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Lars Emmerich is an author that writes edgy fiction. He also describes himself as a musician, fighter pilot, and investor. He sees a bit of himself in his protagonists. Lars doesn’t appreciate heroes that are wholly good or villains that are irredeemably evil.

Order of Devolution Trilogy Series

1Devolution 2014Description / Buy
2Mindscrew 2015Description / Buy
3Meltdown 2016Description / Buy

Order of Sam Jameson Series

1Devolution 2014Description / Buy
2The Incident: Inferno Rising 2014Description / Buy
3The Incident: Reckoning 2014Description / Buy
4Mindscrew 2015Description / Buy
5The Incident: Fallout 2016Description / Buy
6Meltdown 2016Description / Buy
7Descent 2016Description / Buy
8The Blowback Protocol 2017Description / Buy
9Burn 2017Description / Buy
10The Wrong 2020Description / Buy
11Deep Fake 2021Description / Buy
12Monarch 2021Description / Buy

Chronological Order of Sam Jameson Series

1The Incident: Inferno Rising2014Description / Buy
2The Incident: Reckoning2014Description / Buy
3Monarch2021Description / Buy
4Devolution2014Description / Buy
5Meltdown2016Description / Buy
6Mindscrew2015Description / Buy
7Descent2016Description / Buy
8The Incident: Fallout2016Description / Buy
9The Blowback Protocol2017Description / Buy
10Burn2017Description / Buy
11The Wrong2020Description / Buy
12Deep Fake2021Description / Buy

Order of The Incident Series

1The Incident: Inferno Rising 2014Description / Buy
2The Incident: Reckoning 2014Description / Buy
3The Incident: Fallout 2016Description / Buy
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He wants the antagonists he reads about to challenge him. Lars is also drawn to protagonists with a little bit of bad in them. The author wants the books he reads to move him physically and emotionally. He wants to feel the goosebumps rushing down his arm when a story takes an interesting turn.

He wants to experience the grief that comes with tragedy and failure, not to mention the shock that an amazing twist can induce. The best stories have always challenged Lars, forcing him to reconsider his perception and teaching him something new. He tries to write equally engaging tales. The activity consumes a good portion of his days and nights.

Best Lars Emmerich Books

Lars Emmerich is a private author that isn’t particularly keen on spilling the beans about his personal life. The writer’s best books include:

The Incident Episode One: Special Agent Sam Jameson was good at her job. She was also loyal. And yet, several people wanted her dead, or so it seemed. Death wasn’t uncommon in the counterespionage arena. People died all the time.

It was a risk that every agent accepted when they decided to serve. But this was different. Sam wasn’t on the hunt for some nefarious villain that had turned the tables on her. It wasn’t the bad guys that wanted to put Sam six feet under but, rather, the good guys, and she had no idea why.

What possible reason would the DC Metro Police have to unjustly incarcerate her? What about her bosses? What was Homeland doing to find the culprits behind the conspiracy? Did they want her dead as well?

Who could she trust? Everyone she spoke to met an untimely end. Fortunately, she had a way forward, a clue in the hands of a dead man. She had to act fast before the loose around her neck twisted too tightly for her to escape.

The Incident is the first novel in ‘The Incident’ series. The book is quite small, less than two hundred pages long. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call it a teaser rather than a proper book, designed to hook readers before enticing them to buy the other novels in the series. This would explain the author’s decision to make it available for free.

It also explains the climax which ends the book abruptly. The story it tells revolves around three main characters. Though, the central figure is Sam, a CIA officer trying to evade the people that are hellbent on killing her.

The book has been compared to older pulp fiction novels because Sam faces incredible odds before barely escaping certain death despite her debilitating injuries.

Devolution: Samantha Jameson was determined to make sense of the death of an elderly priest. The victim wasn’t completely innocent. He had been suspected of espionage. When Sam joined the case, she did not expect her world to twist so suddenly.

It all began when she caught the attention of a Shadowy Organization. When they kidnapped her lover, Samantha gave chase. She had no intention of letting the love of her life die. But finding him was far more challenging than she expected.

She had to overcome a litany of obstacles, including a slew of double agents and a shady US Senator that wasn’t quite what he seemed. If her lover’s desperate situation wasn’t enough, Sam had to unravel a plot to cripple America’s financial system. Does she have what it takes to save the day? Can she stop the terrorists and rescue her lover, all the while escaping the grip of an army of spies?

Devolution is the first book in the ‘Devolution Trilogy’. Like Lars Emmerich’s other works, this one moves at a rapid pace. The story explores the potential collapse of the world’s banking system and the catastrophic impact it would have on the United States, not to mention the rest of the globe. But the author places even more emphasis on his heroine’s dedication to her lover and her determination to rescue him.

When Does The Next Lars Emmerich book come out?

Lars Emmerich doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Deep Fake and was released on February, 23rd 2021. It is the newest book in the Sam Jameson Series.

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