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Author Mel Comley (who writes under the name M. A. Comley) writes mystery novels and some novellas that are from the genre of romance. Her work has made it onto many different best seller lists (Amazon Top 20 bestseller, USA Today, New York Times, iBooks top 5, and has reached number two on Barnes and Noble) around the world. She was born in Luton, Beds, United Kingdom. She began writing full time in 2002, after she moved to France. She worked as an independent author, that wound up getting a publishing deal. Comley quit her job working in retail and went, with her mother, to France. She renovated some houses, and went down a different path; she set out on a path to live out her life’s dream, and with the help of a creative writing class, she started writing.

Order of Lorne Simpkins / Justice Series

Order of Hero Series

# Read Title Published
1 Torn Apart 2013
2 End Result (Short Story) 2014
3 Deadly Act (Short Story) 2015

Order of Temptation Series

# Read Title Published
1 Past Temptation (Short Story) 2014
2 Lost Temptation (Short Story) 2014

Order of D.I Sally Parker Series

# Read Title Published
1 Wrong Place 2015
2 No Hiding Place 2015
3 Web of Deceit (Short Story) 2016
4 Cold Case 2017

Order of Intention Series

# Read Title Published
1 Sole Intention 2013
2 Grave Intention 2014
3 Devious Intention 2016

Order of M.A. Comley Standalone Novels

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She never gave up, despite being rejected a lot. At first, she wrote romance, but then decided to write thriller novels. The first book she uploaded to a writing site, and tried as hard as she could to get it to the top of the site; she would spend all day every day, promoting her book on the site (this got her a gold star from the site she uploaded the book to). It also got a positive review from Harper Collins, although they did not sign her so they could publish her book. She was able to sell enough books, with the help of Smashwords and Amazon, to sell enough books so that she could pay her mother back; she was the one that was supporting Mel through her honing her writing ability. Her first book got published in the year 2011, which was the first novel in the “Lorne Simpkins” series, called “Cruel Justice”.

Comley has written the “Deception” series, “DI Sally Parker” series, the “Intention” series, the “Hero” series, and the “Lorne Simpkins” series. Her work is from the genres of women’s fiction, Mystery, thriller, and romance.


For those readers looking to get into novels by Mel Comley, this section will help with that. It will go over the novels “Cruel Justice”, “Impeding Justice”, and “Final Justice”.

Cruel Justice: This is the first novel in the “Lorne Simpkins” series and was released in the year 2011. A wealthy widow’s body is found decomposing in Chelling Forest, with the head removed. Another victim is found. Detective Inspector Lorne Simpkins and her partner Detective Sergeant Pete Childs are handed the case.

Before they can even try to solve the case, they have to connect the two victims to each other. Another murder is committed and Lorne is given a surprise, a rather grisly one. This serial killer has gone on a warpath and Lorne is the one thing that the killer is fixating on.

She cannot allow the failing marriage she is in or her new boss keep her from focusing on the job that she has to do. She and her boss share a secret of a sensuous sort. She has to catch the killer or she may become the next victim.

Impeding Justice: This is the second novel in the “Lorne Simpkins” series and was released in the year 2011. Lorne has been tracking a vicious criminal that has been dubbed “The Unicorn” for eight long years. The killer frustrates MI6 every time they try to catch him and has impeded justice all the way.

Lorne gets caught in a trap that gets her partner killed; it shakes her confidence to the very core. She cannot recoup for very long, because her teenage daughter is abducted from her. It is more than just her reputation as a professional is at stake when she goes to try to bring the Unicorn to justice.

Final Justice: This is the third novel in the “Lorne Simpkins” series and was released in the year 2011. A ruthless killer has come back and it forces ex Detective Inspector Simpkins to think about things that happened to her in her past.

She suffered a breakdown and had to quit working for the police, she finds herself working with MI6 in a cover operation to hunt down her enemy. He is a sadistic and man without mercy, who had one goal: to become the richest man in the whole world.

She is able to track him through France, and her plan is to ruin his plans and bring him to final justice.