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L. A. Banks was an African America author that wrote within a variety of genres. The people who knew her described Banks as a perpetually active individual, always experimenting and progressing. Whether she was pursuing a career in business or producing fiction, Banks wasn’t afraid to try new things, to escape her comfort zone in favor of pushing the boundaries.

Order of Betrayal of the Trust Series

1Betrayal Of The Trust 2004Description / Buy
2Blind Trust 2005Description / Buy
3Shattered Trust 2006Description / Buy
4No Trust 2007Description / Buy

Order of Vampire Huntress Series

1Minion 2003Description / Buy
2The Awakening 2003Description / Buy
3The Hunted 2004Description / Buy
4The Bitten 2005Description / Buy
5The Forbidden 2005Description / Buy
6Dawn and Darkness (Short Story) 2006Description / Buy
7The Damned 2006Description / Buy
8The Forsaken 2006Description / Buy
9The Wicked 2007Description / Buy
10The Cursed 2007Description / Buy
11The Darkness 2008Description / Buy
12The Shadows 2008Description / Buy
13The Thirteenth 2009Description / Buy

Order of Vampire Huntress Graphic Novel Series

1The Hidden Darkness #1 (Short Story) 2010Description / Buy
2The Hidden Darkness #2 (Short Story) 2010Description / Buy
3The Hidden Darkness #3 (Short Story) 2011Description / Buy
4The Hidden Darkness #4 (Short Story) 2011Description / Buy

Order of Crimson Moon Series

1Bad Blood 2007Description / Buy
2Bite the Bullet 2008Description / Buy
3Undead on Arrival 2009Description / Buy
4Cursed to Death 2009Description / Buy
5Never Cry Werewolf 2010Description / Buy
6Left for Undead 2010Description / Buy

Order of Scarface Series

1The Beginning 2006Description / Buy
2Point of No Return 2007Description / Buy

Order of The Dark Series

1Surrender the Dark 2011Description / Buy
2Conquer the Dark 2011Description / Buy

Order of L.A. Banks Standalone Novels

1Sundance 1996Description / Buy
2Slow Burn 1997Description / Buy
3Love Notes 2001Description / Buy
4Love Lessons 2001Description / Buy
5Rivers of the Soul 2001Description / Buy
6Love Potions 2002Description / Buy
7Tomorrow's Promise 2002Description / Buy
8Soul Food 2002Description / Buy
9Through the Storm 2002Description / Buy
10Sister Got Game 2004Description / Buy
11Keepin' It Real 2005Description / Buy
12Take Me There 2006Description / Buy
13Better Than 2008Description / Buy
14Shadow Walker 2010Description / Buy
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Her death in 2011 was met with sadness from the literary community. People were aware that she had been diagnosed with adrenal cancer. That was in 2011 as well. Even with a thriving literary career, the author could not afford to cover the costs associated with her medical care.

So her family reached out to her friends and colleagues. They opened a charitable fund and asked people to make donations, Authors like Charlaine Harris and P.N. Elrod rose to the challenge, participating in auctions and offering books and services in the hopes of raising money that could be funneled into the fund.

L.A. Banks ultimately passed away in August of 2011, leaving behind a daughter. The author was born Leslie Ann Peterson in 1959 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. For the longest time, people knew her as Leslie Esdaile. The name can be attributed to her marriage to Michael Esdaile. It was from their coupling that Banks’ daughter, Helena Esdaile, was born.

Their marriage eventually ended, with Banks going on to marry Al Banks in 2000, hence the change in name. The author has written fiction under numerous pen names, including Leslie E. Banks and Leslie Esdaile Banks. She was a chameleon that could seemingly produce fiction in any genre that piqued her interest.

A lot of people know her for writing dark fantasy. But she also wrote women’s fiction, crime suspense, and African American literature.

Before joining the field of publishing, L.A. Banks worked in marketing. She went through the Wharton undergraduate program (University of Pennsylvania). She also attended Temple University from where she acquired her Master of Fine Arts (Film making program).

Her resume includes stints at Xerox, Digital Equipment Corporation, and Hewlett Packard. She also had the opportunity to work at numerous Fortune 100 companies as an executive. Having accumulated a significant amount of knowledge and experience in the field, Banks eventually branched out on her own, becoming a marketing consultant.

She finally entered the publishing industry in 1992, producing dozens of novels and novellas in a wide variety of genres. Some people will remember the content she contributed to magazines and newspapers during those years, not to mention all the commercial fiction she produced for the likes of Simon and Schuster, St. Martin’s Press, and Kensington Publishing.

If Banks was to identify one defining aspect of her career, it would probably be the day Paramount/Showtime gave her the contract to write a series of books based on the ‘Soul Food’ TV show. Though, for many of her fans, L.A. Banks was at her best when she was writing vampire fiction.

L.A. Banks Awards

Banks received the Essence Literary Award in 2008.

Best L.A. Banks Books

Before her death, Banks was lauded for her feverish commitment to her community, with some of the best books in her bibliography including:

Minion: To the world, Damali Richards is just another spoken word artist; perhaps the best artist ‘Warriors of Light’ Records has to offer, but just another human all the same. And Damali is happy to maintain that facade during the day. But at night, everything changes.

At night, Damali and her team hunt the things that lurk in the shadows. They know that vampires are real and they have made it their business to keep innocent humans safe from their blood lust.

When rogue vampires start killing artists, Damali leaps into action to stop them. But something else is wreaking havoc in the club drug-trafficking network, a creature so brutal that it mutilates its victims beyond recognition. Damali must find this powerful vampire before it finds her.

Awakening: Some people think that Damali is just another spoken word artist. Others think that she’s just a vampire huntress. But the vampire world knows who she really is. Damali is the millennium Neteru and the creatures of the night will fight tooth and nail to sink their claws into her.

One such creature is Fallon Nuit, a vampire that has gone so far as to join a deadly cabal of demons in his attempts to possess her.

When Does The Next L.A. Banks book come out?

L.A. Banks doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Conquer the Dark and was released on September, 27th 2011. It is the newest book in the The Dark Series.


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