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Madeleine Roux is a bestselling American author who writes YA, Science Fiction, Historical Romance, Children’s Fiction, and Fantasy. Born in 1985, Roux comes from an artistic household.

Her father was an artist who applied his talents to the advertising industry. Her mother was her hero because she did everything from attending Roux’s one-woman shows to making clothes for her dolls and chauffeuring her to every school activity.

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Order of Asylum Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Asylum 2013 Description / Buy
2 The Scarlets (Short Story) 2014 Description / Buy
3 Sanctum 2014 Description / Buy
4 The Bone Artists (Short Story) 2015 Description / Buy
5 Catacomb 2015 Description / Buy
6 The Warden (Short Story) 2016 Description / Buy
7 Escape from Asylum 2016 Description / Buy

Order of Dungeons & Dragons: Dungeon Academy Series

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1 No Humans Allowed! 2021 Description / Buy
2 Tourney of Terror 2022 Description / Buy
3 Last Best Hope 2024 Description / Buy

Order of House of Furies Series

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1 House of Furies 2017 Description / Buy
2 Court of Shadows 2018 Description / Buy
3 Tomb of Ancients 2019 Description / Buy

Order of Zombie Series

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1 Allison Hewitt Is Trapped 2011 Description / Buy
2 Sadie Walker is Stranded 2012 Description / Buy

Order of Madeleine Roux Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published Details
1 Salvaged 2019 Description / Buy
2 Reclaimed 2020 Description / Buy
3 No Humans Allowed! 2021 Description / Buy
4 The Book of Living Secrets 2022 Description / Buy
5 The Proposition 2022 Description / Buy
6 Much Ado About Margaret 2024 Description / Buy

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4 Tides of Darkness ( By: Aaron Rosenberg) 2007 Description / Buy
5 Beyond the Dark Portal ( By: Christie Golden, Aaron Rosenberg) 2008 Description / Buy
6 Jaina Proudmoore ( By: Christie Golden) 2008 Description / Buy
7 Night of the Dragon ( By: Richard A. Knaak) 2008 Description / Buy
8 Arthas ( By: Christie Golden) 2009 Description / Buy
9 Stormrage ( By: Richard A. Knaak) 2010 Description / Buy
10 The Shattering ( By: Christie Golden) 2010 Description / Buy
11 Chronicles of War ( By: Christie Golden) 2010 Description / Buy
12 Thrall ( By: Christie Golden) 2011 Description / Buy
13 Wolfheart ( By: Richard A. Knaak) 2011 Description / Buy
14 Vol'jin: Shadows of the Horde ( By: Michael A. Stackpole) 2013 Description / Buy
15 War Crimes ( By: Christie Golden) 2014 Description / Buy
16 Illidan ( By: William King) 2016 Description / Buy
17 World of Warcraft Chronicle: Volume 2 ( By: Blizzard Entertainment) 2017 Description / Buy
18 Before the Storm ( By: Christie Golden) 2018 Description / Buy
19 Shadows Rising 2020 Description / Buy
20 Exploring Azeroth - The Eastern Kingdoms ( By: Christie Golden) 2020 Description / Buy
21 World of Warcraft: Exploring Azeroth: Kalimdor ( By: Blizzard Entertainment) 2022 Description / Buy
22 Sylvanas ( By: Christie Golden) 2022 Description / Buy
23 A is for Azeroth ( By: Christie Golden) 2023 Description / Buy
24 The Dragonflight Codex: A Definitive Guide to the Dragons of Azeroth ( By: Doug Walsh, Sandra Rosner) 2023 Description / Buy

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2 Kith & Kin ( By: Marieke Nijkamp) 2021 Description / Buy
3 The Mighty Nein—The Nine Eyes of Lucien 2022 Description / Buy
4 Exquisite Exandria ( By: Liz Marsham) 2023 Description / Buy
5 Bells Hells - What Doesn't Break ( By: Cassandra Khaw) 2024 Description / Buy

Order of Marvel's What If...? Series

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1 What If... Loki Was Worthy? 2024 Description / Buy
2 What If... Wanda Maximoff and Peter Parker Were Siblings? ( By: Seanan McGuire) 2024 Description / Buy
3 Marvel: What If... Marc Spector Was Host to Venom? ( By: Mike Chen) 2024 Description / Buy

Madeleine Roux Anthologies

# Read Title Published Details
1 Scary Out There 2016 Description / Buy
2 Don’t Turn Out the Lights 2020 Description / Buy
3 World of Warcraft: Folk & Fairy Tales of Azeroth 2021 Description / Buy
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The author’s parents encouraged Roux and her brothers to pursue their artistic endeavors. Her time at Beloit College was equally fruitful. Surprisingly, she joined the institution because of its incredible anthropology program.

But she quickly realized that science was not her cup of tea and promptly veered into creative writing. She has fond memories of Steve Wright’s English classes. The professor of English Emeritus fed her love for the written word and influences her work to this day.

She also credits Francesca Abbate with pushing her to seriously consider publishing. Roux remembers undertaking an Honors Term project without fully appreciating the impact it would have on her future.

The project expected Roux to pitch, write, and present a novel at the end of the semester. The final product was 100,000 words long, and it showed the author that she had what it took to write a novel to completion.

Eventually, she graduated, and a future agent compelled her to turn her online fiction blog into ‘Allison Hewitt is Trapped,’ her first published novel.

She got the idea for the blog while working at a bookstore. Roux would often daydream. One day, she began thinking of all the ways she would survive if a zombie outbreak occurred at the store.

She decided to tell the story in blog format. The author settled for WordPress because her understanding of HTML was limited, and WordPress was intuitive enough for simpletons like her to understand.

Some of the comments from the WordPress blog appear in the novel. She selected the ones that expanded the world and added value to the story. It allowed her to honor the people who contributed so much of their time to her blog.

Roux’s co-workers did not object to her decision to include them in the story, even though she exaggerated their personalities. They were happy to see themselves represented in her work.

The author has written several novels in the years since ‘Allison Hewitt is Trapped’ first came out. She released her debut novel at a time when HarperCollins was searching for YA horror novels, which drove her to write the first book in the Asylum series.

Many of her fans know her primarily for the stories she has written for established franchises such as Star Wars, Dungeons and Dragons, and Critical Role.

Best Madeleine Roux Books

The author works with a rough outline. She’s convinced that every storyteller requires a vague plan before penning a book, even if they typically write by the seat of their pants. Otherwise, their story will fall apart. Roux’s best novels include:

Asylum: Sixteen-year-old Dan Crawford couldn’t wait to start his stint at New Hampshire College Prep. After living a largely isolated existence in high school, Dan wanted to pursue new friendships at the summer program.

But then he arrived and discovered a terrifying truth. His dorm was previously an asylum designed to house the criminally insane.

Now, the young man and his friends must accept that they came to the creepy summer home for a reason. Their enrollment in the summer program was not a coincidence. Can they unravel the asylum’s secrets before it’s too late?

Sanctum: Dan, Abby, and Jordan had no intention of returning to New Hampshire College. Their time at the former asylum had traumatized them, and they couldn’t wait to move on. But then someone began sending them photos of an old carnival.

Against their better judgment, the teens went back to the asylum and realized that the carnival in the photos was real. More importantly, it had returned to the campus after many years.

Dan and his friends are determined to get to the bottom of the mystery. That means sneaking out of classes and ignoring invites to college parties to investigate the surrounding town and its abandoned houses. If Camford has a secret, the trio will find it.

When Does The Next Madeleine Roux book come out?

The next book by Madeleine Roux is Much Ado About Margaret and will be released on October, 22nd 2024.

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