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K.L. Slater is a British author that writes psychological crime thrillers. For Slater, the road to publishing success was long and arduous. She made several submissions to literary agents. But they kept rejecting her. She was 40 years old when she enrolled at Nottingham Trent University where she got her creative writing MA.

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Order of K.L. Slater Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published Details
1 Safe with Me 2016 Description / Buy
2 Blink 2017 Description / Buy
3 Liar 2017 Description / Buy
4 The Mistake 2017 Description / Buy
5 The Visitor 2018 Description / Buy
6 The Secret 2018 Description / Buy
7 Closer 2018 Description / Buy
8 Finding Grace 2019 Description / Buy
9 The Silent Ones 2019 Description / Buy
10 Single 2019 Description / Buy
11 The Apartment 2020 Description / Buy
12 Little Whispers 2020 Description / Buy
13 The Girl She Wanted / Dear Daughter 2020 Description / Buy
14 The Marriage 2021 Description / Buy
15 The Evidence 2021 Description / Buy
16 The Widow 2021 Description / Buy
17 Missing 2022 Description / Buy
18 The Girlfriend 2022 Description / Buy
19 The Bedroom Window 2023 Description / Buy
20 Husband and Wife 2023 Description / Buy

Order of K.L Slater Audiobooks

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Narrator 2022 Description / Buy
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Slater had to juggle her day job and the demands of her classes. However, despite her busy schedule, she found the time to pursue her writing dreams. The hours she spent doing her courses gave her the room to hone her craft.

Before long, she had become quite confident in her abilities, so much so that she went ahead and secured the services of a literary agency (Darley Anderson Literacy, TV, and Film Agency) before she graduated in 2012. She also had a book deal.

It was an incredible achievement, one that felt like a dream. After persevering for so long, she had reached her destination. Slater believes that she succeeded because she decided to treat writing like a job.

She was always writing. But after noticing that she had accumulated far too many rejection letters, the author came to the conclusion that she needed training. Once her daughter was old enough, Slater started her creative writing classes.

Even after she got her book deal, Slater’s attitude towards writing remained the same. Because she saw it as a job rather than a hobby, she kept making a deliberate effort to set time aside to write. Though, in her case, it wasn’t difficult. She loved what she was doing, so it never felt like a chore.

Additionally, deadlines do not bother her. She always gets her work done on time. Unlike some of her peers in the genre, writer’s block is alien to Slater. Rather than struggling to find ideas, the author has the opposite problem. She has too many ideas competing for her attention. She is always looking for ways to narrow them down.

Some of her fans do not realize that she writes both adult psychological thrillers and young adult fiction. The first novels she published were aimed at younger readers. Later on, she started releasing titles like ‘Safe with Me’ that had been written with older audiences in mind.

Slater’s psychological thrillers are extensively researched. She will read real-life cases, taking inspiration from people that actually existed. She also watches TV shows about the subjects at the center of her novels. The internet is a powerful resource for Slater.

Though, at the end of the day, she relies on her imagination to combine everything she has learned into a compelling story about ordinary people doing terrible things. The author’s fans love the many twists that litter her books.

Slater blames her gift for creating engaging twists on her illogical mind. It doesn’t always do as she says. Rather, it will veer off the path she wants to follow to explore interesting tangents. In the long run, this creates opportunities for Slater to play with ideas she hadn’t initially considered.

Best K.L. Slater Books

K.L. Slater is not the author’s real name. It is a pen name that Kim Slater uses. Slater’s best books include:

Liar: Ben and her mother were close. Judi kept the single father from drowning. She wanted the best for her son. But she couldn’t support his relationship with Amber. For Ben, Amber was everything he wanted. But Judi was not convinced. Something was wrong. Ben couldn’t see it. He did not understand why his mother was so suspicious of his new girlfriend.

For her part, Amber wanted nothing to do with Judi. She wanted to keep her as far away from her new family as possible. The deeper Judi’s investigation went, the more obvious it became that Amber wasn’t what she claimed to be.

Safe With Me: Anna lived a lonely existence. She liked it that way. Anna preferred to keep people at arm’s length. It was all Carla’s fault. The woman ruined her life and Anna did not think that she would ever get even. But then she witnessed a devastating accident, one that involved Carla.

Now that her chance has finally come, she has no intention of letting it go. But things are not what they seem. The more time Anna spends obsessing over Carla, the more confused she becomes.

When Does The Next K.L. Slater book come out?

K.L. Slater doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Husband and Wife and was released on November, 3rd 2023.


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