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Author Kevin Hearne was born in the state of Arizona, where he also grew up. He would later move to Colorado with his wife and kid and dogs. He used to teach the subject of English to high school students which he did for almost twenty years, and graduated from Northern Arizona University. Hearne is a fan of heavy metal music, comic books, tacos, science fiction, things having to do with “Star Wars”, and protecting the environment anyway he can. Hearne feels so strongly for the environment that he calls himself a tree hugger. Before being published as a novelist, he worked as editor for the cartoonist department and was also a feature columnist for the same newspaper at his college.

Order of Ink & Sigil Series

1Ink & Sigil 2020Description / Buy
2Paper & Blood 2021Description / Buy

Order of Iron Druid Chronicles Series

1Hounded 2011Description / Buy
2Hexed 2011Description / Buy
3Hammered 2011Description / Buy
4Tricked 2012Description / Buy
5Two Ravens and One Crow 2012Description / Buy
6Trapped 2012Description / Buy
7Hunted 2013Description / Buy
8Grimoire of the Lamb (Short Story) 2013Description / Buy
9Shattered 2014Description / Buy
10The Chapel Perilous 2014Description / Buy
11The Demon Barker of Wheat Street 2014Description / Buy
12Two Tales of the Iron Druid Chronicles (Short Story) 2015Description / Buy
13Staked 2016Description / Buy
14Besieged 2017Description / Buy
15Scourged 2018Description / Buy

Chronological Order of Iron Druid Chronicles Series

1Grimoire of the Lamb (Short Story)2013Description / Buy
2Hounded2011Description / Buy
3Hexed2011Description / Buy
4Hammered2011Description / Buy
5Tricked2012Description / Buy
6Two Ravens and One Crow2012Description / Buy
7The Demon Barker of Wheat Street2014Description / Buy
8The Chapel Perilous2014Description / Buy
9Trapped2012Description / Buy
10Hunted2013Description / Buy
11Shattered2014Description / Buy
12Two Tales of the Iron Druid Chronicles (Short Story)2015Description / Buy
13Staked2016Description / Buy
14Besieged2017Description / Buy
15Scourged2018Description / Buy

Order of Oberon’s Meaty Mysteries Series

1The Purloined Poodle 2016Description / Buy
2The Squirrel on the Train (Short Story) 2017Description / Buy

Order of Seven Kennings Series

1A Plague of Giants 2017Description / Buy
2A Blight of Blackwings 2020Description / Buy

Order of Tales Of Pell Series with Delilah S. Dawson

1Kill the Farm Boy ( With: Delilah S. Dawson) 2019Description / Buy
2No Country for Old Gnomes ( With: Delilah S. Dawson) 2019Description / Buy
3The Princess Beard ( With: Delilah S. Dawson) 2019Description / Buy

Order of Kevin Hearne Standalone Novels

1A Question of Navigation (Short Story) 2021Description / Buy

Order of Kevin Hearne Short Story Collections

1First Dangle and Other Stories 2019Description / Buy

Order of Star Wars Series

1A New Dawn ( By: John Jackson Miller) 2014Description / Buy
2Heir to the Jedi 2015Description / Buy
3Lords of the Sith ( By: Paul S. Kemp) 2015Description / Buy
4Dark Disciple ( By: Christie Golden) 2015Description / Buy
5Bloodline ( By: Claudia Gray) 2016Description / Buy
6Most Wanted ( By: Rae Carson) 2018Description / Buy
7Solo: A Star Wars Story ( By: Mur Lafferty) 2018Description / Buy
8Queen's Shadow ( By: E.K. Johnston) 2019Description / Buy
9Master & Apprentice ( By: Claudia Gray) 2019Description / Buy
10Dooku: Jedi Lost ( By: Cavan Scott) 2019Description / Buy
11The Rise of Skywalker ( By: Rae Carson) 2020Description / Buy
12Queen's Peril ( By: E.K. Johnston) 2020Description / Buy
13The High Republic: Into the Dark ( By: Claudia Gray) 2021Description / Buy
14The Rising Storm ( By: Cavan Scott) 2021Description / Buy
15The Mandalorian ( By: Adam Christopher) 2021Description / Buy
16Star Wars: Queen's Hope ( By: E.K. Johnston) 2021Description / Buy

Kevin Hearne Anthologies

1 Death & Honey2019Description / Buy
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He has written a novel set in the Star Wars universe that takes place after “A New Hope” and before “Empire Strikes Back”. Some of his novels have made bestseller lists (New York Times and USA Today), and these novels are from his “Iron Druid Chronicles” series that is urban fantasy and is published by Del Ray. Atticus O’Sullivan stars in this series as the last druid who has to live in the modern world; a man is pulled into different squabbles between all the various creatures of the supernatural who have problems co-existing with one another. “Iron Druid Chronicles” is a world that features vampires, witches, werewolves, and goddesses and gods of different kinds. The series also includes short stories and novellas to it. Not only does this make up the bulk of his work, but it is also how he got into being published as a novelist.


If you are looking to get into Kevin Hearne’s books, here is a list to help you get started. These novels are the first three in his urban fantasy series called “Iron Druid Chronicles”, and they are called: “Hounded”, “Hexed”, and “Hammered”.

Hounded: The first book in the “Iron Druid Chronicles” series written by Kevin Hearne that was released in the year 2011. The last of the Druids, Atticus O’Sullivan, lives in peace in the state of Arizona (the town of Tempe). He runs an occult bookshop and shape shifts in his spare time so that he can hunt with his Irish wolfhound. This tattooed Irish dude is thought, by his neighbors and the customers of his bookshop, to be only about twenty-one years old or so. The reality, however, is that he is about twenty-one centuries old. Atticus has a sharp wit, he pulls his power from the Earth, and has a magical and sharp sword that is called Fragarach (or Answerer).

Hexed: The second book in the “Iron Druid Chronicles” series written by Kevin Hearne that was released in the year 2011. Atticus does not care a whole lot for witches. That being said, he signs an agreement with the coven that is in the same town as him that is a nonaggression treaty that goes both ways between both him and the coven. The next day, the witch population grows and there are four times as many witches as there were before in Tempe, Arizona. The girls were on the Germans side in the second World War. At the same time, there is a fallen angel who is using high school students in town to feast on, a sexy Celtic goddess of fire that tempts Atticus, and a large group of Bacchants coming in from Las Vegas with their own decadence that proves to be quite deadly. All of these things make it hard to get to his witch hunt. He has a vampire attorney, his magical and powerful sword, and a grenade launcher that his neighbor lets him use.

Hammered: The third book in the “Iron Druid Chronicles” series written by Kevin Hearne that was released in the year 2011. Thor has ruined many lives and killed a lot of people. This is the Norse god of thunder, mind you. Viking vampire Leif Helgarson is ready for revenge after many centuries. Atticus is asked to help by Leif to take down Thor. Atticus has survived because he has stayed away from the god of thunder. He agrees, and there is a turf war brewing between vampires and Russian demon hunters (called Hammers of God) are running around free. Leif and Atticus go to Asgard, and team up with a sorcerer, a frost giant army, and a werewolf to take on all of the angry gods together.

When Does The Next Kevin Hearne book come out?

Kevin Hearne doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Paper & Blood and was released on August, 10th 2021. It is the newest book in the Ink & Sigil Series.

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