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Karen Marie Moning is a bestselling American author that writes urban fantasy. Born in 1964 in Cincinnati, Ohio, Moning attended Purdue University. She pursued a degree in Society and Law. However, she also dabbled in philosophy and creative writing. If her life had followed the plan she had initially laid out, Moning would have gone to law school, eventually becoming a lawyer.

Order of Highlander Series

1Beyond the Highland Mist 1999Description / Buy
2To Tame a Highland Warrior 1999Description / Buy
3The Highlander's Touch 2000Description / Buy
4Kiss of the Highlander 2001Description / Buy
5The Dark Highlander 2002Description / Buy
6The Immortal Highlander 2004Description / Buy
7Spell of the Highlander 2005Description / Buy
8Into the Dreaming 2006Description / Buy

Order of MacKayla Lane/Fever Series

1Darkfever 2006Description / Buy
2Bloodfever 2007Description / Buy
3Faefever 2008Description / Buy
4Dreamfever 2009Description / Buy
5Shadowfever 2011Description / Buy
6Iced 2012Description / Buy
7Burned 2015Description / Buy
8Feverborn 2016Description / Buy
9Feversong 2017Description / Buy
10High Voltage 2018Description / Buy
11Kingdom of Shadow and Light 2021Description / Buy

Order of Karen Marie Moning Graphic Novels

1Fever Moon 2012Description / Buy

Karen Marie Moning Anthologies

1 Tapestry2002Description / Buy
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But then she interned with some criminal attorneys and the experience compelled her to abandon the legal field. Moning wasn’t afraid to experiment. She had worked as a bartender during her time at Purdue University. She also made money as a computer consultant.

After leaving the Law, she joined the insurance field where she put her writing talents to good use. Moning was thirty years old when she finally decided to give fiction a fair shot. She started by writing Scotland-based paranormal romance. After attaining awards recognition for her work, she turned her attention to Celtic mythology which, in turn, pulled her into the Urban fantasy genre.

Physics has always fascinated the author. As a child, she wanted desperately to captain her own Starship. After concluding that the dream was impossible, she decided that she would explore strange new settings by writing fiction.

Moning is the first to admit that her writing habits are not wholly normal. First of all, she likes dark rooms. For a time, she thought she could write from her closet. But the setting was too restrictive. So she found a room whose windows she could tint. She also installed blackout curtains.

This allows Moning to create the dark environment she requires to mine her imagination. However, that is merely one small aspect of her writing process. It may come as a surprise to her fans to learn that the author starts writing at 4:30 in the morning, or at the very least, that is the hour she chooses to leave her bed.

Like most people, Moning is barely awake at 4:30 AM. But that works in her favor. The author cannot create fiction when she is wide awake. This is why she leaves her bed so early to write.

Moning usually drinks coffee while she works. However, she is still relatively asleep during this period. The words she puts on the page emerge from deep within her subconscious. Once the sun comes up and the author fully awakens, she gets breakfast, exercises, and then returns to her desk to edit the sections she wrote hours earlier.

Moning doesn’t have a particular writing goal, and neither does she outline. She does not sit down to write unless she knows the direction the overall arc of her story will take. However, she does not plan the minute details of her book. Moning wants her story to surprise her. Some of her literary influences include Stephen King, Betty Brock, and Ruth Stiles, to mention but a few.

Karen Marie Moning Awards

Moning won the RITA Award in 2001. She has also won Goodreads Choice, All About Romance Reader, and RT Reviewers Choice Awards.

Karen Marie Moning Books into Movies

Dreamworks Studios and 20th Century Fox optioned her books in the past. But the film rights eventually reverted to Moning who prefers a television adaptation of her novels.

Best Karen Marie Moning Books

Moning wants to enjoy the writing process. She believes that audiences are more likely to appreciate her novels if she also enjoyed writing them. Some of Moning’s best books include:

Dark Fever: Mackayla thought she was ordinary. Her perception was shattered when her sister died and she traveled to Ireland to unravel the mystery of her murder. Once there, Mackayla learned of her special gift, an ability that allows her to peer into the world of the Fae. Now that her eyes have been opened, she must prevent a powerful foe from claiming an all-powerful object.

Shadow Fever: Mac and Alina were banished from Ireland as children. Mac finally returned as an adult to solve the murder of her sister. There, she learned of the age-old conflict between Immortals and humans. Now that she knows why her sister died, Mac will stop at nothing to control the Sinsar Dubh before it destroys her and everyone she knows.

When Does The Next Karen Marie Moning book come out?

Karen Marie Moning doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Kingdom of Shadow and Light and was released on January, 12th 2021. It is the newest book in the MacKayla Lane/Fever Series.


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