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Josephine Cox is a well-established author who was born in the city of Blackburn, Lancashire in the year 1941. She is a renowned author, whose books have been exceedingly successful especially in the United Kingdom. Cox was brought up in a family that consisted of ten siblings. At 16 years, Josephine Cox got married to Ken, her spouse. Cox and Ken were blessed with two sons. When the kids had begun attending kindergarten, Cox decided to go to college. Due to her outstanding credentials, Josephine Cox was admitted to Cambridge University. After completing her college education, Josephine Cox began working as a teacher, before eventually turning to writing. Cox published her first novel. Eventually, she left teaching so that she can become a full-time writer.

Order of Emma Grady Trilogy Series

1Outcast 1991Description / Buy
2Alley Urchin 1991Description / Buy
3Vagabonds 1992Description / Buy

Order of The Journey Series

1The Journey 2005Description / Buy
2Journey's End 2006Description / Buy

Order of Josephine Cox Standalone Novels

1Her Father's Sins 1988Description / Buy
2Let Loose the Tigers 1988Description / Buy
3Angels Cry Sometimes 1989Description / Buy
4Take this Woman 1990Description / Buy
5Whistledown Woman 1991Description / Buy
6Don't Cry Alone 1992Description / Buy
7The Tallow Image 1992Description / Buy
8No Mercy 1992Description / Buy
9Nobody's Darling 1993Description / Buy
10Jessica's Girl 1993Description / Buy
11Born to Serve 1994Description / Buy
12More than Riches 1994Description / Buy
13Scarlet 1995Description / Buy
14A Little Badness 1995Description / Buy
15Living a Lie 1995Description / Buy
16A Time for Us 1996Description / Buy
17The Devil You Know 1996Description / Buy
18Cradle of Thorns 1997Description / Buy
19The Seeker 1997Description / Buy
20Miss You Forever 1997Description / Buy
21Love Me or Leave Me 1998Description / Buy
22Tomorrow the World 1998Description / Buy
23No Heaven No Hell 1998Description / Buy
24The Hiding Game 1999Description / Buy
25The Gilded Cage 1999Description / Buy
26Let It Shine 1999Description / Buy
27Somewhere, Someday 1999Description / Buy
28Looking Back 2000Description / Buy
29Rainbow Days 2000Description / Buy
30The Woman Who Left 2001Description / Buy
31Bad Boy Jack 2002Description / Buy
32Jinnie 2002Description / Buy
33The Beachcomber 2003Description / Buy
34Live the Dream 2004Description / Buy
35Lovers And Liars 2004Description / Buy
36The Loner 2007Description / Buy
37Songbird 2008Description / Buy
38Girl on the Platform (Short Story) 2008Description / Buy
39Born Bad 2009Description / Buy
40Divorced And Deadly 2009Description / Buy
41Blood Brothers 2010Description / Buy
42Midnight 2011Description / Buy
43Three Letters 2012Description / Buy
44The Broken Man 2013Description / Buy
45The Runaway Woman 2014Description / Buy
46Lonely Girl 2015Description / Buy
47A Family Secret 2016Description / Buy
48A Woman’s Fortune 2018Description / Buy
49Two Sisters 2020Description / Buy
50A Daughter’s Return 2021Description / Buy

Order of Josephine Cox Non-Fiction Books

1Child Of The North 2005Description / Buy
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Born in the north of England, Josephine Cox was one of ten children born to a working class family in 1941. By the time she was 16, Cox had met her future husband, Ken. This was then followed with the birth of her two sons. When her sons were old enough to enrol in school, Cox decided to get back into the education system, and attended college. After completion of her course at college, Cox was offered a place at Cambridge University. However, as this would have meant her living apart from her family to continue her studies, she turned the place down and decided to turn her hand to teaching.

It was while she was a teacher that Josephine Cox started writing her first book. While she was laid up in hospital due to an illness, it gave her the opportunity to write the book she had longed to write about growing up in the north west of England, with so many brothers and sisters. That book was to become Her Fathers Sins, which was Josephine Cox’s first published book in 1988. At the same time, Cox was nominated and won the Superwoman of Great Britain Award, for which she was nominated by her family.

Her Fathers Sins catapulted Cox to success, and she soon gave up her career as a teacher to focus more on her writing. Cox says she is a ‘reservoir’ of stories, and bases the stories she writes on instances throughout her life. The Broken Man, which was released in 2013, is based on a real person that Cox knew as a child. The man was known to her as an uncle, and she then based the lead character of The Broken Man, Edward Carter on him. Carter is an abusive husband and father, and his son, Adam, fears for his life, but also the well-being of his mother. It isn’t until Adam is befriended by Jake, the driver of the school bus, that things start to look up for him, as he has a more positive role model in his life. However, an incident one winter’s evening changes their lives forever.

Cox’s books are often cited as being amongst the most borrowed books from libraries in the UK, and she is a mainstay in the Times Best-seller list, thanks to have legion of fans, who have come to love her writing over nearly 30 years and well over 50 stories. Her gritty depiction of life in the north of England keeps her fans coming back for more.

A majority of the books that Josephine Cox has written are about life experiences which are exceedingly common to many people. Cox has the ability to create a merger of stories that revolved around the newest tales and historical scenes as well. One of the most intriguing novels that Cox has ever penned down is Beachcomber. Beachcomber mainly revolves around various themes such as victory and misfortune. It also describes how two individuals who had been exceedingly lonely decided to travel during the summer holiday to West Bay so that they could reside in a specific village. The two individuals apparently are looking for tranquility and peace as well. Apart from being foreigners, the two individuals have distinguished backgrounds as well. One of the travelers is Tom Arnold, who has not only left his belongings behind but also a high paying job.

Tom Arnold had lost his entire family the previous year. Arnold’s entire family had perished in a car accident, and he happens to be the only survivor from the accident. Tom Arnold believes that the accident had been planned and the main suspect in the case was a driver. Ever since the day that the accident happened, Tom Arnold has never seen the driver again. As Tom Arnold was driving the vehicle, the suspected driver was pushing his vehicle from behind, thus causing the vehicle to fall against the edge of the cliff. The investigators had tried to track down the driver, but they were not successful. This exceedingly sorrowful scene is what makes Tom Arnold extremely miserable. Tom Arnold hopes to fly to London where he believes that he will find peace to his emotions.

The other significant character in the book is Kathy Wilson. Kathy has experienced a lot of loneliness and pain; however, she is still exceedingly optimistic about her life. After the painful separation from her spouse, she tries to overcome her pain by seeking comfort from other men. This is the main reason why Kathy Wilson came across Tom. Apart from the pain, Kathy Wilson is not in great terms with her mother.

Josephine Cox Awards

Josephine Cox is the recipient of the Superwoman Award.

Josephine Cox Books into Movies

None of the books by Josephine Cox have been adapted for a screenplay.

Best Josephine Cox Books

The Journey: This is one of the most notable books by Josephine Cox. This book is about highly fascinating events, which revolves around two families, the Davidson’s, and the Baker’s. It is not only emotional but also a highly inspirational story, which portrays the theme of love, forfeiture, and misfortune as well. There are three foreigners who have been chased from their area of residence. One of the foreigners is one Lucy, who is chased due to an unwanted pregnancy. Edward Trent is the other character who happens to be a highly experienced womanizer and the man who is responsible for Lucy’s pregnancy. Lucy eventually finds refuge in her friend’s house. She eventually gives birth to a child, whom he named Jamie. In Bridget’s house, business is conducted where the girls entertain male visitors. It is through the visits that Lucy meets up with Edward once again when he finally comes to visit them.

Edward not only wants the two to move in but also he wants the two to raise their son. However, one day when Lucy falls unconsciously, Edward tries to leave hurriedly with Lucy and the child. However, Lucy is rescued with one Burner Davidson. Davidson and his family take Lucy in together with her daughter. It does not take long before Davidson is relocated to the United States. Thus he is forced to leave Lucy behind. With that said, Josephine Cox is an excellent writer who has the ability to present a highly intriguing book.

Josephine Cox FAQs

Q: What was the first book published by Josephine Cox?

A: Her Father’s Sins was the first book published by the English author Josephine Cox.

Q: What nationality is the author Josephine Cox?

A: The author Josephine Cox was born in Blackburn, England, making her an English author, and a very prolific one at that.

When Does The Next Josephine Cox book come out?

Josephine Cox doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is A Daughter’s Return and was released on March, 4th 2021.

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