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Kate Carlisle is an American author that writes mystery suspense novels. Before she became a published author, Kate lived an eccentric life. She spent two decades as an Associate Director in the entertainment business.

Order of Bibliophile Mystery Series

1Homicide in Hardcover 2009Description / Buy
2If Books Could Kill 2009Description / Buy
3The Lies That Bind 2010Description / Buy
4Murder under Cover 2011Description / Buy
5Pages of Sin (Short Story) 2012Description / Buy
6One Book in the Grave 2012Description / Buy
7Peril in Paperback 2012Description / Buy
8A Cookbook Conspiracy 2013Description / Buy
9The Book Stops Here 2014Description / Buy
10Ripped From the Pages 2015Description / Buy
11Books of a Feather 2016Description / Buy
12Once Upon a Spine 2017Description / Buy
13Buried In Books 2018Description / Buy
14The Book Supremacy 2019Description / Buy
15The Grim Reader 2020Description / Buy
16Little Black Book 2021Description / Buy

Order of Duke Brothers Series

1The Millionaire Meets His Match 2010Description / Buy
2Sweet Surrender, Baby Surprise 2010Description / Buy
3How to Seduce a Billionaire 2011Description / Buy

Order of Island Paradise Duet Series

1An Innocent in Paradise 2011Description / Buy
2She's Having the Boss's Baby 2013Description / Buy

Order of MacLaren's Pride Series

1Second-Chance Seduction 2013Description / Buy

Order of Fixer-Upper Mystery Series

1A High-End Finish 2014Description / Buy
2This Old Homicide 2015Description / Buy
3Crowned and Moldering 2015Description / Buy
4Deck the Hallways 2016Description / Buy
5Eaves of Destruction 2017Description / Buy
6A Wrench in the Works 2018Description / Buy
7Shot Through the Hearth 2019Description / Buy
8Premeditated Mortar 2020Description / Buy
9Absence of Mallets 2021Description / Buy
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Back then, Kate worked primarily on Game and Variety shows like The Gong Show and The Midnight Special. Her work allowed her to travel the world. Writing only entered the picture when she went to law school and found that she couldn’t stand her teachers.

She doesn’t necessarily blame them. Kate wasn’t the best student. Because she couldn’t kill her professors in real life, she found ways to eliminate them in the stories brewing within her mind. Eventually, she decided to put some of those stories on paper. This paved the way for her success as a published author.

Kate comes from a large family in California. Because of her father’s gambling problems, the family was always moving. Kate was a creative liar who told every teacher that asked that she was a Navy brat.

Her parents were far from impressed by her lying habit. They thought that placing her under the authoritarian rule of the nuns at Sister Mary Cletus of Holy Rosary Academy would change Kate for the better.

They were wrong. Kate wasn’t happy. For a while, she survived by escaping into her imagination where she would concoct all sorts of stories. However, once she entered her teenage years, she joined the wrong crowd.

For a while, her mother hoped that she would get her act together. She took some pride in Kate’s achievements after the author sold so much chocolate for her school that she won a trip to Safari World.

Technically, her entire class won the trip. But it was Kate’s strategy that made their victory possible. Her mother thought that she would eventually make it in sales.

But Kate did not finish college. Before she could make any significant headway in her studies, a friend got her a position on a game show. The author’s decision to pursue the opportunity changed everything.

She spent the next several years working on movies and TV shows. Even though her work allowed her to party with celebrities and rock stars, Kate wasn’t happy. Once everything became too much for her, she abandoned the entertainment industry and joined a cult.

For a time, she was happy. But her contentment did not last long. When she left the cult, Kate did the unexpected. She joined law school. But it wasn’t quite what she expected.

Formal education wasn’t the author’s cup of tea. Though, it showed her that she had a knack for telling steamy stories filled with lusty men and spunky women. Once she realized that she had a passion for writing, Kate left law school and enrolled in a writing course.

She started writing manuscripts, entering contests, and submitting query letters. It took a while but she eventually achieved her dream. She became a published author and realized that it was what she was meant to do.

Kate Carlisle Awards

Kate Carlisle’s accolades include the Daphne du Maurier Award. She also won the Golden Heart Award.

Kate Carlisle Books Into Movies

Hallmark turned the Fixer-Upper Mystery books into live-action movies.

Best Kate Carlisle Books

Many of the author’s stories are inspired by the things she has seen and done throughout her life. Some of Kate Carlisle’s best books include:

Homicide in Hardcover: Brooklyn restores books. She is good at her job. She and Abraham, her former employer, are great friends. As such, she was quite heartbroken when she found him lying in a pool of his own blood.

Abraham left a priceless book in her hands before he passed on. But then Derek, the attractive British security officer, walked in and made things worse. Now, Brooklyn is a murder suspect, and the only person she can trust to find the real murderer is herself.

If Books Could Kill: Brooklyn did not expect to see Kyle, her ex, at the Edinburgh Book Fair. Even more shocking was the fact that he had a text whose contents were scandalous enough to humiliate the British Monarchy. Now that Kyle is dead, everyone thinks Brooklyn killed him. The only way to clear her name is to find the real killer.

When Does The Next Kate Carlisle book come out?

The next book by Kate Carlisle is Absence of Mallets and will be released on December, 7th 2021. It is the newest book in the Fixer-Upper Mystery Series.


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