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Lee Hollis is a pseudonym that Rick Coop and Holly Simason use whenever they collaborate. Though, Rick has used the pen name to write a few additional mystery series without the direct involvement of his sister.

Order of Hayley Powell Food and Cocktails Mysteries Series with Leslie Meier, Barbara Ross

1Death of a Kitchen Diva 2012Description / Buy
2Death of a Country Fried Redneck 2012Description / Buy
3Death of a Coupon Clipper 2013Description / Buy
4Death of a Chocoholic 2014Description / Buy
5Death of a Christmas Caterer 2014Description / Buy
6Death of a Cupcake Queen 2015Description / Buy
7Death of a Bacon Heiress 2016Description / Buy
8Death of a Pumpkin Carver 2016Description / Buy
9Death of a Lobster Lover 2017Description / Buy
10Death of a Cookbook Author 2018Description / Buy
11Death of a Wedding Cake Baker 2019Description / Buy
12Death of a Blueberry Tart 2020Description / Buy
13Death of a Wicked Witch 2020Description / Buy
14Death of an Italian Chef 2021Description / Buy
15Halloween Party Murder ( With: Leslie Meier, Barbara Ross) 2021Description / Buy

Order of Desert Flowers Mysteries Series

1Poppy Harmon Investigates 2018Description / Buy
2Poppy Harmon and the Hung Jury 2019Description / Buy
3Poppy Harmon and the Pillow Talk Killer 2021Description / Buy

Order of Lucy Stone Series with Leslie Meier, Barbara Ross, Peggy Ehrhart

1Mistletoe Murder / Mail Order Murder ( By: Leslie Meier) 1991Description / Buy
2Tippy Toe Murder ( By: Leslie Meier) 1994Description / Buy
3Trick or Treat Murder ( By: Leslie Meier) 1996Description / Buy
4Back to School Murder ( By: Leslie Meier) 1997Description / Buy
5Valentine Murder ( By: Leslie Meier) 1999Description / Buy
6Christmas Cookie Murder ( By: Leslie Meier) 1999Description / Buy
7Turkey Day Murder ( By: Leslie Meier) 2000Description / Buy
8Wedding Day Murder ( By: Leslie Meier) 2001Description / Buy
9Birthday Party Murder ( By: Leslie Meier) 2002Description / Buy
10Father's Day Murder ( By: Leslie Meier) 2003Description / Buy
11Star Spangled Murder ( By: Leslie Meier) 2004Description / Buy
12New Year's Eve Murder ( By: Leslie Meier) 2005Description / Buy
13Bake Sale Murder ( By: Leslie Meier) 2006Description / Buy
14St. Patrick's Day Murder ( By: Leslie Meier) 2008Description / Buy
15Mother's Day Murder ( By: Leslie Meier) 2009Description / Buy
16Wicked Witch Murder ( By: Leslie Meier) 2010Description / Buy
17English Tea Murder ( By: Leslie Meier) 2011Description / Buy
18Chocolate Covered Murder ( By: Leslie Meier) 2011Description / Buy
19Easter Bunny Murder ( By: Leslie Meier) 2013Description / Buy
20Christmas Carol Murder ( By: Leslie Meier) 2013Description / Buy
21French Pastry Murder ( By: Leslie Meier) 2014Description / Buy
22Candy Corn Murder ( By: Leslie Meier) 2015Description / Buy
23British Manor Murder ( By: Leslie Meier) 2017Description / Buy
24Turkey Trot Murder ( By: Leslie Meier) 2017Description / Buy
25Eggnog Murder ( By: Leslie Meier) 2017Description / Buy
26Silver Anniversary Murder ( By: Leslie Meier) 2018Description / Buy
27Yule Log Murder ( By: Leslie Meier) 2018Description / Buy
28Invitation Only Murder ( By: Leslie Meier) 2019Description / Buy
29Christmas Card Murder ( With: Leslie Meier, Peggy Ehrhart) 2020Description / Buy
30Irish Parade Murder ( By: Leslie Meier) 2021Description / Buy
31Halloween Party Murder ( With: Leslie Meier, Barbara Ross) 2021Description / Buy
32Easter Bonnet Murder ( By: Leslie Meier) 2022Description / Buy

Order of Maya and Sandra Mysteries Series

1Murder at the PTA 2019Description / Buy
2Murder at the Bake Sale 2021Description / Buy

Order of Lee Hollis Short Stories/Novellas

1Christmas Card Murder ( With: Leslie Meier, Peggy Ehrhart) 2020Description / Buy

Lee Hollis Anthologies

1 Haunted House Murder2019Description / Buy
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Both Rick and Holly had written separately before they joined forces. Rick’s career began in television. After graduating from Tisch School of the Arts in New York, Rick was just 24 years old when he was recruited to write for The Golden Girls.

The popular sitcom did wonders for Rick’s career. It was the sort of life-changing opportunity that was rare among writers in his age bracket. Rick, who came from Bar Harbor in Maine, spent his childhood dreaming about succeeding in Hollywood.

He couldn’t believe that his dreams had come true so quickly. Following his stint on The Golden Girls, Rick contributed his talents to various shows, including ‘Flying Blind’ on Fox and ‘Wings’ on NBC.

Some of his biggest accomplishments include the work he did on ‘The Brady Bunch Movie’ TV Remake, and ‘My Girl’, a comedy-drama that featured Macauley Culkin, not to mention ‘Barbershop’ with Ice Cube and the Knight Rider revival.

The work he did in Children’s Entertainment was just as prolific. His resume includes writing credits for ‘Scooby Doo and the Witch’s Ghost’ and ‘Teen Titans’.

When he finally decided to write fiction, Rick initially worked alone. Having accomplished his objective of working in Hollywood, the screenwriter set his sights on another dream that had consumed his childhood.

In 2001, he sat down to write his first mystery novel. The book followed the exploits of Jarrod, a former child star that spent his days solving murder mysteries in Hollywood. The title was such a hit that Rick wrote two sequels one of which received a Lambda Literary Award nomination.

Rick was still churning out mystery novels when Holly, his sister, won an award. Holly was a columnist for a local newspaper in Bar Harbor. She wrote about food and cocktails. When news of Holly’s award in 2010 reached Rick, he reached out to Holly and sold her on the idea of a collaborative effort that would use his experience with mystery novels and her food expertise to produce fiction.

By 2012, the pair had released their first ‘Hayley Powell Food and Cocktails’ series under the Lee Hollis pen name. It wasn’t the last.

Best Lee Hollis Books

Lee Hollis, the pseudonym, combines Rick and Holly’s middle names. The best books written by the pair under the pen name include:

Death of a Kitchen Diva: To visitors, Bar Harbor in Maine looks like any other idyllic coastal town. However, looks can be deceiving, as Hayley Powell will soon learn. Hayley was just an office manager at the Island Times. She had a way with food.

That much was clear. Her friends couldn’t get enough of her potluck. But as far as Hayley was concerned, at the end of the day, she was just an office manager. As such, she could not understand why her boss had given her the paper’s food column.

She was tempted to turn the offer down. After all, she wasn’t a writer. But Hayley’s roof was leaking and she was barely making ends meet. So she took the job in the hopes that the extra income would turn things around.

The last complication Hayley expected to encounter was a murder mystery. But that is exactly what she got when Karen Appelbaum died. Karen was a food writer and Hayley’s rival. That wouldn’t have mattered if Karen hadn’t died after eating Hayley’s clam chowder.

Now, all eyes are on Hayley. They think she killed Karen. If she wants to salvage her reputation, the columnist must find the real killer. Fortunately, she has plenty of help.

Death of a Country Fried Redneck: Like most people, Hayley loved Wade Springer. However, when the country star came to town, their paths shouldn’t have crossed. She had too much on her plate, not just her columns but the rigors that came with raising a teenage daughter.

Hayley did not expect Wade to try and ultimately love her home cooking, and neither did she expect him to invite her to dinner. Things were going well. But then someone killed Mickey Pritchett. They threw him in Wade’s tour bus and then torched it. Hayley thought she was done solving mysteries but she can’t ignore this one.

When Does The Next Lee Hollis book come out?

The next book by Lee Hollis is Murder at the Bake Sale and will be released on November, 30th 2021. It is the newest book in the Maya and Sandra Mysteries Series.


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