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Lisa Jewell is a best-selling British author that writes novels in the romance and thriller genres. Jewell was born in 1968 in Middlesex Hospital (West End, London) to a Textile Agent (Father) and a Secretary (Mother).

Order of Ralph's Party Series

1Ralph's Party 1999Description / Buy
2After the Party 2010Description / Buy

Order of Lisa Jewell Standalone Novels

1Thirtynothing 2000Description / Buy
2One-Hit Wonder 2000Description / Buy
3Roommates Wanted / 31 Dream Street 2000Description / Buy
4A Friend of the Family 2003Description / Buy
5Vince & Joy 2005Description / Buy
6The Truth About Melody Browne 2009Description / Buy
7The Making of Us 2011Description / Buy
8Before I Met You 2012Description / Buy
9The House We Grew Up In 2013Description / Buy
10The Third Wife 2014Description / Buy
11The Girls / The Girls in the Garden 2015Description / Buy
12I Found You 2016Description / Buy
13Then She Was Gone 2018Description / Buy
14Watching You 2018Description / Buy
15The Family Upstairs 2019Description / Buy
16Invisible Girl 2020Description / Buy
17The Night She Disappeared 2021Description / Buy

Lisa Jewell Anthologies

1 Tart Noir2003Description / Buy
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The oldest of three sisters, she grew up in Totteridge, North London. Jewell went to St. Michael’s Catholic Grammar School in North London. However, she did not complete her education. The author went as far as form six before running off to Barnet College to pursue an art foundation course.

She also attended the Epsom School of Art and Design from where she acquired her Fashion Illustration Diploma. Jewell used her credentials to land jobs in fashion retail at companies like Warehouse.

When she was eventually made redundant, Jewell stumbled upon an ad in The Lady Magazine which landed her a position at Thomas Pink Shirts (Battersea) as a receptionist. The job was a godsend. Not only did it connect Jewell to the man that would eventually become her husband but it also acquainted her with Yasmin, her future husband’s friend, and the woman who pushed the author to write ‘Ralph’s Party’, her first novel.

Some of Jewell’s fans might be surprised to learn that the author wrote the novel on a bet. Yasmin promised her dinner at her favorite restaurant if she wrote just three chapters. Jewell accepted the challenge.

In those early days, she wrote primarily for fun. After she achieved the goal Yasmin had set, Jewell kept on writing, churning out chapters that she sent to her Australian friend to read. She had no intention of publishing the manuscript.

She is convinced that her attitude at the time turned ‘Ralph’s Party’ into a bestseller. Jewell was so carefree back then. She put little to no thought in the words she was writing and this gave her story a raw quality that her fans grew to appreciate.

Jewell’s first few novels were quite lighthearted. This wasn’t intentional. When she first sat down to write her debut novel, the author had just escaped a relationship with a terrible man. She thought about writing a story inspired by the relationship.

But she was too close to those events, and she couldn’t bring herself to explore them so soon. From what she can remember, Yasmin pushed her to prioritize romance over everything else, and she acquiesced.

In the years that followed, she changed tracks and leaped into the psychological thriller genre. The transformation was gradual. Every novel the author wrote was a little darker than its predecessors.

Before long, she was confident enough in her skills to start killing characters off. Jewell’s inspiration comes from the things she encounters in her daily life. The author doesn’t plan. She wants her story to surprise her.

Her objective is to produce 1,500 words a day, no more and no less. Because she approaches her manuscripts like a reader that has to discover the story as she goes along, she knows that any writing session that bores her will produce an equally dull story.

Lisa Jewell Awards

She has won the Melissa Nathan Award (2008).

Best Lisa Jewell Books

Jewell has a husband and two daughters. The best novels in her bibliography include:

Then She Was Gone: Ellie was fifteen when she disappeared. Laurel held onto hope that her daughter would return. Ten years later, Floyd met Laurel and charmed her. He was the most charismatic stranger she had ever met.

And he shook her world to the core when he took her home and introduced her to Poppy, a pretty nine-year-old girl that was the spitting image of what Ellie would have looked like at that age. Now all of Laurel’s questions about Ellie’s disappearance have returned.

The Family Upstairs: The police found a happy and healthy ten-month-old baby in the bedroom of a house at 16 Cheyne Walk. They also discovered three corpses in the kitchen. Though, the four children that should have been living at 16 Cheyne Walk were nowhere to be found.

That was 25-years-ago. Libby Jones just turned 25. She has also discovered her identity and her inheritance, a mansion in a fashionable neighborhood. Libby thought that her life would change for the better. She is unaware of the danger she just invited.

When Does The Next Lisa Jewell book come out?

Lisa Jewell doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is The Night She Disappeared and was released on September, 7th 2021.

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