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L. T. Ryan is an American author that writes suspense thrillers like the Jack Nobel series. Ryan loves the great outdoors. He spends a lot of time hiking and fishing with his family. He also enjoys reading.

Order of Jack Noble Series

1Noble Beginnings 2012Description / Buy
2Noble Intentions 2012Description / Buy
3A Deadly Distance 2013Description / Buy
4The Recruit (Short Story) 2013Description / Buy
5Noble Betrayal 2013Description / Buy
6Never Go Home 2013Description / Buy
7Noble Retribution 2013Description / Buy
8Thin Line 2014Description / Buy
9When Dead in Greece 2014Description / Buy
10Noble Judgment 2014Description / Buy
11Never Cry Mercy 2016Description / Buy
12Deadline 2016Description / Buy
13End Game 2017Description / Buy
14The First Deception 2018Description / Buy
15Noble Ultimatum 2021Description / Buy
16Noble Legend 2022Description / Buy

Chronological Order of Jack Noble Series

1The Recruit (Short Story)2013Description / Buy
2The First Deception2018Description / Buy
3Noble Beginnings2012Description / Buy
4A Deadly Distance2013Description / Buy
5Thin Line2014Description / Buy
6End Game2017Description / Buy
7Noble Intentions2012Description / Buy
8When Dead in Greece2014Description / Buy
9Noble Retribution2013Description / Buy
10Noble Betrayal2013Description / Buy
11Never Go Home2013Description / Buy
12Noble Judgment2014Description / Buy
13Never Cry Mercy2016Description / Buy
14Deadline2016Description / Buy
15Noble Ultimatum2021Description / Buy
16Noble Legend2022Description / Buy

Order of Cassie Quinn Mysteries Series with K.M. Rought

1Path of Bones 2020Description / Buy
2Whisper of Bones 2021Description / Buy
3Symphony of Bones 2021Description / Buy
4Etched in Shadow 2021Description / Buy

Order of Bear & Mandy Logan Series

1Close to Home ( With: K.M. Rought) 2021Description / Buy

Order of Clarissa Abbot Thriller Series

1Beyond Betrayal 2013Description / Buy

Order of Affliction Z Series

1Patient Zero 2013Description / Buy
2Abandoned Hope 2013Description / Buy
3Descended in Blood 2014Description / Buy
4Fractured 2018Description / Buy
5Fractured: Part 2 2021Description / Buy

Order of Mitch Tanner Series

1The Depth of Darkness 2013Description / Buy
2Into The Darkness 2017Description / Buy
3Deliver Us From Darkness 2021Description / Buy

Order of Bear Logan Series

1Ripple Effect 2017Description / Buy
2Blowback 2018Description / Buy
3Takedown 2019Description / Buy
4Deep State 2020Description / Buy

Order of Rachel Hatch Series with Brian Christopher Shea

1Drift 2019Description / Buy
2Fractured (Short Story) 2020Description / Buy
3Downburst 2020Description / Buy
4Fever Burn 2020Description / Buy
5Proving Ground (Short Story) 2020Description / Buy
6Smoke Signal 2020Description / Buy
7The Gauntlet (Short Story) 2020Description / Buy
8Firewalk 2020Description / Buy
9Whitewater 2021Description / Buy
10Aftershock 2021Description / Buy
11Whirlwind 2022Description / Buy

Order of Blake Brier Series with

1Unmasked 2020Description / Buy
2Unleashed 2021Description / Buy
3Uncharted 2021Description / Buy
4Drawpoint 2021Description / Buy
5Contrail 2022Description / Buy

Order of L.T. Ryan Short Stories/Novellas

1The Walk (Short Story) 2012Description / Buy
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People that want to keep up with Ryan’s life, not just his writing and release schedule but all the other activities that occupy him, can visit the author’s website. He tries to keep his readers updated on his life.

Best L. T. Ryan Books

Ryan is a family man with a wife and several daughters. Ryan’s best novels include:

Noble Beginnings: Afghanistan became the center of America’s war on terror in 2002. The world was so engrossed in the developments coming out of the war-torn nation that Jack’s activities in Baghdad went largely unnoticed.

Jack wasn’t a spy. But his superiors had decided to loan the marine out to the CIA. Considering his competence and wealth of skills, Jack thought that the CIA had a grand plan for him, that they had a specific need for a man of his particular talents.

But when the mission finally began, the Marine was shocked to find that he was little more than a glorified guard. But even then, Jack was more than happy to do his job. His time in the military wouldn’t last forever, and he couldn’t wait to finish his enlistment so that he could start his life over in a new field.

Unfortunately, the CIA had other plans. Jack’s problems began when he encountered a group of CIA Agents that had decided to treat an innocent Iraqi family with an unnecessarily violent hand.

Jack was not afraid to make difficult decisions. He understood that soldiers were occasionally expected to perform morally questionable acts for the greater good. But he also knew that the CIA agents were wrong, which is why he chose to intervene, saving the Iraqi family from unwarranted harm.

Whatever Jack thought would happen when he crossed the CIA, he did not expect the organization to turn him into a fugitive overnight. Now, the only way to save the people he loves is to unravel a conspiracy with far-reaching consequences.

Noble Beginnings is the first novel in the Jack Noble series. It follows Jack around as he attempts to find the masterminds behind a plot that has ruined his life. Someone committed murder in Iraq, and now, they have decided to frame Jack and his partner Bear for the crimes.

But Jack is no ordinary Marine. His gifts as a soldier have turned him into the sort of thorn that his enemies did not plan for. The protagonist stands out because he is likable, and he will do everything in his power to get justice.

The novel is action-packed and fast-paced. But interestingly enough, unlike other suspense thrillers, this one is clean. It doesn’t have much in the way of sexual content or swearing, which is why it appeals to people in so many different age ranges. People have compared L. T. Ryan’s hero to fictional individuals like Mitch Rapp and Jack Reacher.

Drift: Rachel Hatch had no roots. After spending so many years in the field of combat, she had no interest in settling down. After abandoning her hometown fifteen years earlier, Hatch assumed that a few more years would pass before she was forced to go back.

But then a family tragedy occurred, leaving Hatch with no other choice but to return. Her sister was dead and the former Army Criminal Investigator was convinced that someone had murdered her. She had no intention of letting the killer escape.

The people that had stolen her sister’s life did not predict the depths Hatch would sink to find them. And she wasn’t alone. Dalton Savage, the local Sheriff, had decided to lend Hatch his talents. But the deeper they dug, the more puzzling the murder became. Every new answer brought with it a new question.

Even worse, Hatch and Dalton’s investigation was attracting the wrong attention. Unless they proceeded carefully, they risked losing their lives as well. But Hatch wasn’t afraid. She was well acquainted with danger and none of the scare tactics her sister’s killers had chosen to deploy would stop her from getting to the truth.

When Does The Next L.T. Ryan book come out?

The next book by L.T. Ryan is Close to Home and will be released on December, 14th 2021. It is the newest book in the Bear & Mandy Logan Series.


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  1. I just read the first Cassie Quinn mystery by LT Ryan (the first book of his I’ve read period) and I don’t have any idea what her backstory with Novak is that he keeps referring to. Pretty scant details are given, like the reader is just supposed to already know about it. Can anyone point me in the direction of what book(s) she is first introduced in? Thanks!

      1. I tracked her to the first Mitch Tanner book but even in that book it reads like they have prior history that I don’t know about. Was Mitch Tanner introduced in another series before his own?

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