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Kelsey Roberts is a pen name that Rhonda Pollero uses to write romantic suspense. Kelsey wrote and published ‘Legal Tender’, her first novel, in 1993. In doing so, she paved the way for a successful career in the industry. With four million copies in print, Kelsey’s books can be found in most countries around the world.

Order of Rose Tattoo Series

1Unspoken Confessions 1995Description / Buy
2Unlawfully Wedded 1995Description / Buy
3Undying Laughter 1995Description / Buy
4The Tall, Dark Alibi 1996Description / Buy
5The Wrong Man 1997Description / Buy
6Her Mother's Arms 1998Description / Buy
7Unforgettable Night 1998Description / Buy
8Wanted, Cowboy 1999Description / Buy
9The Night In Question 2009Description / Buy

Order of Landry Brothers Series

1His Only Son 1999Description / Buy
2Landry's Law 2000Description / Buy
3Bedside Manner 2004Description / Buy
4Chasing Secrets 2005Description / Buy
5Film at Eleven 2005Description / Buy
6Charmed and Dangerous 2005Description / Buy
7The Last Landry 2006Description / Buy

Order of Trueblood, Texas Series

1Someone's Baby ( By: Dani Sinclair) 2001Description / Buy
2The Cowboy Wants a Baby ( By: Jo Leigh) 2001Description / Buy
3A Father's Vow ( By: Tina Leonard) 2001Description / Buy
4Daddy Wanted ( By: Kate Hoffmann) 2001Description / Buy
5The Cowboy's Secret Son ( By: Gayle Wilson) 2001Description / Buy
6The Rancher's Bride ( By: Tara Taylor Quinn) 2002Description / Buy
7Dylan's Destiny ( By: Kimberly Raye) 2002Description / Buy
8The Best Man in Texas 2002Description / Buy
9The Sheriff Gets His Lady ( By: Dani Sinclair) 2002Description / Buy
10Truly, Madly, Deeply ( By: Vicki Lewis Thompson) 2002Description / Buy
11Hero for Hire ( By: Jill Shalvis) 2004Description / Buy

Order of Delta Justice Series with Jasmine Cresswell, Candace Schuler, Judith Arnold, Margaret St. George, Margot Dalton

1Contract: Paternity ( By: Jasmine Cresswell) 1997Description / Buy
2In the Bride's Defense 1997Description / Buy
3Every Kid Needs a Hero ( By: Candace Schuler) 1998Description / Buy
4Someone to Watch Over Her 1998Description / Buy
5For the Love of Beau ( By: Margaret St. George) 1998Description / Buy
6French Twist ( By: Margot Dalton) 1998Description / Buy
7Legacy of Secrets ( By: Judith Arnold) 1998Description / Buy

Order of Kelsey Roberts Standalone Novels

1Legal Tender 1993Description / Buy
2Things Remembered 1994Description / Buy

Kelsey Roberts Anthologies

1 Red Hot Santa2005Description / Buy
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The number of accolades she has accumulated since her career started is just as impressive. And yet there are people who are aware of Kelsey’s existence without having read any of her works. This is because she has made so many appearances on television and radio. Hers is the sort of face with which people have become very familiar over the course of her career.

That being said, Kelsey Robert’s roots have always been in the literary arena. While others might point to her accolades as a sign of her success, she is more likely to highlight the work she has done with ‘The Writers Workshop’ she founded at Anne Arundel College.

Through the platforms offered by the workshop, the author spent three years putting her skills to good use as the lead instructor in the craft and genre writing classes. Roberts understands plotting and story structure better than most people, especially when it comes to crime fiction.

This is why she has always been a sought-after lecturer. She is the sort of presenter that people flood workshops to see. Her understanding of women and why they read and write crime fiction has made her an icon in some circles.

Even though it is just a pen name, the Kelsey Roberts persona has taken on a life of its own. It was under the pseudonym that the author developed ‘Rose Tattoo’, a wildly popular series for Harlequin. It was also under the Kelsey pen name that she created the ‘Landry Brothers’ series, also quite popular.

Kelsey Roberts Awards

Under the Kelsey Roberts pen name, Rhonda Pollero won the RT Reviewers Choice Award. She took the award home in 1995 for ‘Undying Laughter’.

Best Kelsey Roberts Books

People have described Kelsey as the master of the romantic suspense genre, with some of the best books in her bibliography including:

His Only Son: Sam Landry was smitten with Callie. She stirred his senses in ways he could not explain. But he also knew that she might be the mother of the only little boy he has ever loved. And in reuniting mother and son, Sam knew that he was running the risk of losing his son.

‘His Own Son’ is the first novel in the Landry Brothers series. The story actually begins in the ‘Rose Tattoos ‘ series. It is within a ‘Rose Tattoos’ book that readers are introduced to the Landry Brothers. Kelsey Roberts reveals that the Landry land has been split among some of the Landry boys and their cousins. There is also a decade-old mystery afoot.

This book builds upon that foundation, focusing primarily on Sam, the oldest of the Landry men. Sam is the stable one, the protector of the bunch. He was once married but his wife died in a car accident, leaving Sam to care for Kevin, his stepson.

By the time this novel starts, Sam has grown to love Kevin as his own. And once his mother dies, Sam decides to adopt Kevin. But that requires tracking the boy’s father down. When Sam begins his search, rather than finding the father, the protagonist stumbles across Callie, Kevin’s real mother. Shocked by the revelation that his wife did not give birth to Kevin, Sam tries to get to the bottom of a deepening mystery even as nefarious forces emerge to threaten Callie and Kevin.

Bedside Manner: Doctor Chance Landry has a poor history with women. He knows how to charm them. But commitment has never been his forte which is why he always leaves every woman he romances. Chance never expected his approach to relationships to come back and bite him. But now his patients are dying.

Someone is killing them. Even worse, they are framing Chance for the murders. With so many jilted lovers in his past, Chance can’t help but wonder whether any of the women he dumped would stoop so low as to kill his patients.

When Does The Next Kelsey Roberts book come out?

Kelsey Roberts doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is The Night In Question and was released on January, 13th 2009. It is the newest book in the Rose Tattoo Series.

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