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Johanna Lindsey, also known as Johanna Helen Howard, was born in Germany on March 10, 1952. She is one of the most famous writers of historical romance novels in the world. When her father died, Johanna and her mother settled in Hawaii in honor of her late father’s request. She became a housewife in 1970 and had three children. Her books usually are set in the different periods of history. They include eras in the Regency England, Middle Ages, the Viking age as well as the American “Old West”.

Order of Viking Haardrad Family Series

1Fires of Winter 1980Description / Buy
2Hearts Aflame 1987Description / Buy
3Surrender My Love 1994Description / Buy

Order of Glorious Angel Series

1Glorious Angel 1982Description / Buy
2Heart of Thunder 1983Description / Buy

Order of Wyoming Series

1Brave the Wild Wind 1980Description / Buy
2Savage Thunder 1989Description / Buy
3Angel 1992Description / Buy

Order of Malory-Anderson Family Series

1Love Only Once 1985Description / Buy
2Tender Rebel 1988Description / Buy
3Gentle Rogue 1990Description / Buy
4The Magic of You 1993Description / Buy
5Say You Love Me 1996Description / Buy
6The Present 1998Description / Buy
7A Loving Scoundrel 2004Description / Buy
8Captive of My Desires 2006Description / Buy
9No Choice But Seduction 2008Description / Buy
10That Perfect Someone 2010Description / Buy
11Stormy Persuasion 2014Description / Buy
12Beautiful Tempest 2017Description / Buy

Order of Straton Family Series

1A Heart So Wild 1986Description / Buy
2All I Need Is You 1997Description / Buy

Order of Shefford's Knights Series

1Defy Not the Heart 1989Description / Buy
2Joining 1999Description / Buy

Order of Ly-San-Ter Family Series

1Warrior's Woman 1990Description / Buy
2Keeper of the Heart 1993Description / Buy
3Heart of a Warrior 2001Description / Buy

Order of Cardinia's Royalty Series

1Once a Princess 1991Description / Buy
2You Belong to Me 1994Description / Buy

Order of Sherring Cross Series

1Man of My Dreams 1992Description / Buy
2Love Me Forever 1995Description / Buy
3The Pursuit 2002Description / Buy

Order of Reid Family Series

1The Heir 2000Description / Buy
2The Devil Who Tamed Her 2007Description / Buy
3A Rogue of My Own 2010Description / Buy
4Let Love Find You 2012Description / Buy

Order of Callahan-Warren Series

1One Heart to Win 2013Description / Buy
2Wildfire In His Arms 2015Description / Buy
3Marry Me By Sundown 2018Description / Buy

Order of Johanna Lindsey Standalone Novels

1Captive Bride 1977Description / Buy
2A Pirate's Love 1978Description / Buy
3Paradise Wild 1981Description / Buy
4A Gentle Feuding 1983Description / Buy
5So Speaks the Heart 1983Description / Buy
6Tender is the Storm 1985Description / Buy
7When Love Awaits 1986Description / Buy
8Secret Fire 1987Description / Buy
9Silver Angel 1988Description / Buy
10Prisoner of My Desire 1991Description / Buy
11Until Forever 1995Description / Buy
12Home for the Holidays 2000Description / Buy
13A Man to Call My Own 2003Description / Buy
14Marriage Most Scandalous 2005Description / Buy
15His Ruthless Heart 2006Description / Buy
16When Passion Rules 2011Description / Buy
17Make Me Love You 2016Description / Buy
18Temptation's Darling 2019Description / Buy
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Johanna wrote fifty books, almost every one becoming a bestseller. Her first book written in 1977 became a huge success with the title “Captive Bride”. Some of her single novels include A Pirate’s Love and Prisoner of my Desire. Lindsey has become one of the top authors of historical romance novels with her books sold to over 58 million copies worldwide, translated in 12 different languages. Some of her hit series are the Malory-Anderson Family Saga Series, Viking Haardrad Family Saga Series, Wyoming Westerns Series and Medieval (Shefford’s Knights) Series.

Johanna Lindsey Awards

All of Lindsey’s books have been included in the New York Times bestseller list and a lot of them have reached the number one spot. Her 1998 novel, “Gentle Rogue” has been awarded as the winner of the All About Romance Reader Award for the Top 100 Romances. Her books, “Let Love Find You” and “Make Me Love You” have become readers Top Pick in RT Book Reviews. “Tender Rebel”, published in 1988 has earned the Reviewers Choice Award in the Regency Historical Romance. Best Time Travel Romance has awarded her book “Until Forever” as the 1995 Romance Readers Anonymous Award.

Best Johanna Lindsey Books

Three of Lindsey’s bestselling books are:

Wildfire In His Arms: This is a loving story about a gunfighter who finds love when he escorts a lovely criminal while running from his past. Degan Grant finds himself running away from home and sets out to California. A US marshal asks him for a favor which involves apprehending three fugitives on the marshal’s list and give them over to law. He accepted the mission as he thinks it was just easy enough. But a beautiful woman crosses his path named Maxine. Maxine, one of the criminals he is set to capture, will try anything in her power to escape the hands of this gunfighter who intends to hand her over to a corrupt police officer who plans to hang her without a fair trial.

This is an intense love story between a high-spirited woman who insists of her innocence and a handsome gunfighter who later has developed desires of having her in his arms forever.

A Pirate’s Love: This novel concentrates on the story of Bettina Verlaine who was forced to be married to Comte Pierre de Lambert by her mother and stepfather. While sailing to the place where she would marry the Comte, her ship is seized by pirates where she was held captive by Tristan, the ship’s captain. Tristan presents a deal with Bettina- that if she agrees to have sex with him, her whole crew gets spared which she later on agreed. Bettina got her escape and was able to meet the Comte. But because she was already dishonored, the Comte did not marry her. She later discovered she has become pregnant and because of misunderstandings, Tristan believed it was the Comte’s child. The story unravels in a set fiery days and nights that they both must overcome until their love could blossom into a wonderful flower.

Make Me Love You: This book by Lindsey centers in on royal family duels. During this time, it was presented that dueling is a matter of honor. But the Prince of Regent considers it an attempted murder when Robert Whitworth battles his third duel with Lord Dominic Wolfe. He then demands Whitworth to give her sister in marriage to Wolfe to end their fight. If both do not comply with the agreement, their land and title will be forfeited. The story is then shifted to the amazing turn of events from hatred to love as Whitworth’s sister, Brooke and Lord Dominic soon discovers they are falling in love with each other. But before they reach their happy ending, they are drawn to more difficulties to resolve, more secrets to unfold and a mystery for them to unravel.

When Does The Next Johanna Lindsey book come out?

Johanna Lindsey doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Temptation's Darling and was released on July, 16th 2019.

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