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Mary Daheim, who first put pen to paper aged ten and has been a college teacher and staff reporter for a regional daily, is a septuagenarian American author who is renowned especially for writing the critically acclaimed Bed-and-Breakfast series. Judith McMonigle is the featured protagonist in the “Bed-and-Breakfast” series of books authored by Mary Daheim. The first book portraying character Judith McMonigle was first published in 1992 titled Just Desserts, and this series of books is cataloged in the cozy mystery genre.

Order of Frasers Series

1The Royal Mile / Love's Pirate 1983Description / Buy
2Gosford's Daughter / Passion's Triumph 1988Description / Buy

Order of Bed-and-Breakfast Mysteries Series

1Just Desserts 1991Description / Buy
2Fowl Prey 1991Description / Buy
3Holy Terrors 1992Description / Buy
4Bantam of the Opera 1993Description / Buy
5Dune to Death 1993Description / Buy
6A Fit of Tempera 1994Description / Buy
7Major Vices 1995Description / Buy
8Murder, My Suite 1995Description / Buy
9Auntie Mayhem 1996Description / Buy
10Nutty as a Fruitcake 1996Description / Buy
11September Mourn 1997Description / Buy
12Wed and Buried 1998Description / Buy
13Snow Place to Die 1998Description / Buy
14Legs Benedict 1998Description / Buy
15Creeps Suzette 2000Description / Buy
16A Streetcar Named Expire 2001Description / Buy
17Suture Self 2001Description / Buy
18Silver Scream 2002Description / Buy
19Hocus Croakus 2003Description / Buy
20This Old Souse 2004Description / Buy
21Dead Man Docking 2005Description / Buy
22Saks & Violins 2006Description / Buy
23Scots on the Rocks 2007Description / Buy
24Vi Agra Falls 2008Description / Buy
25Loco Motive 2010Description / Buy
26All the Pretty Hearses 2011Description / Buy
27The Wurst Is Yet to Come 2012Description / Buy
28Gone with the Win 2013Description / Buy
29Clam Wake 2014Description / Buy
30Here Comes the Bribe 2015Description / Buy
31A Case of Bier 2018Description / Buy
32Lady MacDeath 2020Description / Buy

Order of Emma Lord Series

1The Alpine Advocate 1992Description / Buy
2The Alpine Betrayal 1993Description / Buy
3The Alpine Christmas 1993Description / Buy
4The Alpine Decoy 1994Description / Buy
5The Alpine Escape 1995Description / Buy
6The Alpine Fury 1995Description / Buy
7The Alpine Gamble 1996Description / Buy
8The Alpine Hero 1996Description / Buy
9The Alpine Icon 1997Description / Buy
10The Alpine Journey 1998Description / Buy
11The Alpine Kindred 1998Description / Buy
12The Alpine Legacy 1999Description / Buy
13The Alpine Menace 2000Description / Buy
14The Alpine Nemesis 2001Description / Buy
15The Alpine Obituary 2002Description / Buy
16The Alpine Pursuit 2004Description / Buy
17The Alpine Quilt 2005Description / Buy
18The Alpine Recluse 2006Description / Buy
19The Alpine Scandal 2007Description / Buy
20The Alpine Traitor 2008Description / Buy
21The Alpine Uproar 2009Description / Buy
22The Alpine Vengeance 2010Description / Buy
23The Alpine Winter 2011Description / Buy
24The Alpine Xanadu 2013Description / Buy
25The Alpine Yeoman 2014Description / Buy
26The Alpine Zen 2015Description / Buy
27Alpha Alpine 2017Description / Buy
28Bitter Alpine 2020Description / Buy

Order of Mary Daheim Standalone Novels

1Destiny's Pawn 1984Description / Buy
2Pride's Captive / Reunion 1986Description / Buy
3King's Ransom 1990Description / Buy
4Improbable Eden 1991Description / Buy
5Gypsy Baron 1992Description / Buy

Mary Daheim Anthologies

1 Murder, They Wrote1997Description / Buy
2 Motherhood Is Murder2003Description / Buy
3 Sugarplums and Scandal2006Description / Buy
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Judith McMonigle is a proprietor of a business in the hospitality industry. Her board and lodging business, which also provides breakfast to the guests, is known as Hillside Manor. It is situated at a fictitious dead-end called Heraldsgate Hill. The first book in that whodunit series, Just Desserts, commences with the entourage of a tycoon which has come to the Hillside Manor, looking for lodging. On face value, the entourage has gone there for merry-making and prognostication. However, by a stroke of bad luck, the fortune-teller who had been hired, a certain Madame Gushenka, is found dead. One of the guests had an ulterior motive and was involved in the killing which resulted from spiking the fortune-teller’s beverage. The greatly inconvenienced Judith McConigle, in conjunction with her relative, has to take care of that mess. One of the guests wants to hush up the incident at all costs, even if Judith McConigle will die in the haste.

Prompted by the fatal event, Judith McConigle teams up with her former lover who is also a law enforcer. Together, they embark on a mission to hoodwink the murderer to show himself before the coffee serving; McConigle is even prepared to disregard the hushed up family secrets. The book continues in a similar vein which proves Mary Daheim’s writing prowess, and, in 2000, won Daheim the Achievement Award given by the Pacific Northwest Writers Association.

Mary Daheim Awards

Mary Daheim has either won or been nominated for several awards. For example, Daheim’s 1991 book, Just Desserts, was integral in her nomination for the revered Agatha Awards. But it is the Achievement Award which is a feather in Mary Daheim’s cap. This award was proffered to her by the Pacific Northwest Writers Association. What’s more, Mary Daheim, who is an alumna of University of Washington where graduated with a B.A. in Communications, was, in 2008, declared one of the inductees of the institution’s Hall of Fame.

Best Mary Daheim Books

Apart the historical-cum-romantic books which Mary Daheim published and termed as sexually explicit, her books are worthwhile. In fact, a pointer is her series of books featuring in the sales-driving bestseller listings of both USA Today and New York Times. Even then the best books of Mary Daheim are those which have either been rewarded or are much sought-after.

The previously discussed Just Desserts is, automatically, the best in the Bed-and-Breakfast mystery series. Another book worth writing home about is called The Alpine Advocate. This 1992 book, which is the first in the Emma Lord series of books, revolves around protagonist Emma Lord. Lord, who has been an editor before visiting a small neighborhood, has a nose for news. Once there, she gets her big break when the grandchild of a tycoon is murdered. But the interview sessions which she is conducting augur bad for her and, by and by, she is face-to-face with a pistol.

Another exceptional book is Mary Dahiem’s 1991 literary work titled Fowl Prey. This is the second book in the Bed-and-Breakfast series. The plot is all about protagonist Judith McConigle fingering her American guests for the death of a hawker and the victim’s pet. Nevertheless, there are other potential murderers among the lot of lodging celebrities and she, alongside her relative, must determine which is which.

Other Books Series You May Like

Avid readers who enjoyed the book of Mary Dahiem were also impressed by the following books. One of them is Della Cooks Mystery authored by Melinda Wells; this series is centered on a Californian protagonist, Della Carmichael, who is operates a cooking school and is trying to solve a trail of murders. The second book is the Jane Jeffrey series of books penned by Jill Churchill; it features protagonist Jane Jeffrey, a suburbia homemaker-cum-detective. Lastly, is A Mystery with Recipes series authored by Isis Crawford; this whodunit culinary-related book revolves around two New York sisters, Bernadette and Libby Simmons, whose catering tenures are marred by a high-profile murder.

When Does The Next Mary Daheim book come out?

Mary Daheim doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Lady MacDeath and was released on November, 10th 2020. It is the newest book in the Bed-and-Breakfast Mysteries Series.

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