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Julie Garwood born in Missouri is an American romance novel writer born in Kansa City Missouri. Julie has written over 27- romance novels in both suspense and historical subgenres. She was born and grew in Kansas, Missouri. She is sixth of the seven children of an Irish family. At the age of six, she underwent tonsillectomy, a surgical procedure to remove tonsil, this made her miss much school, and this denied her time to get educated as other children of age. She was not capable of reading at the age of 11years and her math teacher; Teacher Elizabeth devoted most of her time during the summer teaching Garwood on how to write and read. Teacher Elizabeth devotion bore fruits and transformed Garwood life for the best.

Order of Buchanan-Renard Series

# Read Title Published
1 Heartbreaker 2000
2 Mercy 2001
3 Killjoy 2002
4 Murder List 2004
5 Slow Burn 2005
6 Shadow Dance 2006
7 Fire and Ice 2008
8 Sizzle 2009
9 The Ideal Man 2011
10 Sweet Talk 2012
11 Hotshot 2013
12 Fast Track 2014
13 Wired 2017

Order of Claybornes' Brides (Rose Hill) Series

# Read Title Published
1 For the Roses 1995
2 One Pink Rose 1997
3 One White Rose 1997
4 One Red Rose 1997
5 Come the Spring 1997

Order of Crown's Spies Series

# Read Title Published
1 The Lion's Lady 1988
2 Guardian Angel 1990
3 The Gift 1991
4 Castles 1993

Order of Girls of Canby Hall Series

# Read Title Published
1 What's a Girl to Do? 1985

Order of Highlands' Lairds Series

# Read Title Published
1 The Secret 1992
2 Ransom 1999
3 Shadow Music 2007

Order of Julie Garwood Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published
1 Gentle Warrior 1985
2 A Girl Named Summer 1986
3 Rebellious Desire 1986
4 The Prize 1991
5 Honor's Splendour 1991
6 Saving Grace 1993
7 Prince Charming 1994

Order of Lairds' Fiancées Series

# Read Title Published
1 The Bride 1989
2 The Wedding 1996
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While she was training to be a Registered Nurse, Garwood took Russian history and this sparked her interest in history and thus decided to pursue in both Nursing and history. The high quality of Garwood essays impressed her professor who motivated her to write. Because of this persuasion, she wrote a children’s book named A Girl Named Summer and authored her very first historical book, Gentle Warrior. She later married, and she had three children; Elizabeth, Bryan, Gerry and she reside with her family in Leawood in Kansas.

Garwood novels are famous for the quirkiness of their protagonist with the ability to change direction and the persuasion to get acceptance from the other people. One of her best books is themed on spousal abuse, and she is not afraid to handling stressful situations.

Garwood historical romance category has had great success, and despite this, she decided to venture into a genre of romantic suspense books and just like the other books these still give an emphasis on the family relationships between a group of friends, or blood relatives.

Some of the books written by Julie Garwood include; Gentle Warrior published in 1985, Rebellious Desire (1986) The Prize (1991)


Heartbreaker was adapted as a film and serialized in a Cosmopolitan magazine.


Ransom: Gillian was very young when she witnessed the killing of her biological father by the evil Baron Alford. She was claimed as Baron Ward but was very lucky to be brought up by her Uncle Morgan. Later she is called back to Baron Castle for he needs to produce Arianna box- a treasure golden box ordered by King John and failure to which the king would kill Baron. The king is still infuriated and never forgiven Gillian, father for killing his beloved-Arianna. However, the king is satisfied that Gillian would have the knowledge of the existence of the box and the particular location the box was hidden.

However, Gillian has no ideas of where the box is hidden, but she is sure that the would torture and kill her uncle if she does not find the box. She is also sure that they would murder Alec, the child of Highland chieftain sooner they see that they had the wrong child. Gillian is left with no choice. Thus she flees with Alec to find her lost sister and return Alec to his parents.

Gillian needed assistance help to locate her sister and to save her Uncle Morgan. She meets with Brodick Buchan- a stubborn man, and regardless of the person’s character, she ends up loving him. Regardless of their differences and Gillian being English, Brodick cannot help but fall in love with Gillian beauty and helps her locate her sister. However, by the fact that he married Gillian it does not mean that she is set to obey him.

Saving Grace: Johanna is a girl who had an abusive husband. When she discovers that he died, she is relieved, and the last thing that she now wants is to get married again. She is then married to Gabriel McBain, a scot, however; she has her fears as she trusts no one except her brother. She marries the Scotland man since she has no option.

During their marriage, the couple learns to love each other, and soon Johanna realizes that Gabriel loves her. A desperate intrigue, however, threatens to ruin the great love that the couple shares at all cost. This novel examines the gradual changing relationship between Gabriel and Johanna from indifference and distrust to one of trust and love.