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Kim Harrison is an American author born in 1966 and best known for the Rachel Morgan books. The pseudonym for Dawn Cook, Harrison was born in the Midwest in a family of boys. Harrison can attribute a lot of the success she has enjoyed to her current agent whom she met at a writing convention.

Order of The Hollows Series

1Dead Witch Walking 2004Description / Buy
2The Good, the Bad, and the Undead 2005Description / Buy
3Every Which Way But Dead 2005Description / Buy
4A Fistful of Charms 2006Description / Buy
5For a Few Demons More 2007Description / Buy
6The Outlaw Demon Wails 2008Description / Buy
7White Witch, Black Curse 2009Description / Buy
8Black Magic Sanction 2010Description / Buy
9Pale Demon 2011Description / Buy
10A Perfect Blood 2012Description / Buy
11Ever After 2013Description / Buy
12The Undead Pool 2014Description / Buy
13The Witch With No Name 2014Description / Buy
14Sudden Backtrack (Short Story) 2014Description / Buy
15Waylaid (Short Story) 2016Description / Buy
16The Turn 2017Description / Buy
17American Demon 2020Description / Buy
18Million Dollar Demon 2021Description / Buy

Order of The Hollows Collections

1Into the Woods 2009Description / Buy

Order of The Hollows Graphic Novels

1Blood Work 2011Description / Buy
2Blood Crime 2012Description / Buy

Order of Peri Reed Chronicles Series

1Sideswiped (Short Story) 2015Description / Buy
2The Drafter 2015Description / Buy
3The Operator 2016Description / Buy

Order of Madison Avery Series

1Once Dead, Twice Shy 2009Description / Buy
2Early to Death, Early to Rise 2009Description / Buy
3Something Deadly This Way Comes 2011Description / Buy

Order of Kim Harrison Standalone Novels

1Perfunctory Affection 2019Description / Buy

Order of Kim Harrison Short Stories/Novellas

1Pet Shop Boys (Short Story) 2012Description / Buy

Order of Truth Series as Dawn Cook

1First Truth 2002Description / Buy
2Hidden Truth 2002Description / Buy
3Forgotten Truth 2003Description / Buy
4Lost Truth 2004Description / Buy

Order of Princess Series as Dawn Cook

1The Decoy Princess 2005Description / Buy
2Princess at Sea 2006Description / Buy

Order of Short Stories From Hell Series

1Dates from Hell 2006Description / Buy
2Holidays Are Hell 2007Description / Buy
3Weddings from Hell ( By: Kathryn Smith) 2008Description / Buy

Kim Harrison Anthologies

1 Holidays Are Hell2007Description / Buy
2 Prom Nights From Hell2007Description / Buy
3 Hotter Than Hell2008Description / Buy
4 Unbound2009Description / Buy
5 Demons: Encounters with the Devil and His Minions, Fallen Angels, and the Possessed2011Description / Buy
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Harrison spent several years struggling as a writer before the chance meeting at the writing convention. From there, she was introduced to Editor Diana Gill, this eventually leading to the publication of Harrison’s first book in 2004. Harrison initially toyed with science fiction before finally finding a home in the contemporary fantasy genre.

Harrison is best known for the Hollows series of books which tell of a world in which a significant portion of the world’s population was killed off as a result of a genetically modified tomato. Harrison’s books have dominated the New York Times Bestseller list and also attracted praise from authors like Kelly Gay.

The truth about Kim Harrison being the same person as Dawn Cook was revealed in 2009.

Kim Harrison Awards

Harrison has received some notable accolades for her efforts, this including the RT Reviewers Choice Award (2004, 2007). Along with being a finalist for the Audies (2014), Harrison has garnered starred reviews from websites like Kirkus.

Kim Harrison Books into Movies

Rumors about the Hollows books receiving a movie and television show adaptation have continued to persist even in the absence of any actual signs of progress. Talk of a CW-based television series has proven especially persistent.

Best Kim Harrison Books

Kim Harrison writes sexy supernatural tales like few other authors on the landscape today, with some of the best books in her bibliography including:

White Witch, Black Curse: Rachel Morgan is out for revenge. Kick-ass witch and bounty hunter she might be, but Morgan is just as vulnerable as any other woman. And even after suffering more hits that she thought she could bear, the murder of her lover left her wounded in ways she never thought possible. Now, she will stop at nothing to solve his death, this while a new predator moves to dominate the Inderland Food Chain.

The seventh book in the Hollows series introduces Mia, a banshee, to fans of Kim Harrison. The character, who shares the attributes of a succubus, might have appeared in a few novellas, but this is the first book that throws her into the center of the action.

Rachel isn’t in the best mental state in this book. The previous novel left her with some distressing news about the children she may have in the future. The fact that she doesn’t have that many allies that she can trust only deepens her loneliness.

The story doesn’t take any major steps forward, though. Harrison clearly chose to use this book as a breather of sorts, cutting back on the action and taking the time to explore the softer side of her protagonist.

Fans of the novels get a chance to see Rachel interact with her friends and family in more depth as her relationships are tested.

Pale Demon: Rachel Morgan has a case to answer, and she will do just that at the annual Witches’ conference. Condemned for using black magic, Rachel has three days to reach her destination, lest she remains lost in the demonic for all eternity.

The cross country road trip that ensues is obviously a recipe for disaster, what with an elf, a vampire, and a pixy, not to mention a witch sharing the same car.

Life has always been complicated for Rachel Morgan, and this book sees all her problems come to a head. Rachel has been accused of being a black witch. She earned the accusation because she actually consorted with demons and performed black magic, but she is more than happy to accept salvation when the new head of the coven offers her a chance to overcome her shunning.

All she has to do is attend a Witch’s conference and publicly apologize for using black magic. However, getting to the conference is easier said than done. There are forces working to make the journal as difficult as possible for Rachel.

Harrison uses this book to execute a surprising amount of character development. Fans of Harrison who have been following this series since the beginning are bound to find the revelations in Pale Demon highly satisfying.

When Does The Next Kim Harrison book come out?

Kim Harrison doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Million Dollar Demon and was released on June, 15th 2021. It is the newest book in the The Hollows Series.

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