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Louis Dearborn L’Amour was an American journalist and a short story writer who was born on 22 March 1908. L’Amour books consisted mainly of Western stories, though he normally referred them as Frontiers. Furthermore, he also wrote historical fiction, science fiction, non-fiction, short stories and poetry. A majority of his books were adapted into movies. John Wayne had even termed Louis L’Amour as one of the most interesting people in this world. Louis L’Amour books are still popular with some even undergoing multiple publications. Louis L’Amour was born in North Darkota to Dr. Louis Charles and Emily Dearborn. L’Amour is of French ancestry on his father’s side and Irish on his mother’s side. His father was a local politician, large animal veterinarian and farm equipment broker who arrived in North Dakota in the year 1882.

Order of The Sacketts Series

1The Daybreakers 1960Description / Buy
2Sackett 1961Description / Buy
3Lando 1962Description / Buy
4Mojave Crossing 1964Description / Buy
5The Sackett Brand 1965Description / Buy
6Mustang Man 1966Description / Buy
7The Sky-Liners 1967Description / Buy
8The Lonely Men 1969Description / Buy
9Galloway 1970Description / Buy
10Ride the Dark Trail 1972Description / Buy
11Treasure Mountain 1972Description / Buy
12War Party 1973Description / Buy
13Sackett's Land 1974Description / Buy
14To the Far Blue Mountains 1976Description / Buy
15Lonely on the Mountain 1980Description / Buy
16Ride the River 1983Description / Buy
17The Warrior's Path 1984Description / Buy
18Jubal Sackett 1985Description / Buy
19End of the Drive 1997Description / Buy

Chronological Order of The Sacketts Series

1Sackett's Land1974Description / Buy
2To the Far Blue Mountains1976Description / Buy
3The Warrior's Path1984Description / Buy
4Jubal Sackett1985Description / Buy
5Ride the River1983Description / Buy
6The Daybreakers1960Description / Buy
7Lando1962Description / Buy
8Sackett1961Description / Buy
9Mojave Crossing1964Description / Buy
10The Sackett Brand1965Description / Buy
11The Sky-Liners1967Description / Buy
12The Lonely Men1969Description / Buy
13Mustang Man1966Description / Buy
14Galloway1970Description / Buy
15Treasure Mountain1972Description / Buy
16Ride the Dark Trail1972Description / Buy
17Lonely on the Mountain1980Description / Buy
18War Party1973Description / Buy
19End of the Drive1997Description / Buy

Order of Talon Series

1Rivers West 1975Description / Buy
2The Man from the Broken Hills 1975Description / Buy
3Milo Talon 1981Description / Buy

Order of Chantry Series

1North to the Rails 1971Description / Buy
2Fair Blows the Wind 1973Description / Buy
3The Ferguson Rifle 1973Description / Buy
4Over on the Dry Side 1975Description / Buy
5Borden Chantry 1977Description / Buy

Chronological Order of Chantry Series

1Fair Blows the Wind1973Description / Buy
2Borden Chantry1977Description / Buy
3North to the Rails1971Description / Buy
4The Ferguson Rifle1973Description / Buy
5Over on the Dry Side1975Description / Buy

Order of Kilkenny Series

1Kilkenny 1954Description / Buy
2The Rider of Lost Creek 1976Description / Buy
3The Mountain Valley War 1978Description / Buy
4A Gun for Kilkenny 1997Description / Buy
5A Man Called Trent 2015Description / Buy

Chronological Order of Kilkenny Series

1The Rider of Lost Creek1976Description / Buy
2A Man Called Trent2015Description / Buy
3The Mountain Valley War1978Description / Buy
4Kilkenny1954Description / Buy
5A Gun for Kilkenny1997Description / Buy

Order of Hopalong Cassidy Series

1The Riders of High Rock 1951Description / Buy
2The Rustlers of West Fork 1951Description / Buy
3The Trail to Seven Pines 1951Description / Buy
4Trouble Shooter 1952Description / Buy

Chronological Order of Hopalong Cassidy Series

1The Rustlers of West Fork1951Description / Buy
2The Trail to Seven Pines1951Description / Buy
3The Riders of High Rock1951Description / Buy
4Trouble Shooter1952Description / Buy

Order of Louis L’Amour Standalone Novels

1Hondo 1953Description / Buy
2Showdown at Yellow Butte 1953Description / Buy
3Crossfire Trail 1954Description / Buy
4Utah Blaine 1954Description / Buy
5To Tame a Land 1955Description / Buy
6Heller with a Gun 1955Description / Buy
7Guns of the Timberlands 1955Description / Buy
8Silver Canyon 1956Description / Buy
9The Burning Hills 1956Description / Buy
10Sitka 1957Description / Buy
11Last Stand at Papago Wells 1957Description / Buy
12The Tall Stranger 1957Description / Buy
13Taggart 1959Description / Buy
14Radigan 1959Description / Buy
15Flint 1960Description / Buy
16Killoe 1962Description / Buy
17High Lonesome 1962Description / Buy
18Shalako 1962Description / Buy
19How the West Was Won 1962Description / Buy
20Dark Canyon 1963Description / Buy
21Kiowa Trail 1964Description / Buy
22Hanging Woman Creek 1964Description / Buy
23The Key-Lock Man 1965Description / Buy
24The High Graders 1965Description / Buy
25The Broken Gun 1966Description / Buy
26Kid Rodelo 1966Description / Buy
27Kilrone 1966Description / Buy
28Matagorda 1967Description / Buy
29Down the Long Hills 1968Description / Buy
30Brionne 1968Description / Buy
31Chancy 1968Description / Buy
32The Man Called Noon 1969Description / Buy
33The Empty Land 1969Description / Buy
34Conagher 1969Description / Buy
35Fallon 1969Description / Buy
36Reilly's Luck 1970Description / Buy
37Under the Sweetwater Rim 1971Description / Buy
38Tucker 1971Description / Buy
39Callaghen 1972Description / Buy
40The Man from Skibbereen 1973Description / Buy
41The Quick and the Dead 1973Description / Buy
42The Californios 1974Description / Buy
43Where the Long Grass Blows 1976Description / Buy
44Westward the Tide 1976Description / Buy
45Bendigo Shafter 1979Description / Buy
46The Iron Marshal 1979Description / Buy
47The Proving Trail 1979Description / Buy
48Kiowa Trail and Killoe 1979Description / Buy
49Comstock Lode 1981Description / Buy
50The Cherokee Trail 1982Description / Buy
51The Shadow Riders 1982Description / Buy
52The Lonesome Gods 1983Description / Buy
53Son of a Wanted Man 1984Description / Buy
54The Walking Drum 1984Description / Buy
55Passin' Through 1985Description / Buy
56Where Buzzards Fly 1986Description / Buy
57Riding for the Brand 1986Description / Buy
58Last of the Breed 1986Description / Buy
59South of Deadwood 1986Description / Buy
60The Haunted Mesa 1987Description / Buy
61Showdown Trail 1987Description / Buy
62Dead End Drift 1987Description / Buy
63Bowdrie Passes Through 1988Description / Buy
64The Louis L'Amour Companion 1992Description / Buy
65The Marshal of Sentinel 1995Description / Buy
66The Sixth Shotgun 2003Description / Buy
67The First Fast Draw 2003Description / Buy
68Home in the Valley 2005Description / Buy
69Trailing West 2008Description / Buy
70Big Medicine 2008Description / Buy
71Dawn Riders 2010Description / Buy
72The Black Rock Coffin Makers 2013Description / Buy
73Riders of the Tumbling K 2014Description / Buy
74Showdown 2017Description / Buy
75Three Bullets for the Cactus Kid (Short Story) 2018Description / Buy
76Catlow 2018Description / Buy
77No Traveller Returns 2018Description / Buy
78Bannon (Short Story) 2019Description / Buy

Order of Louis L'Amour Short Story Collections

1Smoke from This Altar 1939Description / Buy
2The Strong Shall Live 1980Description / Buy
3Yondering 1980Description / Buy
4Buckskin Run 1981Description / Buy
5The Hills of Homicide 1983Description / Buy
6Bowdrie 1983Description / Buy
7Law of the Desert Born 1983Description / Buy
8Bowdrie's Law 1984Description / Buy
9Dutchman's Flat 1986Description / Buy
10Night Over the Solomons 1986Description / Buy
11The Trail to Crazy Man 1986Description / Buy
12Man Riding West 1986Description / Buy
13The Rider of the Ruby Hills 1986Description / Buy
14West from Singapore 1987Description / Buy
15Lonigan 1988Description / Buy
16Long Ride Home 1989Description / Buy
17Grub Line Rider 1990Description / Buy
18The Outlaws of Mesquite 1990Description / Buy
19West of the Tularosa 1992Description / Buy
20Valley of the Sun 1995Description / Buy
21West of Dodge 1996Description / Buy
22Mistakes Can Kill You 1997Description / Buy
23Monument Rock 1998Description / Buy
24Beyond the Great Snow Mountains 1999Description / Buy
25Off the Mangrove Coast 2000Description / Buy
26May There Be a Road 2001Description / Buy
27With These Hands 2002Description / Buy
28From the Listening Hills 2003Description / Buy
29The Collected Short Stories of Louis L'Amour, Volume 1 2003Description / Buy
30The Collected Short Stories of Louis L'Amour, Volume 2 2004Description / Buy
31Lone Star Law 2005Description / Buy
32The Collected Short Stories of Louis L'Amour, Volume 3 2005Description / Buy
33The Collected Short Stories of Louis L'Amour, Volume 4 2006Description / Buy
34The Collected Short Stories of Louis L'Amour Volume 5 2007Description / Buy
35The Collected Short Stories of Louis L'Amour, Volume 6 2008Description / Buy
36The Collected Short Stories of Louis L'Amour, Volume 7 2009Description / Buy
37The Frontier Stories 2009Description / Buy
38The Man from Battle Flat 2010Description / Buy
39The Strong Land 2012Description / Buy
40We Shaped the Land with Our Guns 2014Description / Buy
41The Chick Bowdrie Short Stories Bundle 2015Description / Buy

Order of Louis L’Amour Non-Fiction Books

1Frontier 1984Description / Buy
2The Sackett Companion 1988Description / Buy
3A Trail of Memories: The Quotations of Louis L'Amour 1988Description / Buy
4Education of a Wandering Man 1989Description / Buy
5Louis l'Amour's Lost Treasures 2018Description / Buy

Louis L’Amour Anthologies

1 Western Movies1997Description / Buy
2 The Golden West2003Description / Buy
3 The Untamed West2004Description / Buy
4 Lost Trails2007Description / Buy
5 The Lawless West2007Description / Buy
6 Ghost Towns2010Description / Buy
7 Three Classic Westerns2013Description / Buy
8 Trailin' West2016Description / Buy
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Despite the fact that the area around Jamestown was mainly farmland, livestock and cowboys mostly traveled through the town on their way to ranches in the East and Montana. L’Amour played Indians and Cowboys in their family barn, which also was used as his dad’s veterinary hospital. He also spent a fair share of his time at the local library reading books written by authors such as G.A Hentley, a British writer who mainly wrote historical novel books in the late 19th Century. L’Amour many at times said that the novels that he wrote gave him a great deal on knowledge especially when going to school. After a number of bank failures affected the economy, Emily and Dr. L’Amour decided to hit the road.

Louis L’Amour Awards

In the year 1982, Louis L’Amour was awarded with a Congregational Gold Medal and later on in the year 1984, President Ronald Reagan awarded him with a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Louis L’Amour Books into Movies

Due to the immense popularity of his books, Louis L’Amour books were adapted for screenplay. Some of his books to be adapted include Hondo, Five Mile Creek, Conagher and Crossfire.

Louis L’Amour Best Books

Last of the Breeds: One of the best performing series by the critically acclaimed author, Louis L’Amour. In this book, the author introduces the reader to Major Joe Jack, who is a native American who had been placed under captivity by the Soviet Union, towards the end of World War II. As luck would have it, Major Joe Jack manages to escape the prison, which he had been placed for quite some time. Thus, he not only has to survive in the rural sides of Siberia, but he also has to find a way back to the United States. Having been trained and raised to live in the jungle, Joe not only makes his clothes using animal hide but he also makes weapons using any suitable material that he finds along the way.

As he tries to survive in inhumane conditions, Jack also has to ensure that he stays away from the colonel who had captured him. He manages to form solid relationship with the tappers and through this relationship, he is able to participate in food and hide exchanges. If you are a fan of Louis L’Amour, then you are definitely going to fall in love with this contemporary epic. Proving that he is one of the best author’s, Louis L’Amour sets this novel in Siberia. Like most of his novels, Last of Breeds is another vehicle that he uses to explore fortitude, naturalism and individual courage.

Hondo: This is another great read by the author, Louis L’Amour and this novel was first published in the year 1953.

This narrative follows closely Hondo Lane, a loner western icon with his engagements with the local Apache community, General Crook’s command and Mrs. Angie Lowe, a romantic contact. The book is set in the 1880’s in the unwelcoming southwest. The author, L’Amour describes the events in this book using his lean and exceedingly vivid style. Furthermore, the author narrates the story using emotional sensitivity and surprising warmth with most of the book’s memorable scenes being Hondo’s interaction with Lowe and her exceedingly young son, Johnny. All in all, John is not only a gunman, but also a survivor who is riding dispatch for one George Crook, the commander of the Southwest Army forces. Commander George Crook values men such as Hondo, who are not only of mixed blood but also clearly know the Apache’s ways of life.

Apart from Hondo, the author also introduces the reader to Angie Lowe, the heroine. Just like Hondo, Angie is a fighter and a young woman who is more than determined in bringing up her exceedingly young son. Angie’s husband had mysteriously disappeared, leaving Angie to fend for her young son. With that being said, this is a well-written book, which will unquestionably keep you entertained from the first page to the last.

When Does The Next Louis L’Amour book come out?

Louis L’Amour doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Bannon and was released on March, 1st 2019.


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