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Kathleen O’Neal Gear is an American author that was born in 1954. Kathleen would describe herself first as an archeologist and a historian who spent many a year working for the government. The author’s foray into this realm, at least professionally, began with her work at the Museum of Cultural History in Los Angeles where Kathleen was working to catalogue the statues of saints from Guatemala. From there, she moved to the United States Department of the Interior before finding a place at a private firm as a co-principle investigator.

Order of First North Americans Series with W Michael Gear

1People of the Wolf 1990Description / Buy
2People of the Fire 1990Description / Buy
3People of the Earth 1992Description / Buy
4People of the River 1992Description / Buy
5People of the Sea 1993Description / Buy
6People of the Lakes 1994Description / Buy
7People of the Lightning 1995Description / Buy
8People of the Silence 1996Description / Buy
9People of the Mist 1997Description / Buy
10People of the Masks 1998Description / Buy
11People of the Owl 2003Description / Buy
12People of the Raven 2004Description / Buy
13People of the Moon 2005Description / Buy
14People of the Nightland 2007Description / Buy
15People of the Weeping Eye 2008Description / Buy
16People of the Thunder 2009Description / Buy
17People of the Longhouse 2010Description / Buy
18The Dawn Country 2011Description / Buy
19The Broken Land 2012Description / Buy
20People of the Black Sun 2012Description / Buy
21Copper Falcon (Short Story) 2014Description / Buy
22People of the Morning Star 2014Description / Buy
23The Dead Man's Doll (Short Story) 2015Description / Buy
24People of the Songtrail 2015Description / Buy
25Sun Born 2016Description / Buy
26Moon Hunt 2017Description / Buy
27Star Path: People of Cahokia 2019Description / Buy
28People of the Canyons 2020Description / Buy

Chronological Order of First North Americans Series

1People of the Wolf1990Description / Buy
2People of the Nightland2007Description / Buy
3People of the Sea1993Description / Buy
4People of the Raven2004Description / Buy
5People of the Lightning1995Description / Buy
6People of the Fire1990Description / Buy
7People of the Earth1992Description / Buy
8People of the Owl2003Description / Buy
9People of the Lakes1994Description / Buy
10People of the River1992Description / Buy
11People of the Silence1996Description / Buy
12People of the Moon2005Description / Buy
13People of the Masks1998Description / Buy
14People of the Weeping Eye2008Description / Buy
15People of the Thunder2009Description / Buy
16People of the Mist1997Description / Buy
17People of the Longhouse2010Description / Buy
18The Dawn Country2011Description / Buy
19The Broken Land2012Description / Buy
20People of the Black Sun2012Description / Buy
21People of the Morning Star2014Description / Buy
22People of the Songtrail2015Description / Buy
23Copper Falcon (Short Story)2014Description / Buy
24The Dead Man's Doll (Short Story)2015Description / Buy
25Sun Born2016Description / Buy
26Moon Hunt2017Description / Buy
27Star Path: People of Cahokia2019Description / Buy
28People of the Canyons2020Description / Buy

Order of Powers Of Light Series as Kathleen M. O'Neal

1An Abyss of Light 1990Description / Buy
2Treasure of Light 1990Description / Buy
3Redemption of Light 1991Description / Buy

Order of Anasazi Mysteries Series with W Michael Gear

1The Visitant 1999Description / Buy
2The Summoning God 2000Description / Buy
3Bone Walker 2001Description / Buy

Order of Genetic Thriller Series with W Michael Gear

1Dark Inheritance 2001Description / Buy
2Raising Abel 2002Description / Buy

Order of Black Falcon Series

1It Sleeps in Me 2004Description / Buy
2It Wakes in Me 2006Description / Buy
3It Dreams in Me 2007Description / Buy

Order of Contact: The Battle For America Series with W Michael Gear

1Coming of the Storm 2010Description / Buy
2Fire the Sky 2011Description / Buy
3A Searing Wind 2012Description / Buy

Order of Kathleen O'Neal Gear Standalone Novels

1Sand in the Wind 1990Description / Buy
2This Widowed Land 1993Description / Buy
3Thin Moon and Cold Mist 1995Description / Buy
4Children of the Dawnland ( With: W Michael Gear) 2003Description / Buy
5The Betrayal: The Lost Life of Jesus ( With: W Michael Gear) 2007Description / Buy
6Maze Master 2018Description / Buy
7Cries from the Lost Island 2020Description / Buy
8The Ice Lion 2021Description / Buy
9Fracture Event ( With: W Michael Gear) 2021Description / Buy

Order of Kathleen O’Neal Gear Non-Fiction Books

1Vikings in North America: Pursuing the Myth of Paradise 2015Description / Buy
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Kathleen has loved history for a very long time. However, that love pales in comparison to her love for writing. Born in Tulare, California, Kathleen O’Neal Gear hails from a family of writers. Even with six kids and demanding jobs, Kathleen’s parents always found the time to write. And it didn’t matter if they had to write while they cooked and cleaned and played with the kids. From what Kathleen saw, her parents were happiest when they were writing.

It was inevitable that the writing bug would eventually infect the author who was eventually influenced by the likes of Frank Waters, Margaret Mitchell and John Steinbeck.

Interestingly enough, while she always held a passion for writing, it was Kathleen’s interest in history and archeology that drove her to take the necessary steps to become a published author because of all the stories that her work inspired.

Even in this, Kathleen O’Neal Gear cannot ignore the importance of her parents; it was her Dad who endeavored to take her to archeological and historical sites all around the country when she was a child. She even had the opportunity to visit and explore a ghost town in which her father was working. Besides visiting museums, the family spent many a vacation around a campfire listening to stories about Native American Legends. Kathleen developed a keen interest in the ways of life of prehistoric people.

She was also influenced by a professor by the names of Dr. Charles Kegley who taught Kathleen to think critically.

All these factors and influences, along with Kathleen O’Neal Gear’s experience in the field of archeology and history, have come together to produce numerous fictional novels that reach back into prehistoric time periods, exploring the lives of different tribes and characters.

Kathleen is married to W. Michael Gear who is also a writer. The couple has co-authored several books.

Kathleen O’Neal Gear Awards

The biggest accolade attached to Kathleen’s name as an author is the Spur Award which she won in 2005 for People of the Raven.

Best Kathleen O’Neal Gear Books

Kathleen’s novels always stand out because they are so educational, perfectly manifesting her experience as a historian and archeologist, with some of the best books in the author’s bibliography including the following:

The Visitant: Doctor Maureen Coles is a physical anthropologist from Canada with extensive knowledge in her field. Maureen’s attempts at excavating a Mass Grave filled with women and children in New Mexico place her on the path to understanding a series of events involving a woman in search of a Spirit Helper, an old man looking to locate a murderer and an ancient village that is consumed by an unbelievable crime.

The Visitant is the first book in the Anasazi mystery series. The story begins at an archeological dig in modern times. Then it leaps back to the ancient times of the Anasazi. There, Kathleen O’Neal Gear delves into all the murder, mayhem and supernatural evil that assaulted a local community. Kathleen switches back and forth between these two time periods, using the perspectives of the characters in the past and the present to add pieces to a puzzle that slowly but surely comes into focus.

People of the Lakes: The Mound Builder people of the Great Lakes Region are fast approaching the end, this resulting from all the conflicts that a powerful totemic mask has elicited. But Star Shell could be the key to peace.

The daughter of a Hopewell Chief, Star Shell, with the help of her companions, seeks to save her people by destroying the curse that is consuming them. But destroying the totemic mask won’t be easy, not with Star Shell’s clan members seeking to stop her.

North America’s Forgotten Past: The sixth book in a series called North America’s Forgotten Past, this Kathleen O’Neal Gear novel falls firmly within the fantasy genre, following the exploits of a girl that must go on a journey to destroy a great evil. The elements of fantasy are compounded upon by the archaeological and historical data Kathleen injects into the story.

When Does The Next Kathleen O'Neal Gear book come out?

Kathleen O'Neal Gear doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is The Ice Lion and was released on May, 4th 2021.


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