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Jessica Clare is a bestseller that writes romance novels. Like many of her peers, Clare is drawn to storytelling because it provides an escape from life, allowing the author to stretch her imagination and learn new things. Before making her mark in publishing, she wrote fan fiction.

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1 What the Hex 2023 Description / Buy

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1 Go Hex Yourself 2022 Description / Buy

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2 Hot Summer Nights 2013 Description / Buy
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She remembers reading certain novels over and over again and noticing scenes that suggested that her favorite characters had lived entire lives and pursued epic adventures off-screen. But the writer in question was more interested in hinting at those side quests than actually exploring them, which drove Clare insane.

Fan fiction gave her an outlet. It allowed her to fill in the blanks. At the time, she wrote her fanfiction in longhand in journals, which she keeps in a closet. The few pieces she published online are under a pen name.

Clare prefers to maintain her anonymity because she wrote those fan fiction stories for fun, not because she wanted to attract new readers. She doesn’t see those early days of her career as a waste because the fan fiction she produced showed her what she likes.

The author realized that a character must resonate with her before she can write their story. It also revealed the aspects of storytelling she enjoys and would like to replicate from her favorite writers.

Clare knows that fan fiction is a hot topic in publishing. Many authors reject the concept. But she doesn’t mind it. If anything, fan fiction flatters her because it shows that someone cares enough about the world and characters she created to tell additional stories about them.

However, she expects credit for the original idea that inspired the fan fiction. More importantly, audiences shouldn’t expect her to read what they write because of the legal complications that arise.

On the publishing front, Clare tends to favor erotic romance. She’s drawn to the genre because it allows modern characters to explore their sexuality in intense settings. Surprisingly, she initially wrote clean books, the kind where the protagonists held hands and smiled sweetly at one another instead of jumping on a bed and ripping each other’s clothes off.

But those books were never published. Eventually, Clare wrote some dirty scenes as an experiment. She wanted to see how well she could craft them. But she had so much fun that erotic romance became a critical aspect of her storytelling from that point onward.

The author starts writing at 9 in the morning after visiting Facebook and peaking at various writer boards. She will listen to music before writing. But she turns it off once she puts pen to paper.

Technically, she works up to 9 pm. But in between, she takes breaks to drink coffee, eat, sleep, and relax with her husband. She writes multiple books at the same time.

Best Jessica Clare Books

The author writes fiction under three names (Jill Myles, Jessica Clare, and Jessica Sims). She uses her free time to read and play video games. Clare’s best books include:

Stranded with a Billionaire: Logan Hawking had just acquired a private Island resort. When he visited the acquisition, the last thing he expected was for an incredible woman to change his life.

Bronte Dawson had no idea that Logan was a billionaire when a hurricane and a stalled elevator brought them together. She saw no harm in pursuing a fling with the domineering man. But after several steamy nights, Bronte realized she wanted more. She was ready to give everything to Logan – her heart and body.

But would Logan accept her? Was he ready to move on after his fiance’s treachery and his father’s death?

Beauty and the Billionaire: Gretchen Petty needed money. She couldn’t say no when the opportunity came, even though it meant moving into an upstate New York mansion. She had no idea that her presence was part of an elaborate ruse.

Hunter Buchanan was a wealthy real estate tycoon, but he was unlucky in love. The money couldn’t protect him from the scars of his dark past, which is why he lived an isolated existence on his family’s estate.

But an enigmatic beauty rocked his world. He caught a glimpse of the redhead and immediately enacted a plan to meet her.

When Does The Next Jessica Clare book come out?

Jessica Clare doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is What the Hex and was released on April, 4th 2023. It is the newest book in the Hex Series.

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