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Maron is an award-winning author who specializes in mystery novels. Maron is exceedingly famous for the Sigrid Harald Mystery series and also the Deborah Knott Series. As a published author, Margaret Maron has also penned down numerous nonfiction books.

Order of Sigrid Harald Series

1One Coffee With 1981Description / Buy
2Death of a Butterfly 1984Description / Buy
3Death in Blue Folders 1985Description / Buy
4The Right Jack 1987Description / Buy
5Baby Doll Games 1988Description / Buy
6Corpus Christmas 1989Description / Buy
7Past Imperfect 1991Description / Buy
8Fugitive Colors 1995Description / Buy
9Take Out 2017Description / Buy

Order of Judge Deborah Knott Series

1Bootlegger's Daughter 1992Description / Buy
2Southern Discomfort 1993Description / Buy
3Shooting at Loons 1994Description / Buy
4Up Jumps the Devil 1996Description / Buy
5Killer Market 1997Description / Buy
6Home Fires 1998Description / Buy
7Storm Track 2000Description / Buy
8Uncommon Clay 2001Description / Buy
9Slow Dollar 2002Description / Buy
10High Country Fall 2004Description / Buy
11Rituals of the Season 2005Description / Buy
12Winter's Child 2006Description / Buy
13Hard Row 2007Description / Buy
14Death's Half Acre 2008Description / Buy
15Sand Sharks 2009Description / Buy
16Christmas Mourning 2010Description / Buy
17Three-Day Town 2011Description / Buy
18The Buzzard Table 2012Description / Buy
19Designated Daughters 2014Description / Buy
20Long Upon the Land 2015Description / Buy

Order of Deborah Knott Short Stories

1Deborah's Judgement (Short Story) 2012Description / Buy
2With This Ring (Short Story) 2012Description / Buy
3Bewreathed (Short Story) 2012Description / Buy

Order of Margaret Maron Standalone Novels

1Bloody Kin (Short Story) 1985Description / Buy
2Last Lessons of Summer 2003Description / Buy
3Growth Marks (Short Story) 2013Description / Buy

Order of Margaret Maron Short Story Collections

1Shoveling Smoke 1997Description / Buy
2Suitable for Hanging 2004Description / Buy
3Postcards From the Mediterranean (Short Story) 2012Description / Buy
4Five Christmas Gifts - A Holiday Short Story Collection (Short Story) 2012Description / Buy

Order of Malice Domestic Series

1Malice Domestic 1 ( By: Elizabeth Peters) 1992Description / Buy
2Malice Domestic 2 ( By: Mary Higgins Clark) 1993Description / Buy
3Malice Domestic 5 ( By: Phyllis Whitney) 1996Description / Buy
4Malice Domestic 7 ( By: Sharyn McCrumb) 1998Description / Buy
5Malice Domstic 8 1999Description / Buy

Margaret Maron Anthologies

1 Beastly Tales1989Description / Buy
2 Sisters in Crime 21990Description / Buy
3 The Crown Crime Companion1995Description / Buy
4 Vengeance Is Hers1997Description / Buy
5 Funny Bones: 15 New Tales of Murder and Mayhem1997Description / Buy
6 Women Before the Bench2001Description / Buy
7 Malice Domestic 102001Description / Buy
8 Tar Heel Dead2005Description / Buy
9 A Study in Sherlock2011Description / Buy
10 Writes of Passage: Adventures on the Writer's Journey2014Description / Buy
11 Manhattan Mayhem2015Description / Buy
12 Murder Under the Oaks2015Description / Buy
13 Tales From Colleton County2020Description / Buy
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Margaret Maron was born and raised in North Carolina, a region where her family used to have a tobacco farm. The tobacco farm has always been in her family for several generations. Despite the fact that her family stopped to grow tobacco on their farm, Margaret Maron, used to play in the fields, dancing, gossiping and singing. Up to this date, Margaret still remembers vividly her childhood experiences especially playing around and within the tobacco fields. Once she completed her undergraduate course, Margaret worked at the Pentagon, as part of her summer job and Eve got married to one, Job Maron.

Maron has changed locations a couple of time. First, Margaret Maron lived in Italy for quite some time before relocation to Brooklyn, her husband native city.
Ever since she was young, Margaret Maron was exceedingly fond of writing, that she even began penning poetry and short stories as well at a very tender age.
Margaret Maron describes the poetry that she used to write as exceedingly bad. However, as time went by, Margaret Maron eventually found her topic of interest, which was the mystery genre Margaret Maron initiated her writing career, with the book series, NYPD Sigrid Harald. The books in the NYPD Sigrid Harald were set in the art world of the city of New York. Residing in New York City gave the reader the chance of experiencing the ever-vibrant and ever-changing ambiance of the city. Margaret Maron eventually began penning down another book series that was based on the life of one, Deborah Knott in the Deborah Knot book series, immediately after she relocated to North Carolina.

Ever since she became an author, Margaret Maron has always had an exceedingly successful writing career. Up to this date, Margaret Maron still enjoys writing
from time to time. Together with her husband and family, Margaret Maron resides in the city of California. Her daughter in law and her son, reside in their
family land. All the novels that Margaret Maron has penned down are exceedingly successful and have even been translated to into several regional languages.
Due to her talent and exceptional writing skills, Margaret Maron has been awarded various awards from different awarding bodies. A majority of the Southern literature courses have included a majority of Margaret Maron’s works, listed in the course outline. Margaret Maron received her first recognition when one of her works, Corpus Christmas was nominated for an Agatha Award in the year 1989 and an Anthony Award in the year 1990 under the best category.

Best Margaret Maron Books

The Sigrid Harald book series is the first ever book series that renowned author, Margaret Maron has ever penned down. The book series was published between the years 1981 to the year 1995 and is made up of 8 novels. The book series has been set in New York City. One Coffee With is the first book in the Sigrid
Harald book series and was published in the year 1981 by Raven House. Eventually, in the year 2011, the book got republished as an e-book by Maron
and Company. This novel introduces the readers to the protagonist, Lt. Sigrid Harald, who serves as a homicide detective for the New York Police Department.
Lt. Sigrid is tasked with the duty of looking into the killing of the deputy chairperson of Vanderlyn College Art Department. The case becomes a little bit
tough to crack because everyone within the office has a motive and also the opportunity of poisoning the deputy chairman. Sigrid Harald has no choice but
to keep his cool and locate the killer before another person turns up dead. The determination and intelligence that Lt. Harald portrays are exceedingly famous
for solving such cases and this time around she does not disappoint at all.

With that said, One Coffee With was well accepted by many readers, while the portrayal of the protagonist was praised by a majority of literary magazines throughout the world. The death of a butterfly is the second book in the Sigrid Harald book series, and just like the first book, Death of a Butterfly was well
accepted by many readers.

When Does The Next Margaret Maron book come out?

Margaret Maron doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Tales From Colleton County and was released on April, 30th 2020.

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