M. William Phelps Books

William Phelps, who has ventured into solo projects and co-authored others, is an American journalist-cum-TV presenter who writes predominantly crime non-fiction. The first ever book authored by M. William Phelps, who has been writing voraciously since the early 2000s, was published in mid-2003 called Perfect Poison: A Female Serial Killer’s Deadly Medicine; and the standalone book is shelved in the true crime genre.

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His book titled Poison: A Female Serial Killer’s Deadly Medicine, which catapulted him to a Writer’s Digest feature, revolves around a nurse who tenure is mired in controversy. The book instantly delves into the gory and unethical professional misconduct which the highly regarded nurse was engaging in behind the backs of the facility’s administration.

M. William Phelps’ aforementioned first book, which ushered him into writing, starts by revisiting the horrendous actions of the then nurse Kristen Gilbert. Incidentally, Kristen worked at a Massachusetts-based medical facility which catered for wounded veterans. But, sadly, the seemingly nihilistic Kristen had kept her nihilism urges and heinous plans up her sleeve. This is reflected by the deaths of the care-seeking patients whose welfare Kristen has been entrusted with. In what at first seems like by coincidence or lack thereof, the unsuspecting patients of Kristen, a nurse who is hailed as not only industrious but also devoted, curiously start passing on one after the other and in quick succession. In accordance with the real event which inspired the book by M. William Phelps, it is revealed that, contrary to any reason which might be presumed, the serial killer’s hapless victims actually died as a result of the complications following Kristen’s actions. Why, the ruthless Kristen injected the patients with lethal concoctions! What ensues is a heart-gripping, pity-defying, and eyebrow-raising narration which not only serves as an indelible stamp of approval of Phelps leading role in the context of writing true crime; but also was the launch pad for a career which saw M. William Phelps win the coveted New England Book Festival Award in 2008.

M. William Phelps Awards

M. William Phelps has bagged notable awards thanks to his commendable and absolutely fruitful writing career. In 2008, Phelps clinched the New England Book Festival Award which he won after penning his well-received book called I’ll Be Watching You. This was followed by, in the 2013 editions, winning the Excellence in Investigative prize. Coming hot the heels of M. William Phelps was the Society of Professional Journalists award, which is given out every year. Phelps, who also had a stint with the Connecticut Magazine, was the brains behind the runner-up during the conferring for the Connecticut Pro Chapter grouping.

M. William Books into TV Shows/Movies

The literary works of acclaimed author M. William Phelps has been the subject for present and projected TV adaptations. Specifically, the current and notable TV project being adapted for the silver screen from Phelps’ work is the thought-provoking and marshaling series called Dark Minds. The dramatized adaptation, which is based on Phelps’ book also titled Dark Minds, is a TV series which began in 2012.

M. William Phelps serves in the position of the producer and host in the documentary. The series has been running in the Investigation Discovery, a high-profile TV network. Basically, the dramatizations revolves around the high-profile murders which have not yet been solved and those who committed them prosecuted. A notable thing about this series is that it is also a rallying call aimed at the viewers by the filmmaker. The watchers are requested to conduct brainstorming sessions in a bid to know who the murderers were so that justice can be served. The starring actors include the renowned Shane Imbert who features as a police investigator.

Best M. William Phelps Books

Arguably, the best book which M. William Phelps wrote is titled Natalie Hale: The Life and Death of America’s First Spy. This book, which is shelved as historical, is all about the momentous and inspiring life and times of Nathan Hale. Incidentally, the celebrated Hale was a nationalistic Connecticut resident who lived during the Revolution era. By digging into descriptive journal entries and interviewing friends, M. William Phelps has penned a biography which transcends Hale’s aspects of lives. The author’s coverage of the subjects dates to Hale’s early life. In retrospect, Phelps covers Hale’s formative years, schooling at Yale, being an educationist, and the conscription into the Continental army during the Revolution. Phelps’ work is also a buttress of facts and discredits myths.

Other Books You May Like

People who read M. William Phelps’ works also enjoyed the following historical books. One, Ira Stoll’s standalone book called Samuel Adams; this is a biography of statesman Samuel Adams who was instrumental in the founding of USA. Secondly, Terry Golway’s book titled Washington’s General; this is about Nathanael Greene’s barely remember but whose heroism augured well for the ultimate independence of America. Third, is the history book called An American Crisis which is penned by William M. Fowler Jr.; this centers on the tail-end of the American Revolution, describing Britain’s control of vast areas contrary to American citizen’s opinions.