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John Lawton is an English television director, producer and author of bestselling crime/historical and espionage novels set in Britain during the Cold War and the Word War II. Before becoming a documentary television producer, the author worked in London Publishing. Lawton spent most of his 1990’s years in New York and attended writer’s sessions at The Actors’ Studio and visited more than half of the 50 states. Since 2000, he relocated to Derbyshire England but frequently makes visits to Italy and the high and the dry hills of Arizona.

Order of Inspector Troy Series

1Black Out 1995Description / Buy
2Old Flames 1996Description / Buy
3A Little White Death 1998Description / Buy
4Riptide / Bluffing Mr. Churchill 2001Description / Buy
5Flesh Wounds / Blue Rondo 2005Description / Buy
6Second Violin 2007Description / Buy
7A Lily of the Field 2010Description / Buy
8Friends and Traitors 2017Description / Buy

Chronological Order of Inspector Troy Series

1Second Violin2007Description / Buy
2Riptide / Bluffing Mr. Churchill2001Description / Buy
3Black Out1995Description / Buy
4A Lily of the Field2010Description / Buy
5Old Flames1996Description / Buy
6Friends and Traitors2017Description / Buy
7Flesh Wounds / Blue Rondo2005Description / Buy
8A Little White Death1998Description / Buy

Order of Joe Wilderness Series

1Then We Take Berlin 2013Description / Buy
2The Unfortunate Englishman 2016Description / Buy
3Hammer to Fall 2020Description / Buy

Order of John Lawton Standalone Novels

1Sweet Sunday 2002Description / Buy
2An Italian Job (Short Story) 2016Description / Buy

Order of John Lawton Short Stories/Novellas

1Bentinck's Agent (Short Story) 2013Description / Buy
2An Italian Job (Short Story) 2016Description / Buy
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Lawton has written two book series, stand alone fictions & non-fictions, and also for the television. Frederick Troy novels feature a protagonist by the name Frederick Troy, the youngest son of a Russian immigrant dad who has become a wealthy baronet and newspaper publisher. Defying family expectations and social class, Troy joins Scotland Yard and becomes an investigator in the murder squad. This series consists of seven novels, and first, in the series, Black Out was published in 1995.


Several of Lawton books have been nominated, and others won various awards. For instance, his first Troy novel, Black Out won 1995 WH Smith…..Talent Award. In 2002, A Little White Death novel was featured in New York Times. Later in 2008, Lawton was one of the six living English writers to be featured in the London Daily Telegraph.


These are two best books written by John Lawton, Second Violin, and Flesh Wounds.

Second Violin: Second Violin follows the story of Troy’s older brother who is Rod in Vienna during the Kristallnacht and finally flies’s to southern England during the challenging days of the Battle of Britain. The novel will also give you a glimpse of Alex Troy meeting with the political cronies, like the likes of Winston Churchill.

There are some minor non-Troys such as Josef Hummel, a Jewish tailor residing in Vienna. Through his actions, the readers can clearly see the actions of the Nazis prior and during Kristallnacht. One of the most astonishing characters you will find in this novel is Billy Jacks.

The author weaves this novel in some more great characters such as Bonham and Onions of the Metropolitan police; Wolfgang Stahl a Nazi officer, Kolankiewicz a Polish Pathologist; and Walter and Kitty, father and daughter.

The novel shifts from 1938 to 1940, giving a focus on the Second World War and concluding during the Blitz. The author creates an evocative image of the burning city and the swarms of bombers crafts carrying with them belly full of death. Set in London, the city is more of a character just like the people featured as well.

The lead character, Troy is 24 years of age and just been promoted to sergeant rank and just began his career in Scotland Yard squad. He finds himself commandeered by Special Branch to countercheck the enemy aliens approaching from the East End. The aliens seem to consist of German, Australian, or Jewish doctors, tailors, and professors. Troy is not happy with his new role and incurs the wrath of his superiors to whom he is reporting.

Flesh Wounds: Flesh Wounds is the fifth novel in the Frederick Troy series, the story starts off with a precise flashback to 1944 during the wartime in London and then fast forwards to 1959. Troy, an investigator in the Scotland Yard Murder Squad, finds himself entangled in a case in which the London East End underworld is going through changes in which a rising number of violent Young Turks are replacing their older predecessors.

Troy and his team members get knocked off the ground a couple of times and discover that they are not only dealing with this new breed of violent criminals but also the same old and corrupt politicians.

The fifth novel in the series is an interesting read. Lawton has crafted an excellent historical novel featuring what most would term as the 21st-century detective. The supporting cast includes Troy’s friends, family, and his co-workers including his distant cousin, Winston Churchill. The novels in this fantastic series are a blend of political intrigue, police procedural, and blend of mystery. This intriguing series takes place between the 1930’s and the 1960’s. There is a chronological order in which the novels should be read since the series does not publications dates.

When Does The Next John Lawton book come out?

John Lawton doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Hammer to Fall and was released on March, 10th 2020. It is the newest book in the Joe Wilderness Series.

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