. She tried to make it as a cartoonist.

But things did not work out. She also tried her hand at stand-up comedy. Colgan and Catherine Tate started doing stand-up comedy at roughly the same time. However, while Tate was great, Colgan’s skills were lacking.

She has used her experiences with standup comedy to inspire aspiring writers. She knows that a lot of them struggle to find the energy to sit down and write, and she has gone so far as to encourage them to abandon their publishing dreams if the thought of writing makes them miserable.

Colgan did not stumble into standup comedy by accident. She was certain that she wanted to work as a comedian. However, every second she spent on stage telling jokes was a nightmare for the author. She hated it. It did not take her long to realize that she did not want to pursue stand-up comedy as a career.

She has applied the same rationale to writing. As far as she’s concerned, if an aspiring writer is truly determined to make it in publishing, they will find a way to write. And if writing is a struggle, they will set a word count as a goal and they will make every possible effort to meet that word count every single day.

Eventually, weeks later, they will look back on their journey and they will realize that they have come quite far despite the difficulty. And if writing is still a miserable experience, they should leave and do something else. Colgan understands the hardships that surround the writing activity. But she also enjoys it.

She started writing because she loved reading. And after reading, writing was the next best thing. Colgan wanted to produce the kinds of novels she enjoyed reading. Her parents helped the author on her journey by getting her a typewriter when she was nine.

They also got her a typing course. She couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas gift. The typewriter did not help the author’s handwriting. Even after taking a calligraphy course, she still describes her handwriting as terrible.

But Colgan has also become a fast typist. She prefers to pen her stories on a computer rather than using pen and paper. She has cited Judy Blume as her biggest inspiration. Even though she loved reading when she was young. Colgan had no idea that people could write stories for a living.

All that changed when she saw Judy Blume at a local library and the woman showed her that people could pursue writing as a career. Her life was never the same. Even though she did not succeed in her endeavors as a cartoonist, she never stopped drawing. Sometimes, Colgan will draw her characters before she writes about them. This allows her to get a better understanding of their appearance.

Jenny Colgan Awards

Colgan’s accolades include the RNA Romantic Comedy Novel Award (2013) and the Melissa Nathan Award (2012).

Best Jenny Colgan Books

Some of Colgan’s novels were published using different pen names (J. T. Colgan, Jane Beaton). Many people know her primarily for the ‘Doctor Who’ stories she has written. Colgan’s best books include:

The Bookshop on the Corner: Nina Redmond’s life changed when her job disappeared. She loved the work she did as a librarian. But it was gone. The notion of starting over in a sleepy village was frightening. But Nina was determined to make it work, which is why she purchased a van and turned it into a mobile library.

Now, Nina’s life is filled with so much magic. She spends her days talking to interesting individuals and navigating new adventures.

Little Beach Street Bakery: Polly’s life was a mess. Her relationship was in shambles and she was living alone in a small flat. She only started making bread because she needed a distraction. She did not expect the hobby to change her life and those around her.

When Does The Next Jenny Colgan book come out?

The next book by Jenny Colgan is The Christmas Bookshop and will be released on October, 26th 2021.

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