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Lisa Kleypas is an American author that writes bestselling romance novels. Born in 1964 in Temple, Texas, Kleypas kickstarted her publishing career early. She was just twenty-one when a publisher bought her novel.

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Order of Bow Street Runners Series

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2Lady Sophia's Lover 2002Description / Buy
3Worth Any Price 2003Description / Buy

Order of Capitol Theatre Series

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Order of Lisa Kleypas Standalone Novels

1Love, Come to Me 1988Description / Buy
2Give Me Tonight 1989Description / Buy
3Stranger in My Arms 1998Description / Buy
4Where Dreams Begin 2000Description / Buy
5Suddenly You 2001Description / Buy

Order of Lisa Kleypas Short Story Collections

1Wish List 2001Description / Buy
2A Historical Christmas Present 2008Description / Buy

Lisa Kleypas Anthologies

1 Christmas Love Stories1991Description / Buy
2 A Christmas Present1994Description / Buy
3 Three Weddings and a Kiss1995Description / Buy
4 Gifts of Love2006Description / Buy
5 A Christmas to Remember2017Description / Buy
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Kleypas, whose father was an architect, attended Wellesley College. While studying political science, she also found the time to write her first manuscript. The months following her graduation were consumed by two major events.

First of all, the author, who was Miss Massachusetts at the time, participated in the Miss America Pagent. Even though she did not win, Kleypas walked away with the ‘Talented Nonfinalist’ prize which she got because of a song she wrote and performed during the competition.

Secondly, Kleypas hadn’t completed her novel when she left college. Fortunately, her parents kept her financially afloat for the months that followed while she attempted to complete the manuscript. Their investment was justified when the author sold the novel two months later.

That first sale was all it took to turn Kleypas into a full-time author. She started churning out novels, some of which secured respectable positions on various bestseller lists. In the years that followed, Kleypas sold millions of copies of her novels to readers, not just in the US, but around the world.

For the longest time, Kleypas wrote historical romance and little else. But after several years, she decided to experiment with contemporary romance. Kleypas wanted to challenge herself, to stretch her abilities; to explore new plots and characters.

The transition was difficult. The author had to make some alterations to her writing voice. She couldn’t use the same approach to reveal the thoughts and emotions of her protagonists. But the experience was rewarding.

Kleypas eventually went back to historical romance. But her time in the field of contemporary romance had refreshed her desire for the historical romance genre. Though, if you asked her, she would refuse to choose between the two.

Naturally, she has an affinity for historical fiction because it is so fun to write. But she cannot dismiss contemporary romance because it creates a platform for the author to tackle relevant issues.

Ultimately, they are both sub-genres of romance. So regardless of the type of novel she has decided to write, Kleypas is still pursuing her passion for love stories. She doesn’t regret her decision to write romance rather than conventional literary works.

She believes that the romance genre is a great source of joy. When her house flooded in 1998, the author and her family lost everything they owned. Her mother’s house suffered the same fate. On a trip to the store to buy certain necessities, Kleypas and her mother chose to buy novels as well. They hoped that reading would help them overcome the stress.

They could have purchased novels from any genre. But they chose romance. Kleypas felt like the occurrence had justified her decision to write romance.

Lisa Kleypas Awards

The author won the Rita Award in 2004.

Lisa Kleypas Books Into Movies

‘Christmas Eve At Friday Harbor’ became ‘Christmas with Holly’, a Canadian-American TV movie released in 2012.

Best Lisa Kleypas Books

The author has a husband and two children. Some of Kleypas’ best novels include:

Devil in Winter: Evangeline Jenner was about to receive her inheritance. Once she got it, the shy wallflower would become immensely wealthy. But there is danger looming over the horizon. Evie has to find a way of escaping her relatives and their shady ways.

Her only hope is Viscount St. Vincent. When she proposes marriage to the rake, Evangeline lets him know up front that she will never sleep with him. She knows his wicked reputation all too well. But Sebastian won’t be put off. Evie is a tough nut to crack but he is confident that his seductive ways can wear her down.

Mine Till Midnight: Amelia Hathaway thought that keeping her siblings in line was tough. But then an inheritance changed her status and she realized that navigating her new aristocratic landscape would present an even tougher challenge.

All she wanted from Cam was a little bit of help. For his part, the wealthy man couldn’t wait to escape the limitations that society had placed on his shoulders. He longed for the freedom his Gypsy roots offered. He did not expect his attraction to Amelia to swallow him whole.

When Does The Next Lisa Kleypas book come out?

Lisa Kleypas doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Devil in Disguise and was released on July, 27th 2021. It is the newest book in the The Ravenels Series.

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