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Leonard Goldberg is an American medicine professor, physicist, and author best known for the “Joanna Blalock” series of novels. Goldberg’s works have sold more than a million copies across the world and been translated into more than ten languages. When he is not writing his novels, he works as a consulting physician and Clinical Professor of Medicine at the UCLA Medical Center. He has also been witness at many medical malpractice cases as an expert in rheumatology, hematology, and internal medicine.

Order of Joanna Blalock Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Deadly Medicine 1992 Description / Buy
2 A Deadly Practice 1994 Description / Buy
3 Deadly Care (Short Story) 1996 Description / Buy
4 Deadly Harvest 1997 Description / Buy
5 Deadly Exposure 1998 Description / Buy
6 Lethal Measures (Short Story) 2000 Description / Buy
7 Fatal Care 2001 Description / Buy
8 Brainwaves 2002 Description / Buy
9 Fever Cell 2003 Description / Buy

Order of The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes Mysteries Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes 2017 Description / Buy
2 A Study in Treason 2018 Description / Buy
3 The Disappearance of Alistair Ainsworth 2019 Description / Buy
4 The Art of Deception 2020 Description / Buy
5 The Abduction of Pretty Penny 2021 Description / Buy
6 The Blue Diamond 2022 Description / Buy

Order of Dr. David Ballineau and Carolyn Ross Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Patient One 2012 Description / Buy
2 Plague Ship 2013 Description / Buy

Order of Leonard Goldberg Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published Details
1 Transplant 1980 Description / Buy
2 The Cure 1982 Description / Buy

Order of Cozy Case Files Mystery Sampler Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 A Cozy Mystery Sampler, Vol 1 2017
2 A Cozy Mystery Sampler, Vol 2 2017 Description / Buy
3 A Cozy Mystery Sampler, Vol 3 2017 Description / Buy
4 A Cozy Mystery Sampler, Vol 4 2018 Description / Buy
5 A Cozy Mystery Sampler, Vol 5 2018 Description / Buy
6 A Cozy Mystery Sampler, Vol 6 2019 Description / Buy
7 A Cozy Mystery Sampler, Vol 7 2019 Description / Buy
8 A Cozy Mystery Sampler, Vol 8 (Short Story) 2020 Description / Buy
9 A Cozy Mystery Sampler, Vol 9 2020 Description / Buy
10 A Cozy Mystery Sampler, Vol 10 2020 Description / Buy
11 A Cozy Mystery Sampler, Vol 11 2021 Description / Buy
12 A Cozy Mystery Sampler, Vol 12 2021 Description / Buy
13 Cozy Case Files, Volume 16 2022 Description / Buy
14 Cozy Case Files, Volume 17 2023 Description / Buy
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Leonard Goldberg’s debuted his medical thriller writing career with the novel “Transplant”. After the success of the first novel he went on to write the “Joanna Blalock” series of novels starting in 1992 with “Deadly Medicine”. The series of novels had eight more titles culminating in the ninth in the series “Fever Cell” that was published in 2003. The series became so popular that some of them were optioned by major Hollywood studios.


Most of the novel by Goldberg have been highly popular among fans. However, the following have been the most appreciated of his works:

A Deadly Practice: The second novel in the Joanna Blalock series of novels is one of the most appreciated novels by Leonard Goldberg. Joanna Blalock finds herself under trial alongside three colleagues. She had made a diagnosis of malignant cancer on a pregnant woman after taking a biopsy, which meant that the woman had to go under chemotherapy and also abort her unborn fetus. The woman had sought a second opinion and had been told that she never needed to abort her fetus and was now suing.

Meanwhile, the all-important slides had gone missing before the hospital could give them to the doctors from the other hospital. At the start of the novel, the anesthesiologist who was one of the three doctors responsible for the first biopsy results is killed in the operating room by an unknown assailant. Soon Blalock’s colleagues are falling off like flies at the workplace, leaving Blalock fearing for her life and wondering if any of the deaths could have something to so with the case. She is still unwilling to admit any responsibility or guilt as it could mean she would never practice medicine again. However, refusing to settle could cost her life.

Fatal Care: One of the most interesting novels in the Joanna Blalock series of novels. Blalock juggles her time between working at the Memorial Hospital and helping the police department with medical aspects of their cases. One of her most important cases is the autopsy of a prominent local politician that passed away while undergoing treatment at the hospital. Her boss needs her to quickly complete the autopsy to determine if the cause of death was heart disease.

If it was so, the man’s estate will bequeath a huge amount of money the Memorial Hospital needs to build a heart institute. Joanna’s mind is more drawn to her private cases that are more intriguing. One is about a Russian immigrant brutally killed while disposing of fetuses and another is of a man that allegedly fell of his yacht and drowned. She is surprised to find that the three cases are all connected to the shady goings on at Memorial Hospital and a BioMed run desert research facility.

Deadly Harvest: An excellent medical thriller that has the most intriguing medical investigator Joanna Blalock tackle medical corruption in a story full of intrigue. Blalock’s sister is in a bad place due to live failure caused by an Ebola like virus. Blalock’s only hope is an organization that has come highly recommended as the best in procuring transplant organs. But it is not long before Joanna learns of the shadowy ways the company employs to get organs that are almost always perfect.

Meanwhile, her sister is very ill and needs her to get the organs if she is to survive. She needs to make a decision on whether to get the organs first to save her sister, or blow the whistle on a conspiracy that is sure to reverberate throughout the hallowed hallways of the medical industry. The novel is an excellent page turner that will have the reader on the edge of their seat, keeping up the tension and suspense form the first page to the last.

When Does The Next Leonard Goldberg book come out?

Leonard Goldberg doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is The Blue Diamond and was released on June, 14th 2022. It is the newest book in the The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes Mysteries Series.


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