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Maggie Sefton, whose writing career spans over two decades, is the author of especially the Kelly Flynn Mysteries series. This is sometimes alternatively called A Knitting Mystery series. In the “Kelly Flynn Mystery” series of books penned by Maggie Sefton, Kelly Flynn is the featured protagonist contained therein. It is worth noting that this series, although first published under the name Maggie Sefton, is not actually the first one by the author. Needless to say, Maggie Sefton previously published using the pseudonym Margaret Conlan.

Order of Knitting Mysteries Series

1Knit One, Kill Two 2005Description / Buy
2Needled to Death 2005Description / Buy
3A Deadly Yarn 2006Description / Buy
4A Killer Stitch 2007Description / Buy
5Dyer Consequences 2008Description / Buy
6Fleece Navidad 2008Description / Buy
7Dropped Dead Stitch 2009Description / Buy
8Skein of the Crime 2010Description / Buy
9Unraveled 2011Description / Buy
10Cast On, Kill Off 2012Description / Buy
11Close Knit Killer 2013Description / Buy
12Yarn Over Murder 2014Description / Buy
13Who Are You People? (Short Story) 2014Description / Buy
14Halloween Scare (Short Story) 2014Description / Buy
15Purl Up and Die 2015Description / Buy
16Knit to Be Tied 2016Description / Buy
17Only Skein Deep 2017Description / Buy
18Dyeing Up Loose Ends 2018Description / Buy

Order of Real Estate Mysteries Series

1Dying To Sell 2005Description / Buy

Order of Molly Malone Mystery Series

1Deadly Politics 2012Description / Buy
2Poisoned Politics 2013Description / Buy
3Bloody Politics 2014Description / Buy

Order of Widow And The Rogue Mysteries Series

1Scandals, Secrets, and Murder 2014Description / Buy

Order of Maggie Sefton Standalone Novels

1Abilene Gambler 1995Description / Buy

Order of Maggie Sefton Non-Fiction Books

1The Cozy Chicks Kitchen ( With: Ellery Adams, Leann Sweeney, Kate Collins, Lorraine Bartlett, Deb Baker, Heather Webber) 2012Description / Buy

Order of Cozy Chicks Kitchen Non-Fiction Series

1The Cozy Chicks Kitchen ( With: Ellery Adams, Leann Sweeney, Kate Collins, Lorraine Bartlett, Deb Baker, Heather Webber) 2012Description / Buy
2Tea Time with the Cozy Chicks ( By: Ellery Adams, Kate Collins) 2015Description / Buy
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The first book by Maggie Sefton which portrays character Kelly Flynn was initially published in early 2005, called Knit One, Kill Two; and the books series are shelved as mystery and thriller genre. In her entire life, protagonist Kelly Flynn has neither bothered to nor been interested in knowing how to knit despite having the wherewithal at her disposal. This literary series starts after the murder of Kelly Flynn’s aunt who was an experienced knitter before her death.

The first opening book in the aforementioned series and written by Maggie Sefton, Knit One, Kill Two, starts by showing how venturing into the so-called House of Lambspun suddenly sparks Kelly Flynn’s interest in learning how to knit. Kelly Flynn is domiciled in what she deemed an uninteresting neighborhood in Washington, D.C. when juxtaposed with the idyllic Colorado. But she had not bargained for attending her deceased aunt’s burial in the exhilarating Colorado.

Despite the fact that the police have filed away her aunt’s death as a collateral damage associated with a heist, this is not in accordance with Kelly Flynn’s jaundiced perception. By and by, Flynn, who is not convinced by the police report, starts realizing that it was not a run-off-the-mill. Now Kelly Flynn must use the knitting knowledge which she acquired in the wake of the presumed murder, intent on making a scarf which will hoodwink and ensnare the involved murderer. In her quest for dropping the bait and closing in on the killer, Maggie Sefton wittingly crafts a commendable whodunit, and made her a finalist for the Agatha Awards (2005).

Maggie Sefton Awards

The masterly penned literary works of Maggie Sefton have stood her writing ambition in good stead and augured well for the sale of the work. Specifically, the book called Knit One, Kill Two, stands out. In this context, Maggie Sefton was declared a finalist for the revered Agatha Awards given out in 2005.

Best Maggie Sefton Books

Virtually all books penned by author Maggie Sefton are notable. This is because, for example, the mystery series which she penned have been featured in category of the highest grossing mysteries listing of Barnes & Noble. Even then, specifically, the following books authored by Maggie Sefton are the best books. Ordinarily, one of her best books is Knit One, Kill Two; this book is one of the three best books described here by virtue of being the finalist for the reputable Agatha Awards of the year 2005. This book by Maggie Sefton, as discussed previously, is all about Kelly learning the very knitting which she gave scant credence to during the lifetime of her aunt. However, she is learning to knit in a bid to find out the identity of the murderer behind her aunt’s death.

The next Maggie Sefton’s best book is Unraveled. Incidentally, this book went ahead to grace the New York Times bestseller listing, in the category of Hardcover Fiction, hard in the hills of its publication in 2011. What’s more, the book was listed number four in the Hardcover Mystery category of the Barnes & Noble. Unrivaled, which is ninth chronologically in the serialized Kelly Flynn, is set in the Fort Connor region of Colorado where Flynn’s fellow knitter is killed leaving Flynn to unearth the crime using intertwined hints.

Third, Needle to Death is yet another notable book. This book, which is the second in the Kelly Flynn series, revolves around an astonishing murder in character Kelly Flynn’s locale. Hereby, Kelly Flynn has befriended new people and is glued to her Colorado knitting experience whereby she is unable to extract herself. However, Flynn’s anticipation of a good reception when she accompanies visitors touring an alpaca farm takes a gory twist. Why, the would-be host of the visitors is sprawled on a rug matted with blood. As always, the police force takes over. But Flynn discreetly embarks on a behind-the-scenes investigation at the expense of a knitting project she had started. The pointer to the investigation indicates a killer surreptitiously prowling the neighborhood.

Other Book Series You May Like

People who read the book series of Maggie Sefton also loved reading the following series. One, A Needlecraft Mystery series penned by Monica Ferris; this is about a Minnesota-based character called Betsy Devonshire and the proprietor of a store dealing in needlecraft. The next is the Knitting Mysteries by Mary Kruger; this two-pronged series is about a knitting shop proprietor, Ariadne Evans, who bumps into the corpse of a loyal client killed using yarn. A series of murders ensue, prompting Evans to try and outwit the killer. Anne Canadeo’s Black Sheep Knitting Mysteries is about a knitting group which has forged a happy and sociable gossip-laden friendship until a series of mind-boggling murders wreak havoc on their hassle-free lives.

When Does The Next Maggie Sefton book come out?

Maggie Sefton doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Dyeing Up Loose Ends and was released on July, 3rd 2018. It is the newest book in the Knitting Mysteries Series.

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  1. I’ve only read the Knitting Mystery series by this author and I can recommend them. The books follow Kelly as she takes care of her aunt’s estate but continues to find mysterious situations. Classic mystery novels, with information about knitting thrown in. What’s not to like? I’ll have to check out the other series by Maggie Sefton too.

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