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Kate Morton is an Austrian based international bestselling author, who has penned down several critically acclaimed novels based on fiction and literature genres. Atkinson has gone ahead and sold more than 10 million copies in more than 30 countries. Her works have been translated into more than 20 languages. The commercial success of her novels have in turn made Kate Morton one of Australia’s biggest exports. Many of her works have in turn fetched Kate Morton numerous prestigious nominations and awards as well. At the moment, Kate Morton has penned five standalone novels and is expected to release a few more soon. Atkinson is the oldest child in a family of three. During her childhood days, Kate Morton used to do several creative things. Before settling down in the region of Tamborine Mountain, Kate Morton’s family had to change the place from time to time.

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Order of Kate Morton Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published Details
1 The House at Riverton / The Shifting Fog 2006 Description / Buy
2 The Forgotten Garden 2008 Description / Buy
3 The Distant Hours 2010 Description / Buy
4 The Secret Keeper 2012 Description / Buy
5 The Lake House 2015 Description / Buy
6 The Clockmaker's Daughter 2018 Description / Buy
7 Homecoming 2023 Description / Buy
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Kate Morton was born in Berri, South Australia, which is over 200km from the city of Adelaide. The eldest of three girls, Kate Morton’s family moved around Australia in her formative years, before eventually settling in South East Queensland. After her initial schooling, Morton moved to London to study Speech and Drama at Trinity College. After leaving Trinity College, Morton gained a degree in English Literature from Queensland University, and then gained her Masters in Victorian Literature.

While studying, Kate Morton started writing, and had written two unpublished manuscripts, before the publication of her first novel, The House At Riverton, which is also known as The Shifting Fog. The House At Riverton tells the story of an elderly maid, who worked at Riverton Manor during the ’20s, and who holds a dark secret which is brought up when a film is made of yet another incident at Riverton Manor. The book went on to be a huge critical hit worldwide, being picked up by the Richard and Judy Book Club in the UK, and the Barnes and Noble Book Club. It also won the General Fiction Book of the Year at the Australian Book Industry Awards in 2007, the year after its publication.

Morton followed up The House At Riverton with the 2008 publication of The Forgotten Garden, which again focuses on secrets and mysteries from the past being dug up and brought out into the light, and the consequences of the revelations. Like The House At Riverton, The Forgotten Garden picked up the General Fiction Book of the Year at the Australia Book Indsutry Awards, and against achieved huge critical and commercial success.

Morton’s work continues to garner great success worldwide, and she continues to be at the forefront of the modern literary movement in Australia.

After completing her high school education, Kate Morton eventually joined Trinity College. She graduated with a Licentiate in Speech and Drama. Later on, Kate Morton joined in a summer school where she took a course that was based on Shakespearean Literature. After completing her summer course, Kate was admitted to Queensland University, where she attained first class honors in English Literature. Morton also received a scholarship for her Master’s Education, where she focused on Victorian Literature’s tragedy. Kate Morton eventually began penning down manuscripts before she went ahead to pen down her first novel. A few years down the line, Kate Morton got married to one, Davin, who worked as a jazz musician and a composer as well. Davin and Morton got three children, and they currently reside in Brisbane. All the novels that Kate Morton has penned down have topped the bestsellers list of Sunday Times and New York Times.

Before she became an author, Kate Morton Kate had hoped to join the Shakespeare Theatre Company; however, she was distracted due to her love for novels. Being an avid reader, Kate Morton believes that reading should not only feel illicit but also pleasurable as well. In her writing career, Kate Morton has penned down a total of five books that were published from the year 2006 to the year 2015.

Kate Morton Awards

Throughout her writing career, Kate Morton has received numerous awards such as the prestigious General Fiction Award, which she won three times, 2009, 2007 and 2013. Morton is also the recipient of the Christina Stead Award in the year 2010 and 2012. Furthermore, Kate Morton has received several nominations such as the IMPAC Dublin Award for the most popular book.

Kate Morton Books into Movies

None of the books by Kate Morton has been adapted for a screenplay.

Best Kate Morton Books

The Forgotten Garden: One of Kate Morton’s outstanding novel is the Forgotten Garden that was published in the year 2008 by Pan Books Publishers. The plot of the Forgotten Garden revolved around the lives of Cassandra Ryan, Nell O’Connor, Rose Montrachet and Eliza Makepeace. The book has been set in Cornwall, Australia, and Australia as well. In the book’s opening pages, Cassandra is described as a person who is not only lost but also alone in her grief. Cassandra’s life was shaken after an accident that happened more than ten years ago. To add to Cassandra’s grief, her grandmother has recently passed away. With the death of Nell, her grandmother, Cassandra feels as if she has lost everything in life. However, Cassandra’s life is turned upside down, after an unexpected and mysterious donation from her grandmother.

After this happens, Cassandra ends up challenging everything that she thought she knew about her family. Eventually, Cassandra ends up inheriting a book of dark and intriguing fairytales, that was penned down by Elizabeth Makepeace. She decides to be courageous and follows her grandmother’s footsteps. Makepeace is described the author, Kate Morton as a Victorian authoress, who had disappeared mysteriously in the early 20th Century. As she was trying to discover the truth behind her family, Cassandra is unaware of the fact that she will in the process, find a new life. Forgotten Garden is a novel that clearly depicts all the elements of an exceedingly captivating story, with the author, Kate Morton giving out descriptions about a fondling, a secret garden, an old book that has been filled with fairy tales and an exceedingly mysterious aristocratic family.

With the assistance of all these elements, the Forgotten Garden proves to be an exceedingly atmospheric and compulsive read. It not only shows a mix of secrets but also family, past, and memories as well in an exceedingly intriguing manner.

Kate Morton FAQs

Q: What nationality is Kate Morton?

A: The author Kate Morton is Australian.

Q: What is the name of Kate Morton’s first book?

A: The first book to the written by Kate Morton, and to have been published, is The House At Riverton.

When Does The Next Kate Morton book come out?

Kate Morton doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Homecoming and was released on April, 4th 2023.


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  1. I absolutely love it when I find a book that is different and doesn’t follow the standard, easily-predictable format. Kate Morton is a fantastic writer. I remember reading “The Forgotten Garden” the first time and not being able to put it down! There is a book of fairytales in the story, and it’s amazing that Morton wrote all those as well. I die for a novel that has fairytale themes. You will love Morton’s books!

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