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Joy Ellis is a British author that writes mystery novels. Born in Kent, England, Ellis was an apprentice florist. The work was hard and it did not pay much. She spent four years training at the Constance Spry Flower Shop, a legendary establishment in Mayfair.

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While she appreciated the training, the author did not stick around for long. After a short stint in Bedsit land, she did a variety of jobs in Surrey. By this point, she had found a partner that would share her life for the next 14 years.

In Surrey, she worked in hospitals, discos, and factories. After meandering aimlessly with regards to her career, Ellis finally settled down when she joined a Weybridge flower shop with her partner.

The opportunity worked in the author’s favor because it allowed her to utilize the training she had received in Mayfair. The work had its challenges but Ellis did not complain. Her persistence paid off. Their shop thrived.

But the couple’s decision to expand had unexpected consequences. At the time, opening an orchid importing department made sense. But the work was grueling. Ellis became very sick. Following her Myalgic Encephalomyelitis diagnosis, Ellis tried to maintain a presence at the shop.

She was determined to do her part. But even the short hours she worked were more than she could handle. Eventually, the shop collapsed. But it wasn’t the author’s fault. The flower shop was still reeling from the 87 recession when a large supermarket entered the picture.

The owner planted the supermarket near the flower shop and it stole their customers. By then, Ellis was already dreaming about her writing ambitions. The temptation to write had grown quite strong during the years she had spent fighting her disease.

Sue Townsend finally gave her the push she needed. The two met when Ellis joined a 2-week writer’s workshop. Sue was one of the tutors. Ellis was impressed by her enthusiasm. Sue saw Ellis’ talent and encouraged her to take writing seriously.

The author listened. Though, she did not act on the encouragement, at least not immediately. For a time, Ellis did what she could to keep the flower shop going. But eventually, it collapsed along with the author’s relationship with her partner.

But rather than meandering through various fields once again, Ellis sat down to write. She had written a few short stories when she landed a position at a bookshop. Unfortunately, her writing did not attract the immediate success many authors want.

By the time an agent came along and found a publisher for two of her books, Ellis had been writing for 12 years. But even that lucky break fizzled out. Her agent died, forcing her to start over.

She had every reason to give up. Other authors would have surrendered. But to her credit, Ellis kept going. Though, eventually, her will to persevere faded, and she was forced to admit that her writing would never bear fruit. Jasper Jaffe, a publisher, found Ellis a day after she had given up on her publishing dreams. He brought her publishing ambitions back to life.

Joy Ellis Awards

Ellis has been shortlisted for the Audie Awards and British Book Awards

Best Joy Ellis Books

The author is married to a retired police officer named Jacquiline. Ellis’ best novels include:

Beware The Past: Matt Ballard was not satisfied with the way the Gibbet Fen murders were solved. Three boys had died and the suspect had perished in an accident. Because the murders had stopped, everyone assumed that the suspect had been the murderer.

25 years later, Matt has evidence that proves otherwise. Someone keeps sending him photos of the Gibbet Fen crime scene. They know everything about Matt’s life and he is certain that they are connected to the new murders. Matt has to determine whether he is dealing with an old killer or a new copycat.

Their Lost Daughters: No one knows who Emily is. But Toni insists that Emily was her friend and she was real. Toni and Emily had gone to a party but only Toni returned, drugged, and left to wander deliriously.

But the mystery of the teenager’s ordeal is just one among many. The body of another girl has been discovered. She drowned. These two cases are somehow connected to another little girl, except that her disappearance occurred two decades ago.

When Does The Next Joy Ellis book come out?

The next book by Joy Ellis is The Night Thief and will be released on November, 18th 2021. It is the newest book in the DI Rowan Jackman & DS Maria Evens Series.

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