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Author Lisa Jackson (whose full name is Susan Lisa Jackson) was born in the year 1952, and is a best selling author. Her writing career began in 1983, with the release of “A Twist of Fate”. Before any of her work got bought, she was only a mother trying to feed her kids; all the while, she would write, with the hope that someone would buy something that she had written. Now her work makes it onto all kinds of different bestseller lists.

Order of Fortune's Children Series

# Read Title Published
1 The Millionaire And The Cowgirl 1996

Order of Dark Jewels Trilogy Series

# Read Title Published
1 Dark Ruby 1998
2 Dark Emerald 1999
3 Dark Sapphire 2000

Order of Forever Family Series

# Read Title Published
1 A Family Kind of Gal 1998

Order of Montana Mavericks: Wed in Whitehorn Series

# Read Title Published
1 Lone Stallion's Lady 2000

Order of San Francisco Series

# Read Title Published
1 If She Only Knew 2000
2 Almost Dead 2007

Order of Savannah Series

# Read Title Published
1 The Night Before 2003
2 The Morning After 2004
3 Tell Me 2013

Order of Love Letters Series

# Read Title Published
1 A is for Always 1994
2 B is for Baby 1994
3 C is for Cowboy 1994
4 D is for Dani's Baby 1995

Order of Alvarez/Regan Pescoli Series

# Read Title Published
1 Left To Die 2008
2 Chosen To Die 2009
3 Born To Die 2011
4 Afraid To Die 2012
5 Ready to Die 2013
6 Deserves To Die 2014
7 Expecting to Die 2016

Order of Northwest Series

# Read Title Published
1 Deep Freeze 2005
2 Fatal Burn 2006
3 After She's Gone 2015

Order of New Orleans Series

# Read Title Published
1 Hot Blooded 2001
2 Cold Blooded 2002
3 Shiver 2006
4 Absolute Fear 2007
5 Lost Souls 2008
6 Malice 2009
7 Devious 2011
8 Never Die Alone 2015

Order of Wyoming Series

# Read Title Published
1 Sinister 2013
2 Ominous 2017

Order of Western Lovers Series

# Read Title Published
1 Yesterday's Lies 1986

Order of Wicked Series

# Read Title Published
1 Wicked Game 2009
2 Wicked Lies 2011
3 Something Wicked 2013
4 Wicked Ways 2014

Order of Mercy Series

Order of The McCaffertys Series

# Read Title Published
1 Thorne 2000
2 Matt 2001
3 Slade 2002
4 Best-Kept Lies 2004
5 Randi 2007

Order of Maverick Series

# Read Title Published
1 He's a Bad Boy 1985
2 He's the Rich Boy 1993
3 He's Just a Cowboy 1993
4 He's My Soldier Boy 1994

Order of Medieval Trilogy Series

# Read Title Published
1 Enchantress 1993
2 Kiss Of The Moon 1994
3 Outlaw 1995

Order of Medieval Series

# Read Title Published
1 Impostress 2003
2 Temptress 2004
3 Sorceress 2007

Order of Lisa Jackson Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published
1 A Twist of Fate 1983
2 The Shadow of Time 1984
3 Pirate's Gold 1984
4 Dark Side Of The Moon 1984
5 Tears of Pride 1984
6 Missing 1985
7 High Stakes 1985
8 Innocent by Association 1985
9 Midnight Sun 1985
10 Devil's Gambit 1985
11 Zachary's Law 1986
12 Mystic 1986
13 One Man's Love 1986
14 Renegade Son 1987
15 Snowbound 1987
16 Summer Rain 1987
17 Stormy Nights 1988
18 Hurricane Force 1988
19 In Honor's Shadow 1988
20 Montana Fire 1989
21 Aftermath 1989
22 Tender Trap 1989
23 Risky Business 1990
24 Sweet Revenge 1990
25 His Bride To Be 1990
26 Strangers 1991
27 Sail Away 1991
28 Obsession 1991
29 Mystery Man 1991
30 Obsession 1991
31 Million Dollar Baby 1992
32 A Husband to Remember 1993
33 Treasures 1994
34 Running Scared 1995
35 Wishes 1995
36 Intimacies 1995
37 New Year's Daddy 1995
38 Remembering You 1995
39 Whispers 1996
40 Twice Kissed 1998
41 Unspoken 1999
42 Lone Stallion's Lady 2000
43 Wild and Wicked 2002
44 See How She Dies 2004
45 Final Scream 2005
46 Most Likely to Die 2007
47 Abandoned 2011
48 You Don't Want To Know 2012
49 Beach Season 2012
50 Beach Season 2012
51 Confessions 2012
52 Tell Me 2013
53 Memories 2013
54 Proof of Innocence 2014
55 Close to Home 2014
56 Close to Home 2014
57 Illicit 2014
58 Light of Day 2015
59 You Will Pay 2017


# Read Title Published
1 A Fortune's Children Christmas 1998
2 Deck the Halls 2004
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Jackson has also written under the name Susan Lynn Crose, and her work is from the mystery, thriller, romance, and romantic suspense genre. Her stories have been translated into twenty different languages. One series (the “Colony” series), she writes is something she co-writes with her sister and author Nancy Bush. She writes stand alone novels, as well as the “New Orleans” series, the “To Die” series, the “Wicked” series, the “Medieval” trilogy, the McCaffertys” series, the “Dark Jewels” series, and the “Savannah” series; as well as many more.


“Shiver” won RT Reviewers Choice Award (Romantic Suspense) the year it came out. “Temptress” won the same award (except for medieval romance) the year it was released.


For those readers looking to get into novels by Lisa Jackson, this section will help with that. It will go over the novels “Hot Blooded”, “Cold Blooded”, and “Shiver”.

Hot Blooded: This is the first novel in the “New Orleans” series and was released in the year 2001. In a seedier part of the French Quarter hotel, a prostitute lies strangled. On the shore of Lake Ponchartrain, in a plantation house, Dr. Samantha Leeds (host of a popular late night talk show) gets a threatening prank phone call.

Then there is another prostitute’s corpse that turns up. Dr. Leeds’ caller keeps on, and there is a woman that claims to be from Leeds’ past, but she has been dead for many years.

Detective Rick Bentz believes that the serial killer is someone that is close to Samantha, and she does not dare trust anyone. She has a new and seductive neighbor (who is named Ty Wheeler) that knows more about her than someone she does not know should.

Samantha’s darkest secret has been discovered. It seems lives must be sacrificed so that her sins can be paid for; at least that is what this killer believes. The victims have been strangers to her, in the form of prostitutes. As this killer gets bolder, Samantha’s mind makes her wonder if she is the next victim.

Cold Blooded: This is the second novel in the “New Orleans” series and was released in the year 2002. The body of a woman that has been incinerated and slashed is found in a New Orleans apartment that is in the seedy part of town. The killer thinks that there were no witnesses, but actually a beautiful stranger saw everything from her bed located on the edge of town. She was in her cottage near the bayou.

Weeks go by, and Olivia Bechet’s sleep is ruined by another vision of violence. She believes that there is a serial killer on the loose, and so she goes to the police. Rick Bentz does not believe anything that she says; even though there is another body that turns up killed exactly how Olivia described.

The citizens of New Orleans begin to panic because of the killer, and Olivia does not like Bentz’s being skeptical; she also finds that she is taken aback by her attraction to the cop. Another killing soon takes over her dreams; one that has not yet been committed. She is able to see both the face of the killer and the victim; little did she know that both would be close to her.

Shiver: This is the third novel in the “New Orleans” series and was released in the year 2007. Another serial killer is ravaging New Orleans. The victims are killed in pairs, neither have a connection to one another and the whole thing has just gotten started.

Abby Chastain had a good reason when she left New Orleans all that time ago. She is back and feels like she is being watched. Detective Reuben Montoya believes that she is the key to all of the crimes. It must be some kind of mystery involving a local mental hospital that is decaying. Once, horrible crimes took place there.

More bodies are found and Abby and Reuben are trying to stop this killer; all the while, they get closer to something shocking being revealed through this killer’s crimes. The past never quite leaves you entirely.