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Mary Stone is an American author that writes mystery novels. Mary was a creative child. Some people think she was a loner because she spent so much time sitting alone in some corner with her books and pencils, but that isn’t the case.

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The author loved puzzles, and she would spend hours obsessing over puzzle books. In truth, she had plenty of friends. And when she wasn’t solving puzzles, the author would spend her days leading her crew on adventures to overcome the many villains spilling from her imagination.

Like many children, Mary’s imagination would occasionally frighten her. Every time she went to sleep, the girl couldn’t help but wonder about the monsters potentially lurking beneath her bed.

However, rather than asking her parents to ease her fears, she eventually faced those creatures by getting up and looking under the bed. Mary doesn’t want anyone to think she was braver than the average child.

Instead, her curiosity overcame the anxiety bubbling in her stomach. She had to see the creatures hiding in the shadows for herself. As she grew older, her understanding of the world changed, and Mary realized that humans were far more fearsome than any fantastical creature slinking around her room.

As an adult, Mary makes effective use of her imagination. She writes thrilling stories in which courageous heroines face off against nefarious antagonists. Mary’s heroines are not damsels in distress.

They are strong female characters, more than capable of handling themselves.

Best Mary Stone Books

The author has a husband, and several energetic boys, cats, and dogs. Mary’s best novels include:

Winter’s Mourn: Winter Black is back home. The rookie FBI agent would rather be anywhere else. The small Virginia town reminds her of the harrowing past she tried to escape.

Winter was still quite young when her life changed irrevocably. When she left home to attend a sleepover, the agent was just an ordinary girl. But then she came back early to find a crime scene.

A serial killer known as The Preacher had murdered her parents. He had also taken her little brother. That was 13 years ago. Now, Winter has returned to solve a murder. This is her first case, and she’s determined to give it her all.

However, a hunter just discovered a burial ground with the remains of children. The discovery is just the first of many. With each revelation, Winter is forced to ask uncomfortable questions.

Is the preacher back? Have they found the remnants of his victims? Is Winter on the verge of finding her brother’s body? What will she do when she locates him? Can she maintain focus when the case keeps hitting her where it hurts?

‘Winter’s Mourn’ is the first novel in the Winter Black series. The book is short, a little over 300 pages in size. The story introduces readers to Winter Black, the protagonist of a long series of mystery thrillers, as she tries to solve her first case.

Winter nearly died. A demented fellow murdered her family. A vicious blow to the head left her in a coma. When she awoke, Winter had an ability she couldn’t control.

After using the talent to solve various cases, Winter is finally ready to tackle her first murder mystery. However, solving the case means facing the demons of her past.

Autumn’s Game: Autumn survived a violent encounter with her father. But it changed her brain. She spent the next several years amassing knowledge, determined to use her skills to combat the many criminals plaguing society.

But Autumn’s many degrees were just one aspect of her arsenal. She was also armed with a powerful intuition. When a double homicide rocked a small town, the FBI sought Autumn’s assistance.

Someone had murdered a couple before taking their daughter. But was the daughter the victim of a kidnapping or an accomplice in the violent crime? The FBI wanted answers, and Autumn was the only person they could trust to provide them.

But Autumn’s boss had no intention of making things easy. He took every opportunity to question her instincts. Fortunately, Autumn was determined to right the wrongs that had been done in Sawmill despite the challenges.

From what she could tell, the killer was out to penalize couples that had broken their marital vows. Autumn wants to catch him before more people die.

When Does The Next Mary Stone book come out?

The next book by Mary Stone is Dark Bet and will be released on August, 12th 2023. It is the newest book in the Charli Cross Series.

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